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Thank You Very Much for the link to The Black Vault :)

Didn't know this pro-and -contra research-wiki till now.
Is it a branch of wikipedia?

seems not to be the case thou it has the wikipedia layout, but not so important if content matters


The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project is a massive endeavor to be a one-stop-shop for learning, sharing and discussing important topics. Ranging from UFOs to the U.S. Government infrastructure -- thousands are coming here every day to simply learn.


Cathy you show it:
A good forum in it's best sense is a shared project for research, for learning and for mutual helping with advice and experience.

my kudos
from the latest CD released in 2009 named

"A Sheep in Contemplation"
song title
Do Come Along

no allegation to anyone with the term 'sheep' Cathy, I didn't invent the title
but I think it's funny

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According to 'Anonymous Sucker' on Mister Hufschmid's website ... *PIC*
I believe this will seek some what of an answer here dancer... *NM* *LINK*
Thank You Very Much for the link to The Black Vault :)
External Links- Pro-chemtrail theory sites
M'dam, yes M'dam! It was me. :) The horrible shiva dancer! :D
doors open, *PIC*
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