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According to 'Anonymous Sucker' on Mister Hufschmid's website ... *PIC*

... these are normal 'contrails'
from vaporized water exhaustions by the jet engines.


Problem is
in the region where I live
I never saw similar crossings in the sky
in all the many years before

Passenger Jet Planes fly regularly since more than forty years.

If it's water vapor
has water changed it's formula?
Does water vapor produce powder films on plants?
Does water vapor cause itching sensations on naked skin?
Does water vapor produce an aweful stench of bromide?
Does water vapor deform sunrays to somewhat cold metallic hazy light?
Does water vapor paint the evening sky in before never seen totally unnatural pink and turquoise colors?
Does water vapor stay for hours to extend into big veils?
Does water vapor soak up humidity in the air?

Mister Hufschmid
are you here a disinfo agent
spreading misleading claims in tiny doses?
What's the purpose of your jet-trail arguments
in context with the other disputed infos?

This photo I took two days ago in 2009-08-13.
The trails dispersed into a hazy veil after 10 minutes or so,
it was very hot this day.

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According to 'Anonymous Sucker' on Mister Hufschmid's website ... *PIC*
I believe this will seek some what of an answer here dancer... *NM* *LINK*
Thank You Very Much for the link to The Black Vault :)
External Links- Pro-chemtrail theory sites
M'dam, yes M'dam! It was me. :) The horrible shiva dancer! :D
doors open, *PIC*
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