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Is David Price a liar? Watch & Decide for yourself. *LINK*

Representative David Price gave a Town Hall Meeting at the Cary Town Hall on Tuesday, February 17, 2009. I was able to ask him a question about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Walter Burien has dedicated his life to exposing this slight of hand cash exchange. Please visit his website and do some research on your own local, state and federal CAFRs.

My question to Rep. Price -

Every year the government proposes a spending budget for the taxes collected from you and me. And every year there is always a budget shortfall, or deficit, which means the government spent more than it collected in taxes.

Well, most folks dont know that every government agency, local, state and federal have two sets of books - the budget and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The budget details how the taxes collected from you and me are spent by that government agency. And the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR for short, contains the numbers in the budget as well as ALL other forms of government revenue and expenses.

According to the governments own CAFR reports, the government doesnt just make money though tax collection, it also makes billions of dollars though private investments. Why isnt the money from these private investments used to cover the budget deficit and perhaps eventually lowering or eliminating taxes needed for the budget?

In other words, How is this money used if it isnt used to reduce taxes? If your answer mentions government retirement and pension fundsSome of these retirement funds could have all future investments halted and it would still have enough money to pay all its qualified members for 30 or more years.

I attended a town hall meeting in Cary, North Carolina where I was able to ask David Price about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. On February 23, 2009, I hand delivered a notarized copy of four follow up questions along with a copy of the entire town hall meeting video to Anna Tilghman. Anna approached me at the town hall meeting and gave me her business card and I told her I would make sure she got a copy of the video. I have tried several times to contact Anna, even spoke with her once March 24, 2009. The other two times I called back she was either at the campaign office, or I left a message asking her to call me back on April 8, 2009. However, to this day, I have yet to receive any type of reply. I will keep trying until I get some form of response.

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Is David Price a liar? Watch & Decide for yourself. *LINK*
NC Hero Exposes Lying Rep *NM* *LINK*
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