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More SYMPTOMS - "Magnetosphere Nausea"

Magnetosphere Nausea
(I am sure B P has a name and a pill for this symptom as well) ... :D

Earth's magnetosphere is receiving blasts during times when the Sun is absolutely quiescent. This was previously reported in the newsletter, on May 23 (reporting on Jan 21/09 blast) & August 2, (reporting on July 21/09 blast). What is new, now, is people all over the world are reporting an odd feeling of nausea/dizziness associated with the latest period. Note in the comments on a GodlikeProduction thread Aug 6/09 that the nausea reported had been present for 2-4 wks prior, encompassing July 21/09 magnetosphere blast, largest to date. I, Nancy, also had this odd nausea during this time, but never came down with a stomach flu nor had I eaten anything to upset my stomach. This has now passed.

Is it me or are there other people feeling constantly sick/nauseous? I've had it for about 1 mon now. I don't throw up. I just feel sick. [from another] No colds or whatever, just a general nauseous feeling. [and from another] I've been feeling quite out of it too, for awhile now, the general nausea and "blahness", and also unusually fatigued and unbalanced. [and from another] Been feeling nausea for the past 2 weeks, but it started with feeling dizzy about 3 to 4 weeks ago. [and from another] It has been happening for the past 2 months now. I haven't once chucked up though which is strange. [and from another] Here in the UK, been feeling sick and really dizzy. [and from another] If all of these people are feeling the same, and have same symptoms, surely this is proof something is/has happened. [and from another] That's an interesting observation, because I do feel like I did in early pregnancy. Only now I'm postmenopausal.

Insomnia is another symptom associated with this odd nausea/dizziness, reported directly associated with July 21/09 blast.

Ok, People, seriously. Every night I can't sleep, I come here the next day. Low and behold the magnetosphere is literally shitting bricks. Is this the reason I cannot sleep? [and from another] Been feeling really sick and dizzy for the last month now. Can the magnetophere cause these symptoms? There are many on other threads with the same sort of feelings also. What's happening?

Such illness from the particle flows from Planet X have been around since '03, now & then, per the Zetas are indeed related to magnetic particle flows!

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/16/2005: During the Summer of '03, it was noted by many that an odd fatigue would descend during the day only, from the Sun. We explained at that time that since Planet X was arriving from that direction, the disturbances in particle flows coming from the Sun was at fault. At that time the Earth likewise had power outages galore, for similar reasons. The Earth is now coming into a similar period, when the N Pole of Planet X is swinging, slowing, around to point away from the Sun for the 3 days of darkness time those in the northern hemisphere of Earth will inevitably experience. This swing is not only slow, it is a bit erratic, so that it will dither and thus cause the Earth to feel the force of this magnetic hose from the N Pole and then, a cessation, coming and going. Power outages will accompany some of this, as will disturbed core emanation and all of this will make people feel out of sorts. What to do about this, and how to handle it? Our advice is to treat these sudden feelings of weakness or depression like a case of sunburn or a slight head cold. If you have sunburn or a head cold, you do not become unduly alarmed, and give yourself a break, less outdoor work, more time on the couch with a hot cup of tea. Do the same when afflicted with these mystery illnesses, as their cause is temporary, in the scheme of things.

"everything is in divine & perfect order even though it may seem the world has gone mad"

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