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Amazing how the 'double-loyal' fake patriots unisono prepare the ground for the assassination of Obama! :(

David Icke would say


allover again

the goal to come
one step closer to rule the world as a hole?

the same people that b(r)ought Obama to power encircle and blackmail him (to advance global affairs in their favor) are screaming first behind the scenes and now more and more publicly

inviting the mob to chime in:
"Crucify him, Crucify him!"

I can proof, I've never been a promoter of Obama, more to the opposite, but now
it's disgusting how these low-level hypocrites
prepare the emotional ground to lynch the chosen President of the United States, what he really is, in fact. Rabulistic nit-pickers who otherwise find any excuse no matter how ridiculous to get an exemption from a nation's laws to their own advantage now are howling like a bloodthirsty pack of wolves,
inciting all kind of hatred to divide the social groups they themselves were relentlessly trying to melt together for decades.


The same hypocrites that demand transgressing double-citizenship for themselves, that don't miss a chance to promote cosmopolitan, transnational attitudes, global common ground philosophy and so forth engage in a campaign of concerted dismantlement the Institution of U.S. American Presidency thus fostering chaos, riots, civil war
mainly based on a missing birth-certificate?

Okay, you queer folks crying for proof and legacy and documents: Would you please come forward and show your righteous non-faked original birth right documents, citizenship documents, ownership documents et al?
Would you please show your legal documents for acquirement of property?


The unisono hate campaign against Obama
as a fellow man using this weird pale clown face seems to be subliminally based on a bunch of horrifying Hollywood botches about not so funny murderous clowns, almost everybody
has seen one of these ecstatic perverted feasts of horror during his childhood and adolescence.

How Laughable. How Ridiculous. How Disgusting.

See it? The signs of destruction?
White phosphorous marks in the sky?

He's got the look!

A-lex, is it you?

Your true enlited
'higher' selfness?


sorry this time I don't get it myself to the end

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