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Agreed .... The WORLD (not just the U.S.) is in deep shit

I can't help but feel Cosmos you would be doing yourself and the world a great service by getting over your anger, as you are a most powerful person in your own right. Very powerful!

It is not all about you and people are not making personal attacks on you. There is no "You" and there is no "I" and there is no "Me" here. Absolutely we the people of the world must come together in this illusionary existence. If you read my other post today you would see that I am very leery of a lot of this New Age mumble jumble myself and I am not walking around with my head in the clouds oblivious to this mass destruction of our planet and her people.

I was only commenting that LaRouche has made me very nervous lately talking about Hitler, and I don't think I would choose to be in the same room with him. I feel in his own way he is calling in the danger and possibly helping to germinate a seed of an "ass ass in nation" which will only lead us to further chaos, perhaps perpetrating the NWO.

My challenge is trying to sort through what are famous Aretha Franklin said, "Who's zooming who"?

Please can you give us a little wee smile ;) ?

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LaRouche 11:30AM Report Update "We are in a very Critical Time"
I Like LaRouche.... but this global credit system is a NWO scheme *NM*
Finally - you took the words out of my mouth!
This Country is in such DEEP SHIT, and somethings LaRouche stands for I do not agree with either...But...if you think in this sick, angry, violent, prejudice,mind controled World....
Agreed .... The WORLD (not just the U.S.) is in deep shit
As I've told you many times before if you don't like my post...DONT READ THEM...
UNLESS the TRUTH Is TOLD..... No One will know what it is. *NM*
:) That's my Stand....... Are u in god hands? *NM*
Yes! Dark Dirty Doodoo! And on top of the heap: Brown Obama Voodoo!
Agreed - exempt the 1000 percent thingy, none of my calculators can do it, they all stop at 100, what shall I do? :D *PIC*
Thanks for the good advice. Have my eyes wide open, ears too...
WOW! This is creepy! Thanks again Dancer for this info, I've been reading these links in your post..had no idea about any of this...I'm such a minnow in such a Dark Swamp (World)... *NM*
Could not have happened if you've kept your honey lips shut. :D
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