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New video - Doctor Healing Teams

Creation Lightship Healing

Lightship Insignia

Ron Amitron

Lightship Light Being

Doctor Healing Teams - Creation Lightship

(Download the high quality version)

The Diving Healings in this video will work for you, whether you feel the energy or not!
Make sure you request healings also throughout the video; the doctor teams need you
to tell them what you need healed.

Receiving healing from this video will work good two times every 6 months.
Don't forget to please make a donation if you can:

Receive Diving Healings from the following Creation Lightship doctor teams:
(1) 12 Lightbeings
(2) Ron Amitron's Team
(3) Janena's Team
(4) Bird Team
(5) Water Spirit Team
(6) Mother Mary + Saints

Note that you will not be taken to the Creation Lightship during these healings.
Instead the Divine Energies will come to you.

Blessings ♥

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New video - Doctor Healing Teams
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