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“Resist Mandatory Vaccinations With Cosmic Help!”

I am posting this even though sometimes I wonder about channlings and the truth in them...But...in this one, the message is so very powerful & important, that even if there is not Star Friends helping us (which I canot validate if they are or if they are all in our hopes and wishes only. I do know there are many UFO's in our skys..But..never meet a Star Person from a UFO before & then again maybe I have, who knows...But....I do strongly believe there are many other life forms within & through out the Universe...So...I pass this on... as asked to do in this Very Powerful Channled Message. I pray it is all True & they are there helping us...cause, we sure need all the help we can get.
(message below).....

“Resist Mandatory Vaccinations With Cosmic Help!”

August 16, 2009

This is another in a series of “Intergalactic Commentaries” from the Higher Forces of Light, who are very benevolent, human appearing Elohim E.T.’s that surround this planet in Guardian Action, in their Merkabah Light Ships. They will channel through me, Michael Ellegion, and comment upon various different important and significant news events, some reported through the mainstream media, but also from various alternative news sources. These channeled “Commentaries” will give an Intergalactic and often “behind-the-scenes” perspective, from the Higher Forces of Light, to enlighten humanity in their ongoing Mission of making sure this planet will not only survive all the challenges it is facing, but Prepare the way for more open, Divine Intervention on your behalf in the near future by these Higher Forces.

I have for many years been guided by the Higher Forces, to stay informed about what is being broadcast and discussed by certain “conspiracy researchers” such as Alex Jones, David Icke, Jim Mars and others. And while it is my opinion that these individuals are definitely sincere in their attempts to not only expose so much government corruption and to stop the ongoing hidden agenda of those forces of the cabal or illuminati, it so often seems that their focus tends to be “negative” without many very positive solutions of how to stop let alone survive all of the horrendous plans of these forces determined to enslave us all under their plans of the New World Order. I am not really criticizing those, who like Alex Jones, are doing the best they can to sincerely expose and educate everyone else who will listen, about these plans of the cabal, but I also have learned that if one attempts to “solve earth problems with earth solutions” then they are doomed to have history continue to repeat itself, over and over again, just like the old “endless wheel of karma”, which is now coming to a close, so, too, it is time, to really stop, to really expose and really put an end to the cabal.

But we cannot do it all ourselves, of just us Earth people, with the limited weapons that are even available still under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, for unfortunately, with all the very advanced black op weapon systems that the cabal would also plan to use against any “patriotic militia types”, they would not even survive a few seconds against this much more advanced back-engineered alien weapon systems that the black ops could and would use against anyone attempting to stop a full scale martial law that has been planned for many years against the masses. It is obvious if we are to not only survive at all, we definitely need some “outside help” to guarantee our survival from such a massive national false flag event.

But one of the most insidious ways to trick the population into agreeing to more control in their lives, as well as a way to literally kill a majority of the population, is to fool everyone with a man-made epidemic and to then force mandatory vaccinations upon the ignorant and gullible population, because so many people have been brainwashed by so much disinformation about vaccinations throughout the years, or those “Progressive, well meaning” types, who are sincerely attempting, on their level, to bring in a new “Universal Health Care System”, but unfortunately, as my ET sources have informed me, that other much more powerful political and economic forces will use this new system to attempt to enslave us all if they can.

For myself, having grown up in a family, back in the decade of the ‘50’s, besides having studied the life of the famous channel Edgar Cayce and other metaphysical subjects (with me being trained as a channel at a very early age through the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling), my Earth biological parents were very educated about all kinds of alternative and natural methods of health, and knew about the dangers and true facts about such things as vaccinations, fluoride, coffee, chemical additives & preservatives in foods, and the consuming of too many animal products, so as a result, my not receiving any vaccinations as a child, despite the propaganda by the corrupt CDC and AMA and World Health Organization, I grew up extremely healthy, with a very strong immune system, so that I have hardly ever been sick in my life, unless it was for a day or so and I quickly got fully well, even when around many other people very sick with so-called “contagious diseases”.

The Higher Forces also were constantly communicating with me about these things as well, and often guiding me to discover certain suppressed information, that the orthodox medical cabal wanted to cover-up, because these facts contradicted the “official historical version” of vaccinations, and how they had manipulated facts to give a different and inaccurate conclusion.

So it was not too surprising when upon hearing another of Alex Jones recent broadcasts, as well as David Icke being interviewed on another alternative radio show, in which they both were very passionately speaking out on this most critical and serious issue, of the cabal’s plan for forced mandatory vaccinations on everyone, my “Friends Upstairs” indicated that they had some very important information that they wanted to channel through me to share with as many people who would listen and who could take action to help stop these insidious plans of the power elite:

“Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command and Federation of light, wanting to comment about what you and many others have recently been hearing about regarding the plans of the cabal or power elite to force mandatory vaccinations upon everyone upon Earth.

“I will first comment briefly, myself, about these plans, and then I will step aside and let another fellow Being of the Light, and a key member of not only my Command, the Ashtar Command, but for the entire Federation of Light, he known as Zoser, a great Cosmic Physician of lIght, to also communicate through this Channel to express his own concerns, as well as PLANS OF OUR OWN, OF THE “ANGELIC-CELESTRIAL HOST”/ THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT, TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF EARTH TO COUNTERACT AND NEUTRALIZE THESE INSIDIOUS PLANS.

“And I do want to emphasize the word “PLANS”--because that is exactly what it is--their PLAN, as we of the Federation, in Guardian Action around this planet have for many years been monitoring these plans, that of the power elite and the dark alchemists, who control the pharmaceutical cartel, to force mandatory vaccinations upon every man, woman and child on this planet, if they can, if they are not stopped.

“Yes, this has definitely been their plan for many years, but as we have also communicated many times with and through this channel, we of the Higher Realms of Light, of the Federation, have much better and much more positive Cosmic Plans to Overshadow, guide and inspire all souls upon Earth, through the important and required dynamics of personal responsibility, as in “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves,” to not only be able to affectively RESIST these plans to literally attempt to murder, as in a planetary Holocaust, over two thirds of Earth’s population.

“Again, without wanting to be too redundant, I want to emphasize this point, that even though this has been a major PLAN that the illuminati have been planning for many years to ultimately carry out, by a combination of stealth, manipulation and massive campaigns of disinformation through the corrupt medical authorities and corporate controlled mass mainstream media, and the attempt to artificially create plagues, a vast majority of Earth’s humanity has recently begun to rapidly Awaken out of the mass mind control and genetic manipulation of people’s consciousness. This is partly because of not only the recent planetary frequency shift that has begun to occur, but also because we of the Federation have been Overshadowing all of humanity, to help Awaken as many as possible into greater personal sovereignty and the need for greater personal responsibility, and to not allow yourselves to be manipulated any longer by the cabal.

“We of the Federation of Light cannot “force help down your throats”, but are able to influence and inspire you in powerful positive ways, with our Higher Elohim “Consciousness Technologies” to do those things that are termed Life Enhancing and are Sacred to our Divine Creator of the Universe. It is still up to each of you, individually and collectively, to Fully choose, Ethically to do the Right thing. And it is through a combination of your efforts, along with us acting as your “Cosmic Back-Up Team” that we can help so many of Earth to overcome what appear as insurmountable challenges and obstacles that you all have to face and deal with everyday of your lives.

“I will now prepare to sign out, and allow our fellow Brother of the Light, Zoser, to express himself and share some very important insights of his own with all of you, and what can be done, by you of Earth and we of the Cosmic Realms, about this very important and serious challenge that you all face at this time. Yes, and call upon us, we the Cosmic Guardians of Light, to Intervene in your lives to help you face any and all challenges that you have to face from this day forward! Be courageous and speak out boldly as the Guardians of Light that you are, and for the many millions of fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, do you not know and remember deep down before the “Cosmic Amnesia Veils” were placed over you at birth, that you are still technically key members of our Higher Galactic Councils of Light and you actually represent the Federation even while you are presently in Earth embodiment! We will back up your courageous efforts and actions against the cabal! Yes, this channel knows first hand how we can powerfully Divinely Intervene when necessary and even stop the use of “deadly force” attempted against him and others many times when he and they not only exposed the cover-ups and future evil plans of the cabal for world control of everyone and everything upon Earth.

“ This has been Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, signing out and stepping aside for Zoser to now speak. Adonai Vassu Berogus!”

“Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Zoser, Ancient Earth Physician of Light, and on the Higher Intergalactic and Interdimensional Realms. And thank you, Ashtar, for also giving me a chance to also share my own knowledge regarding this challenge. Yes, and for those who have never heard of me, I Am referred to as a ‘Cosmic Physician of Light’, and in charge of the Knights of the Solar Cross. We are fellow Cosmic Physicians of Light, and part of the Intergalactic Confederation/Universal Federation of worlds.

“As many of you have suspected and some have seen documentation in recent years verifying these facts, and as we of the Federation of Light have been monitoring from our ships, that the cabal with their dark alchemists have created man-made viruses in their laboratories, to artificially attempt to create numerous plagues, many specifically targeting different races, such as the SARS disease that was targeting the Asian population, as just one example,, to ATTEMPT to eliminate as much of the human race as possible so that they could then rule over a much smaller number of slaves in their long planned New World Odor--yes, as this channel would say, that this plan “stinks to High Heaven” and is morally unconscionable that such a evil plan would be allowed to fully, or even partially succeed.

“And this is where personal responsibility is required of each of you of Earth, to do whatever it takes to help inform as many others as possible, to also take personal responsibility, to not only RESIST these plans, by helping one another to organize into groups and organizations and speak out about these plans and to network with one another, to also ultimately form self sufficient communities of like minded individuals who value your health freedoms--and who also want to truly develop and use all forms of that termed alternative, exotic technologies for energy emancipation and greater freedom and mobility, and to effectively and collectively to oppose these evil plans. For this personal and collective actions of responsibility, is what allows us--nay, actually Mandates us, of the Federation of Light , to not only step in both “behind the scenes” to help powerfully back up these personal efforts in numerous different ways--but to also ultimately more openly make our benevolent presence much more well known, as we gear up for inevitable mass planetary Divine Intervention and the final end of the cabal’s power upon Earth.

“We have been saddened to see so many who either were ignorant about the true facts and nature of vaccinations who willingly allowed themselves and their most precious young children and babies to be poisoned through the scam of vaccinations, or in more recent years when some parents who had begun to wake up to or at least suspected the true facts about how destructive vaccinations are, were literally forced almost at gun point to have their children vaccinated.

“But we want to also state, that even as personal responsibility is extremely important and to learn to control their own and their family’s Destiny in a better and more empowered way with more sovereignty, yet cooperating with many other sincere individuals, and aligned with the Divine Will of God, away from the control of the bureaucracies of Earth as much as possible, but becoming more enlightened very quickly. We want to also state that ultimately when we of the Federation do make our mass appearance and openly land all over the Earth, we Physicians of Light have developed very advanced REJUVENATION CHAMBERS on board our great Motherships or Merkabah Light Ships of the Federation, which are part of the many Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies that are also used for advanced Transformational healing and rejuvenation, which will help each soul to totally overcome and eliminate any and all negative health affects that has been forced upon humanity, either through vaccinations, chemtrails, and any other destructive and toxic poisoning. But as stated many times--and I am going to be extremely redundant once more, it is what each of you on Earth do with the highest intent and personal efforts and integrity, that allows and even guarantees that your “”Cosmic Ticket” or so-called proverbial “Boarding Pass” which is earned by these honest personal efforts, will definitely be “Activated”, and which will allow us to physically beam you on board our Light Ships. This factor, as far as which of the “Waves of Evacuation”, that a person would be able to be lifted up in aboard our ships, as this channel has described in his book, Prepare For The Landings! [go to PrepareFortheLandings.com] is determined by everything that they think, say and do, dietary habits, their true intent and purpose, etc. really does determined one’s FREQUENCY-VIBRATIONAL-CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL which also determines how ready they are to be lifted up onboard the ship under any kind of emergency requiring planetary Divine Intervention.

“The dark alchemists of the cabal, want your vibrations, your consciousness, to be lowered, your immune systems and minds, to be weakened so much so that not only will you not be able to clearly DISCERN what is really being PLANNED against the entire human race, and that you will not be able to survive these upcoming challenges that you must all face. But despite their PLANS to ATTEMPT to force mandatory vaccinations upon everyone upon Earth, this will definitely not FULLY succeed. Just exactly how successful they will be for a brief period of time until we of the Federation do openly Divinely Intervene, just how many people will be--or rather allow themselves to be--vaccinated, will depend upon numerous factors. How organized can you all become and how fast can you do this, of educating as many other ignorant people, who have been brainwashed by misinformation and F.E.A.R. [yes, False Evidence Appearing Real!].

“As this channel knows, and which I want to also make this point so others can become aware or be consciously reminded of this fact, because of the very powerful new Cosmic Energies that have very recently begun to flood Earth that have never existed in the universe before, which is also beginning to demand greater Accountability and Integrity from everyone upon Earth, this is causing a new “Time Line” to manifest parallel to the old time line, which means that the outcome of the future of the original time line where a much greater number of people not only died and suffered, in numerous disasters, etc., this new Time Line is already CHANGING the outcome of the future to a great degree. for the better. As to exactly HOW MUCH and HOW COMPLETE, is still determined by your individual and collective free will aligned with Divine Will and calling upon and invoking what is termed the ‘Cosmic Law of Grace’ to quickly as possible to overcome and Transmute all of one’s negative karma that still has existed up to now.

“I wish to emphasize this positive point, that we of the Federation, and we Cosmic Physicians of Light, are working overtime, to not only help transmute numerous Health challenges that the cabal has forced upon you all already on a mass level, such as the chemtrails, and as many of you have observed, as our ships, appearing as “lenticular clouds” have been clearing your skies of these horrific petrochemical poisons being sprayed into your skies, and overcoming all forms of global electronic mind control and negative behavioral modification and genetic manipulation of all kinds that the cabal in their desperation of loosing control over all the masses of humanity. But humanity is like a sleeping giant who is starting to awaken--and is not only starting to open it’s eyes--but is about to stand up and confront the cabal and will refuse to go along with their PLANS.

“There is another insidious factor regarding vaccinations, besides all the many very toxic ingredients designed to not only weaken the immune system, but ultimately cause disease and finally death. But the fact is that the majority of vaccinations also now contain a very miniature sized biochip, that is small enough to fit right through the vaccination needle that is designed to track and monitor those who allow themselves to be vaccinated. [This is also the “Biblical Mark of the Beast” of Revelations] This, of course, besides ATTEMPTING to cause millions to die from this man-made plague. And as this channel and many other enlightened individuals also know, that the attempt to force those Codex Laws upon all of you is so that you would be more limited in your ability to have access to very healthy vitamin supplements and alternative natural holistic choices and solutions to help build up your immune systems. This would also cause the ph of the body to be much healthier and possibly strong enough, depending which food supplements and holistic techniques one uses, to literally cause the biochip to be forced out of the body if one had ignorantly already received a vaccination shot.

“I will also comment briefly, and confirm, as this channel already had heard from us, regarding the earlier attempts in recent months, to create a mass plague, through the earlier form of the “swine flu”. But instead of it causing as many deaths as the power elite wanted--because of humanity’s overall vibrations has already started to shift much higher--the disease did not affect as many people as it would have been able to just a couple years ago. Yes, and as other examples of how humanity’s consciousness has started to shift into a Higher Vibrational-Consciousness Immunity, was when as documented, that numerous young children, who were originally diagnosed as having the A.I.D.’s virus, but then a few years later, these same highly evolved souls of Light, indigos and crystal souls, as many have referred to these beautiful old souls in young bodies, yes fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, who’s missions were to help the Earth human race to begin to overcome such man-made viruses, they now showed themselves totally free of this virus. Much more recently, I and fellow Cosmic Physicians of Light have begun to Activate what has been termed “the Immortality Gene” which when one tunes into and activates this new gene, which is part of the new Cosmic 24 Strand of DNA, this causes one’s immune system and consciousness to be able to manifest the ability to fully overcome any virus known or unknown to man. Tune into this new Cosmic Immortality Gene, and you too, becomes totally immune to any and all viruses created in the cabal’s laboratories on Earth.

“We would also like to briefly comment on many people’s concerns regarding PLANS of the cabal to ATTEMPT to activate martial law and then to force anyone who would refuse to take vaccinations, into the many hundreds of internment camps that have already been constructed by the cabal during the last few decades. Yes, again, this has always been one of their major PLANS, to first create a national emergency event to fool the masses into giving up your Constitutional Rights, and then to force everyone who would refuse to go along with their so-called “hidden agenda” to be placed into these concentration camps. In this case, they have decided to ATTEMPT to create a faked mass epidemic and to ATTEMPT to fool everyone who is ignorant of the true facts, into getting one or more vaccination shots, which would eventually cause the very disease to manifest, that the vaccination is touted as supposedly immunizing one from, and eventually dying from a weakened immune system instead.

“ While we do not rule out any form of “martial law” being created, we can assure you that such an attempt on a mass national level, will not have the “staying power” if it does occur, to become the mass event that the cabal have been hoping and PLANNING for. A number of reasons why are: not only has there been a major planetary frequency shift occurring that is also causing a mass Awakening throughout not only the U.S. but around the world, which has never occurred before, this is also causing the normal ability of all forms of sophisticated mind control, negative behavior modification and genetic manipulation to now become much less affective, and people are waking up out of these forms of control and are regaining their sovereignty over any form of manipulation. We are also, helping, of course, in this vast awakening into greater freedom and accountability against any and all plans of world control by the cabal.

“There are many “whistle blowers” throughout all of the “alphabet soup agencies” of the industrial military complex, who are also exposing all the plans of the cabal, some of these used to be lower-level members of the cabal/illuminati, but with our “Cosmic Light Recruitment Program” of offering these former dark agents a major and “last minute” opportunity to work off their accumulated negative karma, by exposing and helping us of the Federation of Light, to sabotage and counteract these numerous insidious plans of total control and of creating a world fascist dictatorship in the plans of the New World Odor, they were now open to this and tired of being merely puppets for their puppet masters and reached out to us.

“And along with numerous (numbering literally in the thousands) newly recruited “Double agents for the Light”. as well as the many millions of fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment who are, what Archangel Michael refers to as, “Secret Agents of God/Deep Undercover Operatives of the Light” on “”Cosmic Spiritual Espionage Missions of Light” against the cabal. We of the Federation of Light have many fellow human appearing ET’s, Space Brothers & Sisters, directly from off our ships, physically living incognito upon Earth and do--as many former military leaders are concerned of, that we can physically walk the halls of the Pentagon--and the White House--and those of the military, the government, and the entire bureaucracy of all Earth governments would never be able to recognize us as extraterrestrials. As we have shared with this and other channels, we have sat invisibly within the boardrooms of the major illuminati heads listening to all of their evil plans for world control and enslavement--coming up with our own counteracting plans to totally end their reign of terror and manipulation!!!! And I can report that literally thousands of these special “ground crew” members of our many commands and fleets within the Federation, which represent numerous worlds throughout the Intergalactic Confederation and the Universal Alliance of Peace, are indeed present, closely keeping tabs upon any and all activities. Of course, we know that many who are not familiar with us and who we actually are, would then refer to the false flag/inside job event of 9-11, and ask why we did not also stop this event. And as this channel knows, as does many other fellow channels and contactees, this was allowed because it was to become a massive wake-up call of Accountability and Discernment for the masses, as well as the fact that the majority of those within those buildings were beamed aboard our craft moments before they were destroyed.

“And last, but not least, those of us on board our many millions of ships of the Federation, of the Celestial Host, who are in Guardian Action around this planet, closely monitor all events upon Earth, with our Elohim Consciousness Technology Computers, which are linked directly into the GodHead of the Divine Creator of the Universe. And while we, personally, do not engage in “invading” one’s personal privacy and sovereignty, as does the NSA, CIA, DIA and other “alphabet soup agencies” of Earth have been doing for many years--as we like to say, Yes “Big Brother is watching you”, but guess what, “Big Space Brother is watching and monitoring them!” But our Higher Consciousness Computers do pick up and respond to those pure and sincere souls of heart, and all who are yearning for a better and more evolved way of living and existing upon Earth, just as Mother Earth, who is a living breathing, conscious being, has called out to us and she has been promised for her sake, and all living things, that our long overdue Cosmic Plans of mass planetary Divine intervention and world wide evacuation must and will occur. And as has been stated in this channel’s new book, it is definitely a “Cosmic Done Deal” that we will soon make our mass appearance over this planet.

“So know, too, that as this channel often states, when he hears about those who F.E.A.R. that martial law will occur and that everyone who RESISTS will just be rounded up against their free will and thrown into one of the many concentration camps and/or end up first being transported in one of those cattle cars with human shackles in them or end up dead in those stacked up plastic coffins--”As a Volunteer in Earth embodiment from the Federation, I did not come down here to be ‘thrown to the wolves’ and not be able to fulfill my mission, and it is not my karma, either to end up as a prisoner to the New World Odor in one of their concentration camps, nor will I ever submit to taking a vaccination against my will!” Yes, of course, if they, the power elite, of the illuminati, had their way, these PLANS of the cabal would have already occurred years ago, and yes, we have blocked and neutralized these earlier ATTEMPTS, and have been closely monitoring the recent movements and training of hundreds of thousands of military personnel, both U.S, as well as foreign troops all over the U.S., and yes they are being PREPARED for these plans for full scale martial law.

“But again, we want to stress, these are their plans, and as pointed out already, some of the factors which are in the process of neutralizing these plans, and many of their own military personnel are secretly considering not going along with any orders to fire upon their own citizens. Ands every day and hour that passes, the frequencies of Accountability and Integrity grow much stronger, as the planet Earth is being pulled into the higher 5th dimension, as we also Overshadow all those who might be forced to engage is such activity, as well as many of those in key military positions all over the U.S. This is definitely going to cause massive revolt within the military in the coming time, if in desperation, such orders are given, as the cabal is now realizing that people both outside and within the military itself, are massively waking up out of the old 3rd dimensional “Matrix” world view, and are starting to tap into these Higher interdimensional-intergalactic frequencies, and are yearning for peace and a life free of unnecessary suffering and the end of war.

“As we come to the end of this Channeling-Transmission, we do want to emphasize and stress once more, that it is vitally important to fulfill each of your individual and collective responsibilities of exposing these plans for mandatory vaccinations, by networking with as many people as possible, to emphasize to each of them, of the serious nature of these plans, and the truth about how poisonous vaccinations are to one’s immune system as well as destructive to one’s consciousness.

“It is also true, that despite the positive intent of many who desire a better Health Care system that would help provide everyone on planet Earth, as on our Higher Worlds, a system that truly does meet the quality needs of caring for and healing all who need “medical help”, unfortunately, even with the best of intentions of those who think of themselves as “Progressive”, and are attempting to bring in such a quality care system, there is also an agenda of many others, under the disguise of creating a so-called “Universal Health Care System”, just as was attempted during the Clinton administration, this was the cover for more massive government control, of people’s private lives being monitored and controlled through a universal I.D. system of Big Brother, and unfortunately the cabal will attempt to use this new system, to force mandatory vaccinations upon the population.

“If those who are pushing for what has POTENTIAL to be a much better and progressive system of care, in the hands of the right people, were to openly speak about how they would not ever force mandatory vaccinations upon the population under any condition, and to also expose at the same time the true historical facts covered up concerning vaccinations in general, and how corrupt the CDC and World Health Organizations have been, and were to expose how they first created and then spread the A.I.D.’s, Ebola, and other man-made diseases through earlier vaccinations all over the world. Yes, nothing would change, until these and other earlier crimes against humanity are openly exposed, as well as for the pharmaceutical cartel to stop suppressing numerous natural cures for cancer and other so-called “incurable diseases’ and would stop harassing all natural holistic doctors, as well as releasing from prison those who were arrested earlier against their will for their only crime of being able to truly heal others, without all of the horrible side affects that are caused by the much more expensive and toxic pharmaceutical drugs concocted by the dark alchemists to not only weaken one’s immune system but also lower one’s consciousness. So unless these things occur, that without this “Litmus Test of True Intent”, this new attempt to pass another similar system, will be used by the illuminati, as numerous researchers have already documented, as simply another way to cause more mass control, death and disease to the rest of humanity”.

“In final analysis, it is extremely important, which is also part of fulfilling your missions here on Earth, to be Guardians of Light for your Health and Freedoms, to get involved with resisting mandatory vaccinations and to enlighten others who are ignorant of these facts, and for you all to Inwardly and outwardly RESIST any form of mandatory vaccinations. As stated earlier, these actions also give us, of the Federation of Light, the Mandated Authority to help you all to be successful at ultimately stopping this plan. Again, how complete the stopping of this plan is, will be determined by your actions aligned with our Cosmic Help and Back-Up from off the planet. But together, we will cause their plans to be overcome, as the New Time Line manifests more fully.

“This has been Zoser, Physician of Light, of the Federation, signing out, but also sending all of you Blessings of greater Health and well being and greater strength to successfully RESIST, individually and collectively, these or any other plans of the cabal, until Divine Intervention does take place.
Adonai Vassu Berogus!

Michael: “Wow, that was certainly one of the most intense and powerful channelings that I have ever received from my “Friends Upstairs”, because, as stated earlier, this subject of possible forced mandatory vaccinations upon all of us, especially when we know the true facts about vaccinations in general, and especially these more recent “bioterror creations” that the power elite want to inject into all of us, to specifically kill as many of us as possible, and to track and monitor us through the biochip until we do--this we as sovereign beings, cannot allow, not only for our health and consciousness, but also just because of the unconscionable nature of forcing something upon us all that we should always have the Right, anyway, to decide. But as stated, once a person, without any bias or hidden agenda, has had the chance to really research, as I have and many millions of other sincere and dedicated health practitioners have, the true historical facts about vaccinations in general and what really occurred after these were administered, before the corrupt medical authorities twisted the facts around to come up with a totally false conclusions, certain things become very obvious. Yes, of how destructive that vaccinations really are to our personal health and well being, and how so many of the diseases now manifesting in our society today, are, in my opinion, directly traceable to the fact that all these people had been given vaccinations as well as other pharmaceutical drugs when they were young children and are now suffering the consequence. Their immune systems have been jeopardized by corrupt and bad science, which was forced upon as many people as possible for not only the vast financial profits derived from these poisonous concoctions, but because this has always been the agenda of the power elite to literally kill over two thirds of humanity. And the rest of those who would survive, under this New World Order agenda, if they are not stopped, as our “Friends Upstairs” have also stated, “they only want you to be healthy enough to be good little worker bees” not healthy and empowered enough to dare to rise up and question and challenge the system, and ultimately transform it for the will of the people, rather than the cabal.

I Am giving everyone who reads this Channeling-Transmission, the okay to also make as many copies as you want, (as long as you do not change any of it and also give credit to the original source) and please share it with as many others as possible; your friends and family members, and please ask them, too, to do the same thing, with as many other people as possible. This truly is in my opinion, and in the opinions of many millions of other sincere and dedicated health researchers and those who value our Health Freedoms, the most important and critical issue that we as a society and civilization has ever faced. For as David Icke mentioned during his radio show interview, “if we have done nothing to stop this insidious plan, and one day in the not too distant future, you hear that knock at the door (where the officials have shown up to now physically force us to either take this mandatory vaccination, or be drug off to be placed into a detention facility, it will be too late, and we have no one to blame but ourselves, for having taken no action.” Yes, this is true, that we must take what action we can at this late hour, and know that if we each do our part, of sharing and networking this most important information, and we have our friends and family do the same---and also call upon the Forces of Light who surround this planet in Guardian Action, who have made it very clear that they will back us and support us in our sincere and dedicated efforts, well, then we will not have to ever “hear that knock at the door” because it will, then, truly be too late.

And how can we, as citizens of this country, and many who are fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment on missions here to be the Guardians of lIght, can really feel worthy to ultimately experience personal Divine Intervention, if we did not rise to the occasion and do our part, fulfill our personal responsibility to all that we stand for and represent, For one day, as we stand before Great Galactic Council of Light, and we are reviewing our life and mission on Earth, will we look back with no regrets, because we did truly “rise to the occasion” and we took actions that allowed others to also know the truth and the greater choices that are available to us all, and in so doing helped to fulfill our individual and collective Missions. Or, will we look back with regrets because we did not take action and thought, “oh, well, I’ll let someone else do this, I am too busy in my life to do anything” Well, then, what compassion does one expect, if that “knock at the door” does come, we have no one to blame but ourselves, and perhaps, even karmically, it might argued, that our karma for not having taken advantage, with our free will, of becoming galvanized with this issue, of really caring and doing what is necessary to “head it off at the pass”--the obvious outcome, if we do not take personal responsibility, to ourselves, to our family and friends, and to society and nor can we expect for the Higher Forces of Light to actually Divinely Intervene upon our behalf, if we, ourselves, have not fulfilled our own duties and responsibilities.

But if, on the other hand, we do demonstrate through our true intent, backed up by action, then we shall experience much support from off the planet, and together we shall successfully stop the full implementation of forced mandatory vaccination upon all of us. So this is your choice; you have been “Cosmically Given Notice”! What will you choose?

On the "Cosmic Connection" Show, this Sat., Aug. 22nd, at 11:00AM (PST), broadcast on AchieveRadio.com, Michael Ellegion, the Host, will be discussing: “RESISTING MANDATORY VACCINATIONS WITH INTERGALCTIC HELP!”

Michael will be discussing upon his show what he feels is definitely one of the most critical and importannt issues and challenges tthat we as a society and planetary civilizattion have had to ever face. Having first of all, been brought up as a child in a holistic and natural lifesttyle, in which he was never given any vaccinations, and as a result, he knows that he is so much more healthy today, with a much stronger immune system because of this. Michael has also spent many years researching all the pros and cons regarding vaccinations in general, and along with much information that was channeled to him from Higher Cosmic Forces of Light, and those in the Federation of LIght, who have been closely monitoring the activities and plans of the power elite or cabal, and how they do have a definite agenda to force mandatory vaccinations upon the entire population of the planet. In fact, just recently right after listening to such researchers as Alex Jones and David Icke, Michael received another, much more powerful and in-depth channeling-transmision from Ashtar and Zoser, a “Cosmic Physician of LIght” within the Federation, specifically emphasizing the seriousness of this situation, and warning us that we must take immediate actions of enlightening as many others as possible, and that if we do take action, by sharing and networking with as many other people as possible, and for them to also take action, that with “help from off the planet” we can truly turn things around and stop the full implementation of this insidious plans of the power elite. Michael has just posted this recent Channeling from Lord Ashtar and Zoser at his web site, ChannelFortheMasters. com, in the “Channeled Material” section, and he has given the okay for others to make copies of this channeling (as long as you do not change it and also give credit to the source of Channeling) and share it with as many other people as possible, and for them to do the same, because be must stop this plan at all costs before it has time to fully be implemented on us all.

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