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Finally - you took the words out of my mouth!

When I found his site on the web a while back I listened a few times round and found the man extremely interesting.

However, the more I read and listened to him, the things he was saying were not sitting comfortably with me.
ie: His broadcast (I believe it was last month) referring to Hitler's world and the raising of its head again in present time. (The name Hitler alone gives me nightmares!)
I find the energy old, referring constantly to an era gone by and hopefully laid to rest with forgiveness.

But another Credit system? Oh Really! Is that not what got us in this mess to begin with? It is difficult to determine what hat people are wearing day to day. They are your friend today and gone tomorrow leaving but a trail of smoke.
:( .... (Suckered again.)
Who is on what side of the fence? Don't get your knickers in a knot over that one.

There are so many of us unable to find our inner peace. Stepping in these shoes and following this piper IMHO will not get you there any faster. Stay in Love my friend

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LaRouche 11:30AM Report Update "We are in a very Critical Time"
I Like LaRouche.... but this global credit system is a NWO scheme *NM*
Finally - you took the words out of my mouth!
This Country is in such DEEP SHIT, and somethings LaRouche stands for I do not agree with either...But...if you think in this sick, angry, violent, prejudice,mind controled World....
Agreed .... The WORLD (not just the U.S.) is in deep shit
As I've told you many times before if you don't like my post...DONT READ THEM...
UNLESS the TRUTH Is TOLD..... No One will know what it is. *NM*
:) That's my Stand....... Are u in god hands? *NM*
Yes! Dark Dirty Doodoo! And on top of the heap: Brown Obama Voodoo!
Agreed - exempt the 1000 percent thingy, none of my calculators can do it, they all stop at 100, what shall I do? :D *PIC*
Thanks for the good advice. Have my eyes wide open, ears too...
WOW! This is creepy! Thanks again Dancer for this info, I've been reading these links in your post..had no idea about any of this...I'm such a minnow in such a Dark Swamp (World)... *NM*
Could not have happened if you've kept your honey lips shut. :D
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