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This Country is in such DEEP SHIT, and somethings LaRouche stands for I do not agree with either...But...if you think in this sick, angry, violent, prejudice,mind controled World....

Love will turn this all around in our life time and change things for the better...you are in for a HUGE Surprise and Let Down. There are very few people on Earth, within the 6+ billion of us, that is thinking about love of their fellow man...most are for self and self survival...very few even know about the New Age way of thinking and caring for each other with love, respect and bringing in a positive change. So many people have no way to even be able to read any written literature on such subjects and in many places in the World such info is banned. We have a World of 6 Billion+ people and a huge majority of them are starving, dyeing, being destroyed in one way or another and no matter what we may think in our belief and wishful thinking that love will turn this all around, when I seriously think of it the question that comes to my mind is this...have we not been hoping, thinking, praying, protesting, visualizing and chanting for this for years...Hmmmm...We have a Huge Criminal Cancer that has taken over our World and Governments as we prayed,meditated, chanted, etc... and with all the Good, Honest, Educated and Caring people in this World that has known and is willing to bring in a more just and positive way, have not been able to do it up until now, what makes you think that love is suddenly going to change the World for a better place now. Remember this...I am not saying I believe and/or am I sold hook line and sinker on the LaRouche information (I never knew of LaRouche until you "drum spirit" sent me the link to his site and at that time you spoke of him very highly, that's why I started to listen to him...I respected your opinion and recommendation of him as a human being, I'd never heard of him before that)...But...what about all the New Age info as well...lots of contradictions in that movement too and lots of scams, service to self and far out information that has been promised and preached as the TRUTH for many years long before any of us that are even here on Earth now was around, with no results and promises...promises of great change/rescues. I believe in Love and I stand for LOVE...But..it is not that alone that will bring peace and harmony to Planet Earth....Have you ever experienced/traveled/lived with many other cultures and really understood where they are coming from in their Strong Beliefs and points of view that they stand by with a deep conviction even unto death. Until the whole World can come together and really come together in complete Unity and a one common belief and gold (and this I do not see this happening on this Planet anytime in the near future).... Respecting each other's cultures & beliefs and not judgeing each other by skin color, finicial status,geographical locations, educational levels, religons and without jelious, geedy attitudes and supeority attitudes of & to each other argueing and making war, But... with positive solid, mature responsible solutions to and for the Earth and all Inhabitants....etc...Love will not change, cure or make a difference in this huge evil mess...Look at how long the christian people have been waiting for Jesus to return and save us...Hope we don't have to wait that long for the Big Extravangasa of 2012 and this big flip, Love-in and change to this new and beautiful Earth we are now being promised by the Spiritual New Age Movement. Call me negative...I was called that when I warned people about voting for Obama...it's all good...try and see what I am trying to express here...We the People of Planet Earth have been promised for ages all kinds of great change, saviours and leaders coming to our rescue and we are so very desirous for the change to Peace and Prosperity and a better World all we see and hear in the promises we are given is the good part that we really want to be in our reality and what we like to hear in the promises...But... we don't take time to really disect and analize the whole big picture of who is giving the promises and are they to really be trusted as the truth and truthful...which eventually leaves us feeling disappointed and let down when the promise we so believed in does not come to frutation. I agree 1000% on not feeling totally comfortable with all that Mr. LaRouche has to say...But...as far I can see for now in these most critical times, he is the only one stepping up and trying to bring forth some solid intellegent solutions to the USA & the World...So...I'll listen and....Trust or Believe in NOONE...But myself, with the answers which I find in my heart and keep wide open eyes and ears to all making my own choices and discessions and not trying to influence my choices or opinions on another, for we each hold our own unique and special truths, beliefs and choices and that I do honor.

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LaRouche 11:30AM Report Update "We are in a very Critical Time"
I Like LaRouche.... but this global credit system is a NWO scheme *NM*
Finally - you took the words out of my mouth!
This Country is in such DEEP SHIT, and somethings LaRouche stands for I do not agree with either...But...if you think in this sick, angry, violent, prejudice,mind controled World....
Agreed .... The WORLD (not just the U.S.) is in deep shit
As I've told you many times before if you don't like my post...DONT READ THEM...
UNLESS the TRUTH Is TOLD..... No One will know what it is. *NM*
:) That's my Stand....... Are u in god hands? *NM*
Yes! Dark Dirty Doodoo! And on top of the heap: Brown Obama Voodoo!
Agreed - exempt the 1000 percent thingy, none of my calculators can do it, they all stop at 100, what shall I do? :D *PIC*
Thanks for the good advice. Have my eyes wide open, ears too...
WOW! This is creepy! Thanks again Dancer for this info, I've been reading these links in your post..had no idea about any of this...I'm such a minnow in such a Dark Swamp (World)... *NM*
Could not have happened if you've kept your honey lips shut. :D
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