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Leo New Moon - by Barbara Hand Clow *LINK*

The latest from Barbara Hand Clow: It is very deep and detailed, not for the faint-hearted. Yet, we need this summary now; In such complex, turbulent times her words come as a fresh breeze.

With Loving Blessings,
Elizabeth ~.~
"Resolve to Evolve"

Leo New Moon: August 20, 2009 View Chart
It is the New Moon in Leo, the time to assess our selves personally and evaluate our family and community relations. We just experienced three eclipses-a Full Moon lunar eclipse before the extremely intense eclipse solar eclipse in 29 Cancer (the previous New Moon), and then the Full Moon lunar eclipse just two weeks ago on August 5/6. These eclipses pushed all of us to focus on our personal security and the nurturance in our lives, which for many of us dredged up deep emotional insecurities. This communal deep dive into our feelings was unusually disorienting because time is so accelerated during the Galactic Underworld (1999-2011).

These eclipses ripped open multidimensional doorways, and some were flooded with memories of previous lives that are relevant to current dilemmas. The eclipses opened leaks in the time barriers that usually block our access to other realms. The question with this Leo New Moon is: Who are you and what is your special gift? Have you found a way to share it that you enjoy? As for me, I discovered many secrets about how to open these time barriers by writing and researching The Mind Chronicles (2007), a work whose time has arrived. I feel this book could really help those who are confused by the information flood from past timelines, which is making some people psychotic.

The Triple Conjunction-Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius-has been poised in the sky since May, and many of you are digging up deep old wounds, and this is exhausting. Even if you haven't felt this crisis yet, the pressure is all around in people you know. Eventually, everyone will process his/her inner wounding during three exact Chiron/Neptune conjunctions that are coming in 2010; so if you've done a lot of this work during the last few months, you will do well during 2010, which is Night Six of the Galactic Underworld. You may be resting in a subdued mode right now because Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune are in retrograde.

Well, be prepared for the time-convergent dam to burst when Chiron goes direct in October and Neptune goes direct in early November. As I noted in the previous New Moon reading, this ubiquitous emotional crisis crested in the medical murder of the evocative sacrificial lamb/child idol Michael Jackson. In the final analysis, new levels of courage were called for during the previous lunation and eclipses, and now the time has come to assess your own unconditional love and courage. Who are you really? And what do you value the most? It is time to shine, to light up the world around you; we are all renewing our core selves now.

Your personal honesty will be tested this month as unpleasant events play out on the world stage that mirror back the radical imbalances in society. How do you feel when you find out that young families live in ditches under culverts and older people are losing their pensions and homes? Massive societal tensions and pain will become visible during this Leo New Moon, since the demanding New Moon in 28 Leo opposes the pushy Triple Conjunction.

The exact oppositions of the Sun and Moon to the Triple Conjunction occur before the New Moon, so the lunar garden will be well tilled for the dark moon. The Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius on August 14, opposes Chiron on August 16, and then opposes Neptune on August 17. Thus, just before this New Moon, our sense of personal value (Jupiter) challenges us to be truthful; we assess our healing status (Chiron); and then finally our spiritual growth is palpable (Neptune). During this lunar cycle, we will experience breakthroughs into personal healing and spiritual contact, and the overall societal context will begin to influence our thoughts about our own roles in the unfolding drama.

Our world must transform, and the new themes will be visible in outer events even though the media attempts to modulate what we see in the world. This healing "mystery play" will be inspired by the potent grand cross mostly in mutable (very flexible) signs. This cross in the sky will ground and direct the New Moon in Leo, which signals that society is moving into a great crisis by ignoring the public's basic needs. What is your part in this great unraveling? What is your intention going to be during this crisis? What is your personal thread in the weaving? The great need to co-create our world and put money in its rightful place will build and build until the real problems are solved. This grand cross signals that the curtain is raising, the drama will begin, and we will play our parts in the critical leap of our species into peace and compassion.

In the grand square, Saturn/Mercury in Virgo are in a close opposition to Uranus in Pisces, and Mars in Gemini is in a close T-square to the building Saturn/Uranus opposition. Pluto in Capricorn opposite Mars in Gemini forms the grand square, with Pluto as the only planet in a cardinal (initiating) sign. Pluto is where the action is, so this grand square will be penetrating and relentless.

The four other planets in the grand square show how the drama will play out; we all get to observe who is hogging the limelight on stage. Wise souls will be backstage or in the audience this month. Pluto has been retrograding deeply back (almost to Sagittarius), and Pluto goes direct on 9-11-09. The next Tzolkin round-1 Imix-opens 9-9-09, and there are only three rounds left in the Mayan Calendar that completes October 28, 2011. These numbers sure get my notice! The Capricorn structural transformation is building steam with some early casualties in the pile, such as the fall of financial houses not favored by the big boys, the GM bankruptcy, and the destruction of the medical system, while the US Postal Service may be next in line to melt down.

Offering a sense of the potential intensity of this grand square, Mars exactly squared Saturn on August 10, when there were two huge earthquakes, one near the Andaman Islands on the same fault that triggered the 2004 tsunami, and the other one in Japan. Mars exactly squared Uranus two days before the New Moon, which heightens chaotic events and feelings, and Mars will exactly oppose Pluto on August 26, when unpleasant truths will come to the surface.

In fact, the Mars/Pluto opposition will tend to release the tension of the whole grand square, since it occurs right before the first-quarter moon. So, rest, take care of yourself, and avoid driving if you can. Truths about the collapsing structures of the Planetary and National Underworlds will be revealed on August 26/27-when both Mars and Pluto will be in Cancer/Capricorn, initiating cardinal signs. For those using astrology for investing, watch the markets closely for hints of what will be the most vulnerable in the fall.

To summarize these grand square dynamics, let's put it all together: Uranus in late Pisces is maturing our spiritual transformations, as the Saturn/ Mercury opposition in Virgo encourages us to assess and ground our attainments. We are participating in the critical evolutionary leap, so knowing how far you've gone is valuable information now. Mars in Gemini squaring the Uranus-to-Saturn/Mercury opposition encourages us to disseminate our wisdom, to network with others who are attaining a galactic mind.

Pluto in early Capricorn opposing Mars announces that nothing can stop this great work even if it means all the old world systems must crumble and fall. This close and meaningful grand square grounds and makes practical the wonderful spiritual advances by many people since 1999, yet less evolved individuals are probably experiencing a great crisis of meaning. Be patient with people who are insecure now. We must draw together within our families and communities and remember how to care for others. More and more as we progress into the end zone of the Mayan Calendar, lightweights can't survive. What is your sense of meaning and purpose? Are you carrying out these special intentions faithfully?

Other planetary aspects to this focused grand square reveal more about its probable influence. Venus in Cancer trines Uranus in Pisces while sextiling Saturn/Mercury in Virgo (in the grand square), which is very favorable. This nurturing trine of Venus to Uranus opens us to receive pleasure from our great transformations during summer's end; she entices us into meditation, sex, and friendship. Venus in Cancer sextiling Saturn/Mercury in Virgo suggests we should affirm our spiritual attainments this month and share this high joy with others. Venus in nurturing Cancer will reward us with pleasure and simple fun, especially if you can be on vacation during the end of this stressful summer.

Mars opposed Pluto every two years, which always drags hidden tensions out into public view. Public tension and demonstrations always increase approximately every forty years when Saturn opposes Uranus. The previous Saturn/Uranus oppositions were during 1965/66, when anti-war and civil rights activists took to the streets in the US. The desire for more freedom and creativity was rising in the world; a good example was the global enjoyment of the Beatles.

Saturn's agenda is to structure things, while Uranus's agenda is to transform reality, so in opposition, fundamental change happens. This was especially the case during the Sixties because Uranus was also conjunct Pluto in Virgo, because when Saturn opposed Uranus, he also opposed Pluto. This is why the Sixties has become a category of its own as a decade; the shadow of the Sixties just will not go away.

Children born in the mid-to-late Sixties have Uranus conjunct Pluto opposite Saturn in their natal charts. This group has had difficulty taking their place in society, and they are very frustrated (those who are about 40-46 years old now). Uranus is now moving into its first square to Pluto since the Sixties conjunction, so this group will finally offer their gifts. Let's look at the current Saturn/Uranus oppositions, the first one of which was the day Obama was elected!

To understand planetary oppositions, first we must examine the previous conjunction of the two planets to identify the issue that culminates during the opposition. Saturn conjuncted Uranus in late Sagittarius and early Capricorn during 1988 right near the Galactic Center in 27 degrees of Sagittarius. During 1989, Saturn conjuncted Neptune in early Capricorn; and then Uranus and Neptune attained conjunction in Capricorn in 1993, setting off a whole new long-term spiritual cycle. So, putting world politics aside, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall during this period, we could say that the Saturn/Uranus conjunctions on the Galactic Center in 1988 signaled humanity's critical leap.

Some could see this at the time, but few could imagine how it would work out. Now, with Carl Calleman's evolutionary interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, we can see that the preparation for the Galactic Underworld time acceleration was kicked off by Harmonic Convergence in 1987, then formulated by Saturn conjunct Uranus, and seeded by Uranus conjunct Neptune. [See The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind.] Also, now we can see that these conjunctions inspired the body/mind movement dedicated to holistic and natural healing. The 1988 conjunction set the stage for the oppositions that are now culminating.

The current series of Saturn/Uranus oppositions began with Obama's election November 4, 2008, and now we are moving quickly into the third opposition on September 15, 2009; during this New Moon we are back in the zone. Mercury with Saturn closely opposing Uranus suggests we are ready to identify the main issue that will be on stage during the Saturn/Uranus oppositions. Judging by the tumultuous town-hall demonstrations in the US, the issue is medicine-for-profit.

This is a global issue because America wants to export this pharmaceutical sickness. Back in the Sixties, people got out on the streets because they were being drafted and blacks were suffering impoverishment. Now, people in the US are flooding their town halls because they are afraid they will die from lack of care. It is fascinating that Obama, who wants universal health care in America, was elected during the first opposition, and so I predict the following: If Obama and the Democrats do not eliminate the profit motive from the American health-care system, the whole system will crash by the time of the last Saturn/Uranus opposition in 0 Libra/Aries during July 2010. Since the cardinal-sign squares of 2010 (the "Cardinal Crunch") are close during July 2010 (Jupiter/Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn), the fall of allopathic medicine could also crash the whole US economy.

For readers who think I am extreme, your health is the most important thing in your life. Let us consider a few things, since the media is obfuscating the truth. Insurance in general is bankrupt; drugs and unnecessary surgeries are making people sick and cost too much; doctors are forced to do harm instead of heal and their pay is dropping; hospitals and doctor-owned clinics are gouging; and Big Pharma is continually trying to destroy alternative medicine.

Basically, Americans are being asked to pay taxes for a system that makes Big Pharma rich while they are getting sicker and impoverished. New governmental systems are to be developed and funded to run a system that is killing people to achieve medical care for everyone! The US is one of the few countries in the world that has medicine-for-profit, so unless the current administration goes non-profit on healing, this crisis could cause a revolution.

We have one more important aspect to look at, a configuration that reveals there is great hope because we are changing so fast now. As usual, the hope comes from healing deep wounding and becoming spiritual. Saturn/Mercury in Virgo sextile Venus in Cancer forms a yod (a sextile that forms two quincunxes to a planet) to the Triple conjunction. The planet or planets at the top of the yod (in this case Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius) is like a dowsing rod that senses where the healing energy or water is located.

The best way to feel a yod is to imagine you are holding Saturn/Mercury in your right hand, Venus in your left hand, and then the Triple Conjunction is the tip of the dowsing rod that draws the power. Saturn/Mercury in Virgo are a healing force because Chiron rules Virgo, and Venus draws nurturing to us because Venus is in Cancer.

So, the utmost healing and nurturance powers are releasing the expansive (Jupiter), spiritual (Neptune) and healing (Chiron) potency of the Triple Conjunction, and this is happening in the middle of a formative grand square. Also, when a planet or planets directly opposes the head of the yod-in this case the Sun/Moon opposing the Triple conjunction-the yod is even stronger and more stable.

Visualize the New Moon as the vertical axis of your standing body with Saturn/Mercury in your right hand and Venus in your left; then shoot the power out through the Triple Conjunction, and feel the potency of this yod. This yod reveals the great potential to continue our attainment of wisdom, spirituality, and healing during this coming month. The next New Moon in Virgo has aspects that will deepen this work, and then we move into harmonic balance during the Fall Equinox on September 22.

The Leo New Moon is asking much of each one of us. When it comes to attaining spiritual awakening, it is wise to surrender to forces greater than our selves. You might as well just give in, because it is easier that way.

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