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Major U.S. Cities Are Resorting to Officially-Approved "Tent Cities" for the Homeless. & a poem...."Mr. President" The LaRouche Pac News Update.

Poem..."Mr. President"


Major U.S. Cities Are Resorting to Officially-Approved "Tent Cities" for the Homeless

(LPAC) Aug. 12—Cities all across the U.S. are in various stages of approving, and even supplying minimal services for tent cities of the homeless, because of the surge in unemployment and desperation. The sizable metropolitan areas with approved space for the homeless parking lots, campgrounds, riversides or other public areas include Nashville, Tennessee; Ontario, California; Lacey, Washington (near Olympia, the capital), and others.

Today in Tampa, Florida, city leaders planned a vote on whether to approve tent cities, a measure which was drawn into being an "Anti-Tent City" coalition as well. The local Catholic Charities want permission to create a homeless encampment of 200 people.

The numbers of dispossessed and out-of-work citizens everywhere, has put before local governments the apparent option of reversing standing vagrancy laws, and instead providing minimal services and some order to the desperate. There seems no other recourse under the "we are recovering" line from Washington. In Illinois, local ministers have asked the Champaign City Council to legalize homeless settlements of 50 people. In California, the City of Ventura in July revised its laws to permit homeless people to stay overnight in their cars in designated locations.

Nashville's Metropolitan Homeless Commission's Director, Clifton Harris stresses that there is nowhere else to put people, except in approved tent cities, because the shelters are all full, with waiting lines and lists. Nashville is now providing portable toilets, garbage collection and a mobile medical van.



The Collapse of State Economies is Now at Stage of Government Function Collapse

Aug. 12 (LPAC)-Lyndon LaRouche called for a Federal provision of $150 billion to the states and localities by September, during his Aug. 1 LaRouche Political Action Committee webcast, in which he outlined emergency steps for a new domestic and international credit system to rebuild the world economy. These are the measures that desperately must be implemented, if state and local governments are to survive.

Although many states were able to pass some kind of budget for the new fiscal year beginning July 1, at least 12 of them are already in the red by an estimated $24 billion. Fully 30 states are already on course for big FY 2010 budget gaps, as revenue continues to collapse. These and other quantifications have been put out in new reports from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the General Accounting Office (GAO), and various state associations. At the rate they are going, the states will rack up a combined budget shortfall of $350 billion over the next two years, according to the Council of State Governments — but that rate, of course, will not stay constant.

Payless, and Workless Workdays

States are implementing all kinds of maneuvers to keep together a workforce.
* In Michigan, all state offices closed last Friday, for the fourth of six furlough days for 37,000 state workers. There will be two more furlough days before Labor Day.

* In Pennsylvania, most of the states' 77,000 workers got their first pay yesterday and last Friday, since July 1, the start of the new fiscal year, for which there is still no state budget. A "stopgap" budget measure was signed last week, mostly for the purpose of issuing paychecks, but Gov. Rendell and the state Senate and House are at an impasse on concluding a comprehensive agreement. While state workers went five weeks with no pay, they were given the option of taking out interest-free loans at a group of participating banks.

In Philadelphia, up to 3,000 city workers, including 900 policement, will be laid off, if the state doesn't act to approve the city's right to increase a sales tax in order to meet its payroll. Philadelphia wants the right to an 8% level (6% is the allowed level in all cities, except for Pittsburgh's 7%). State approval could be delayed for weeks, at the same time that the ability of Philadelphia residents to pay the tax is also sinking.

* There are "worker buy-outs"—i.e., job terminations—in at least six states, to cut costs. Incentives were offered to cut payrolls for a combined 9,000 workers in Vermont, Maine, Louisina, Oklahoma, Connecticut, and New York. Meantime, 54,000 state workers have been laid off since the beginning of the collapse, according to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Cuts in Public Health, Medical Care for the Poor

At least 21 states have cut health programs, and many have cut specific safety-net services, from homeless aid, to HIV/AIDS treatment assistance. California is in the lead, where the Children's Health Care Program (CHIP), was cut by 44% in funding from its prior budget year. On July 17, enrollment of children was frozen in the CHIP "Healthy Families" program. Within only two weeks, there was a waiting list of over 33,000 children appealing for coverage.

Nationally, the Federal stimulus infusion of $87 billion kept the states' Medicaid programs from disintegrating this Spring and through June, but now doomsday is ahead with no funding. At least 15 states have announced cuts in their Medicaid programs of all kinds for 2010 and 2011 fiscal years.

For example, in eight states, Medicaid care considered "optional" by Federal standards, has been cut: Washington and Colorado are reducing care for the disabled; Nebraska is limiting mental health care; California, Michigan and Utah ended adult dental coverage. The list goes on.



Author Lee Siegel Hits "Obama's Euthanasia Mistake"

Aug. 12, 2009 (LPAC)--Author and critic Lee Siegel, celebrated as
an eloquent liberal, wrote a powerful attack on the Obama
health-care plan's murderous intent which is "helping to kill the
plan." The article, "Obama's Euthanasia Mistake," appears in the
blog, "The Daily Beast".
"Make no mistake about it," Siegel writes. "Determining
which treatments are cost effective at the end of a person's life
and which are not is one of Obama's priorities. It's one of the
principal ways he counts on saving money and making universal
health care affordable."
He quotes Obama fudging and evading an answer to an
interviewer's direct question on whether a government board would
enforce life-or-death decisions about "end-of-life care."
Siegel shows that it is precisely the poor and vulnerable --
the very people supposed to be served by the Obama "reform" --
who would be the mortal victims of withdrawal of care. They
"would be the only people forbidden access to expensive
life-extending technology. The rich will always be able to afford
it.... Such technology is a drain on the system? Then save money
For the origin of Obama's "pragmatism" that leads into
support for euthanasia, Siegel points to essentially fascist
teachers Richard Posner and Cass Sunstein at the University of
Chicago Law School who defined Obama's orbit as a teacher there

Siegel warns that though right-wing attacks on the "living
will" section of the plan are inaccurate, they are "uncomfortably
close" to the truth.
He writes, "The shading in of human particulars is what
makes this so unsettling. A doctor guided by a panel of experts
who have decided that some treatments are futile will, in subtle
ways, advance that point of view. Cass Sunstein calls this
`nudging,' ... using various types of reinforcement techniques to
`nudge' people's behavior.... An elderly or sick person would be
especially vulnerable to the sophisticated nudging of an
authority figure like a doctor.
"Bad enough for such people who are lucky enough to be
supported by family and friends. But what about the dying person
who is all alone in the world and who has only the consultant to
turn to and rely on? The heartlessness of such a scene is
Siegel ends with a warning that the President must come
clean with the people:
"Let him ... leave the sterile precincts of utilitarian
social and legal theory behind. He should immediately and
publicly declare his commitment to not placing economic hurdles
in the way of people who want to prolong their life, or the life
of their loved ones. In that way, .... he would calm the fears of
people who, far from being right-wing fanatics, are in clear-eyed
possession of perhaps the only universal truth there is. No one
wants to die."



Siegel Identifies Chicago Nazis Posner and Sunstein as Obama's Mentors

Aug. 12, 2009 (LPAC)--In his attack on the President's euthanasia,
Lee Siegel asks, "Where is Obama coming from? Why is such an
apparently humane man considering embracing a utilitarian
initiative straight out of Victorian England?"
In answer he adverts to Obama's career as a lecturer at the
University of Chicago Law School, then and after associated with
that University's Nazi-like power elite:
"A good part of the explanation has to do with the
University of Chicago Law School milieu that Obama comes out of.
By far, the most influential figure in that world is [Federal]
Judge Richard Posner, who teaches law at Chicago and publishes
streams of pompous, robotically written books that are much
praised and little read.
"Judge Posner is both an enthusiastic advocate of euthanasia
and an energetic eugenicist. He once wrote of Oliver Wendell
Holmes' ideas about eugenics -- Holmes believed that a just
society `prevents continuance of the unfit' -- that `we may yet
find [Holmes'] enthusiasms prescient rather than depraved.'
"Cass Sunstein, who is Obama's nominee for regulatory czar,
is a disciple of Posner and believes in what Time magazine
describes as `the statistical practice of taking into account
years of life expectancy when evaluating a regulation.' In other
words, Sunstein believes that the lives of younger people have a
greater value than those of the elderly. This, obviously, would
have a radical bearing on end-of-life considerations."
Richard Posner is an apostle of Friedrich Nietzsche, and
biographer of the eugenics fanatic Supreme Court Justice Oliver
Wendell Holmes, whom Posner has lauded as "the American
Nietzsche." A seminal figure in the recent decades' distortion of
law to fit imperial finance, Mont Pelerin Society member Posner
notoriously recommended the free-market sale of babies to replace
traditional adoption procedures, drug legalization, and the
complete abandonment of what he condemns as "moral philosophy" in
using law to enforce the power of the rulers of society.
"Behavioralist" Cass Sunstein is one of Posner's adoring
circle of euthanasia advocates at the University. Obama's
nomination of Sunstein as U.S. regulatory czar will be pushed
onto the Senate floor for confirmation when Congress comes back
from recess September 8th. If confirmed, Sunstein would be
positioned to help enforce the euthanasia he promotes.



LPAC's Obama-stache on German TV

Aug. 12- (LPAC)--After weeks of blocking out any truth
about Obama's Nazi "health"-care plan and the opposition to it,
finally the German media had to admit the truth: On Germany's
first national TV channel ARD, the late evening news program
featured the national brawl taking place around the health-care
bill. After noting that 45 million Americans have no health
insurance at all, the moderator goes on to say that Obama is
running into huge opposition with his plan: The great American
virtue of listening to different opinions than your own is
sacrificed for "screaming matches at traditionally peaceful town
hall meetings."
After showing some footage of the egomaniac insisting on
implementing his will in this year, the reporter goes on to say:
"But out in the boondocks something is brewing. Scare-mongering
is spreading, fear of equalization, fear of evil." They then
interview an LPAC organizer saying: "This health-care plan is a
euthanasia plan." The organizer goes on to say that this is like
the T-4 program by Hitler, authorized in 1939, while the reporter
says that the person is showing his opposition, at which point
the camera zooms in on the organizer's picket with Obama sporting
his Hitler mustache, and the caption beneath, "I've Changed."
The last thing one can hear is: "He's actually more stupid than
They then continue to claim that conservative circles are
comparing Obama's plan with Hitler symbols, and they lie that
people fear big government. They do admit, though, that the town
hall meetings have been dominated by "disrupters," and that
representatives of Congress have been receiving death threats.
It ends with another defense of Obama's program with an
excerpt from a speech from Obama, an attack on the opposition and
the conclusion, that the U.S.A . is polarized on this question.



Scared Citizenry Asserting Inalienable Rights

Aug. 12 (LPAC) The older father now famous for having
confronted Rep. John Dingell face to face at the recent town
meeting in Michigan, with his 20-year old son who has cerebral
palsy, reported in an interview with FoxNews that is spreading
across the Internet, that he and his family had been delivered a
threat by a middle-of-the-night visitor to his house, after the
town hall meeting. His wife was left terrified, yet, Nancy Pelosi
and Steny Hoyer dared label him and his son, and others like
them, "un-American" and "thugs"!
The nervous but determined father told FoxNews: "The harm
that's being done is by the President and by the Congress. They
want to foist on us a health-care plan that they themselves will
not take. I challenge you, Barack Obama-- the members of
Congress--both Parties: If you believe so much in this plan, then
you use it, on your families, before you put it on our families.
"What you are doing is sentencing our families to death. We
lose the right to life-- The old people are discarded. Those who
cannot fend for themselves are discarded. There is no liberty
under your plan, and that's the problem. The people have seen
it-- the people know it, and you can't hide it, anymore. So, if
I'm a thug, fine. But don't call my son a thug. And don't call
the rest of us, the senior citizens who want to be heard,
'thugs.' We are one thing. We are American citizens, who are
trying to be heard before you put us down."
Fox then showed Dingell, saying, "This meeting has been
rather heavily infiltrated, by folks who wish to make trouble..."
Sola responded: "I came with my wife, and my son, as an American
citizen, concerned about the plan that they are trying to put on
us-- I'm not a Republican, I'm not a Democrat, I've voted both
ways-- And, Mr. Dingell, if he was under this plan, ma'am, he
would not have the two knees, nor the hip. They would tell him,
'You're 84, you're not worth it.'"
A similar face-to-face confrontation occurred in Lebanon,
Pennsylvania, at a meeting with Sen. Arlen Specter. An older
boomer, one of many who had not received one of the only 30
question cards passed out at the meeting, loudly stood up and
began to walk out. After the man was literally thrown back into
his seat by a younger attendee, Specter almost lost control of
the meeting, walking toward the two while lamely repeating "Now,
Wait a minute-- Wait a minute..." He finally gave the mike to the
gentleman, who, voice shaking with bitterness, told Specter to
his face: "Your office lied to me; they told me I could speak.
You and your cronies do this kind of stuff all the time. I'm not
a lobbyist stuffing your pockets with cash, and I'm going to
leave. But one day God's gonna stand before you [sic] and God is
going to judge you and the rest of your cronies up on the Hill--
and then you'll get your just desserts...

Here's the video.....




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