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So we all agree ...

that none of the perpetrators will ever be brought to justice? (Oh yes they will ensure that a few scape goats are brought to justice just as a fearful example to the people.)

What amazes me is the amount of energy everyone is placing into working within the confines of an archaic global system in an attempt to make everything right, speaking as if it was ever perfect in the first place! With so many fingers in the pot, I don't feel from my heart that this can be ever accomplished. Are we going to waste more precious time going around in circles in rage rounding up the criminals when we are already living within borrowed time? Look into the eyes of these men and woman and you will see they have no soul. They probably wouldn't even bleed if they were drawn halved and quartered. Seriously our time remaining here is very short, too short to worry ourselves over these programmed peons! They really are nobody. (if you are asking how can I be so heartless over the lives that have already been lost to date ? Well I am still working through that issue.)

Our native peoples of this planet, who have been raped of everything including their dignity, have set up their own government of elders and police force. Step out of line and you will have the total community to reckon with. Plain and simple and rather effective. It is a difficult concept to grasp when we have all been herded into these little ant boxes in large cities waiting for the next bait to arrive in order for us to catch a meager meal here and there. * That was the first mistake we made of feeling there was safety in numbers. (Baaaaaa Baaaa)

* Second point is all the people that have lived off their credit. Some of these people, being New Agers that thought and still think they will have huge amounts of payouts deposited to their bank accounts when the cabals are all brought to justice and all debts will be forgiven and "deliver us from evil" etc. yada yada. Meanwhile they have carried out their daily lives fretful of the growing minimum payments due to the banks, racking up their balances owed. (Owed? owed to WHO?). They have bought right into the hands of the NWO and have become their lifeline. The sucking vampires' victims! I guess in that area we have no one else to blame but us. If you can't afford to buy it don't use your credit card. "But but I really need it now!" Ask and it will be delivered in another way. Faith....

Well yes faith I never thought it possible until I met a number of earth angels this week. I wish I could tell you more of the story but this is a public forum, and it is really my own personal journey. I am joyful and that is all that counts in this very moment.

Maybe the wrath of Mother Earth will take care of these criminals.
So a personal note to you TimELord, yes I will be sticking around for the Magik! :D

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Re: There is No Recession, This is Planned Financial Demolition (These Money Mongers need to be prosecuted)
So we all agree ...
How do you know? Who is WE? Me too? And CosmO? And ... parrot? :D
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