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Today the Commander of the Russian Knights died while training for the 2009 Moscow Airshow. *PIC*

MAKS Aviasalon 2009

Since many days RT Russian Today TV announces the soon to begin MAKS 2009 the annual Moscow Airshow.

Two days ago RT sent an interview with the Commander of the Russian Knights, Colonel Igor Tkachenko, 45

today RT had bad sad news:

Igor crashed during a training flight south-east of Moscow and lost his life, leaving behind his wife and two children, son and daughter.
Two pilots from the other plane with which Igor supposedly collided are alive. The two flight recorders have been retrieved. The MAKS 2009 will begin tomorrow probably without the risky air manoeuvers. One of them with two Sukhoi 27 flying at low altitude in almost close touch, the upper one upside down so that the pilots can see one another as it were head-to-head.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es49Qk8pQqE watch e.g. 0:05-0:10
The jet of the commander was doomed when the pilots in the other jet that touched the first one panicked and ejected their seats.
So says one version. A boy playing football in the suburbian dacha region described what he had seen before the crash occurred - but I have no translation yet.



Rest In Peace, Igor Tkachenko

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