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Steve Fossett, channeled by Carolyn Evers

Subject: Steven Fossett - What it is like after death

Sorry about the length. He does talk of what is to come.

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Steve Fossett, channeled by Carolyn Evers

Can we have some information about the disappearance of
Steve Fossett? Does he exist in a dimension that is higher
than our Earth dimension?

This is Steve Fossett himself. I thank you for allowing me to
commune with the people of Earth through you. If you would
allow me, I would like to access some time with you to explain
what has happened to me, where I reside presently, why I cannot
come back in physical form and what I see as the future of this planet.

Carolyn Evers
This is a big undertaking, Steve, but I am willing.
(For ease in reading, I am using the initials SF for Steve Fossett
and CE for Carolyn Evers.)

SF: I never thought I would be in the position where I could
venture where I am presently and nonetheless communicate
with the people on Earth to describe what happened to me.
Frankly, I was becoming discouraged that I would ever be able
to do this. I had tried communicating with others and no one
seems to be able to hear me. Your son called me and explained
that you were willing to take my information as long as I obeyed
the rules for communicating in this manner.

CE: : I am glad to be of service to you and to the world.

SF: : First of all, I thank you and I want to let people know that I
am not dead in the conventional sense, that is. I am still embodied
in flesh but it appears to be different. It is lighter and larger than
what your might perceive of me when I was living upon the Earth.
I am in a constant state of joy and bliss. It is not necessary to eat
in the conventional sense, but we do receive nourishment, but it
comes in the form of energy from the air itself.

I would consider this air that we breathe, but it is more refined as
I can see the particles enter my body in my breath. I still breathe,
but I can see into my body. I know it sounds strange, but it is true.
On the surface, I appear to myself as I did when I was in your
world, except that I appear to be larger and can see into my body.

We communicate here in several ways. We can speak where
we hear sounds, but the sounds have changed. They seem more
melodious and peaceful, but the main thing is that we can hear
people think. No one here can tell an untruth; because the thought
is not only heard in what you would call the brain, but the thought
is communicated through the emotions where one would consider
the heart region.

There is a sound in the air, or should I say a vibration of peace.
One feels the peace and the love and the colors around us are
much more vibrant and there are variations of colors that are not
seen on Earth. I mentioned that I am not dead in the conventional
sense, however, I have done some investigation and I find that
those who do die process themselves on a journey that takes them
to where I am. Some call this the high astral planes.

I really was not mystical when I was on Earth. I would consider
myself very practical and this didn't mean too much to me except
I find that there are those who died, as you say, and they live here
in my domain but I have a body and they do not.

There are others here with me in bodily form also. I am informed
by those that you might call Masters such as Jesus Christ, to
name a figure that you might be aware of, and there are other
very adept individuals who are here that are not well known.

I am also told that these Masters visit here and they really come
from a higher plane yet, and they visit us. It seems from what I
have been told that I will go higher also, but my body needs to
change and make itself aligned with this place first and then I
will reach higher areas yet.

The reason for this is that the body changes each time it goes
through what seems like chambers to me, though I know they
are not. I have come through one of these chambers. I came
through what looked like a membrane and the membrane opened
after I was scanned by what appeared to be colored lights. These
lights were manned by, the best I can say, are forms that are not
physical forms such as ours, but they have shapes of bodies
similar to ours, but they are more shadow-like.

I Flew into a Great Light

My aircraft with me inside flew into what appeared to be a great
light. I know this sounds like some science fiction story, but I
had seen these lights in the past and I wanted to investigate. The
lights didn't seem to be permanently attached to the Earth, but
rather seemed to float down from higher up.

As I came closer, the light seemed to be behind what appeared
to be a mist. Then that is all I remember until I woke up from
what appeared to be a sleep and found myself upon a table.
Nothing prepared me for this experience.

I had beings around me and they seemed friendly enough, but
definitely not of the Earth variety. They didn't seem quite like
what one would think of when you think of extraterrestrials, but
rather they were more humanoid-like in appearance, but again
they were ethereal and I must say gentle.

The first things I remembered from this experience is that they
sent me thoughts of assurance, and they told me they had no
intention of harming me, but that I had accidentally entered into
their gravitational force and in effect was sucked up into their
dimension. I know that word doesn't seem appropriate, but that
is the only word I can use to explain where I am.

I have come back to explain where I am and the fact that life
exists in other worlds and they seem to be more advanced than
our and also I have learned information from this world that I
wish to pass on to humanity.

CE: : Can you come back?

SF: : No. They tell me the reason why I cannot come back with
my body is because my body has changed. Once a body moves
into another dimension, It must change certain elements of the
body or else it would self-destruct.

CE: : Do you know what elements of the physical have been changed?

SF: : Yes and no. I understand some of the facts, but not everything.
I know that my shape is different now as far as size is concerned.
As I explained, I appear larger to myself. The people in this world
in general seem larger than humans. They tell me that the cells
change when one comes to this dimension. Not only that, but the
electrical system of the physical changes. Everything is connected
to the electrical system of the body it seems, so that in effect my
body has been rewired in a sense. That is why I needed their
healing help when I got here.

They tell me that as soon as they found me I was in what they
call critical shock. They worked with my body with sound, color
and some sort of electrical gizmo. They later explained how this
works and what it is, but I will describe this later as there are other
thoughts I wish to give to you now.

Visitors from Other Dimensions

CE: Before you get into that, you mentioned that people eat,
communicate with one another, seem peaceful, but what are
they doing here? Do they live here permanently, or are they
just visiting?

SF: They live outside of this solar system as a permanent
base, but they move about exploring other dimensions and
other worlds where there is conscious thinking life.

CE: So they are visitors from outside our solar system and
are visiting here. What seems to be their purpose? You said
it seems peaceful.

SF: They are an advanced guard sent by authorities from the
Galactic Federation. While they have space ships that view
life from a distance, they send a probe that contains physical
life that is not mechanical. They come closer to obtain more
details of what they saw from a distance.

CE: I gather from your words that you are implying that some
of their space craft are manned by mechanical means rather
than carrying live individuals?

SF: That is true.

All Life is Intertwined

CE: What brought them closer to this planet? What interested
them so that they wanted to gather more detailed information?

SF: They wanted more detailed information about our military
complex and what is being planned by way of aggressive deeds
with our neighbors who live on this planet. They believe that
all life is intertwined. When one kills another, they really harm
themselves. Perhaps another way of saying this is that every act
that one participates in, there are responsibilities and the harm
eventually must be repaired or compensated for in some manner.

They speak here of learning about all the possibilities and
probabilities of one's actions. They consider the people of
Earth as being very backward with regard to the laws that
govern the universe. They see us for the most part as being
irresponsible. This is one of the reasons the people of Earth
haven't been invited to join their Federation.

Nuclear Force on Earth will be Prevented

CE: Does your statement imply that if humans wish to war
withone another, they intend to stop it?

SF: Not necessarily. We have free will here and we are left to
our own devices to a certain extent, but they will stop us if we
intend to use nuclear force in the future. That is why they were
coming closer to understand our country's intent.

CE: Are they finished with their fact gathering?

SF: Not at all. They see this time as a very vulnerable time as
far as aggression is concerned and thy are watching us closely.

CE: Why are they concerned about nuclear devices?

SF: Because the particles from nuclear activity moves out into
space and travels great distances and effects other planets in
ways that we do not understand. Our science does understand
that there are particles that are not complete in their fusion.
What they tell me is that those particles when they reach other
planets fuse with other elements there and cause much havoc.
This must be repaired and it takes a great amount of effort on
their part to repair their planet and contain these particles. They
have received permission to interfere and stop such destruction
at the site of origin; namely here on Earth. That is why they are here.

CE: How would they contain our destructive acts, if they are
peaceful entities?

SF: Through dismantling the weapons. They can interfere
through electrical means. They have already done this. Since
they are aware that some on this planet are not willing to live
peacefully, they have a presence here.

CE: Have they dismantled weapons so far?

SF: Yes, they have. The U.S. doesn't always know of failed
experiments in this area. They will use another means to
eliminate atomic enterprises. They were responsible for seeing
that warring intents of Syria stopped. As you know the Israelis
recently destroyed a nuclear reactor in Syria. This action served
them well as they wanted the world to understand that there
was nuclear proliferation. The awareness has finally reached
the world consciousness.

CE: Why are you informing me of this?

SF: Because I have agreed to discuss this with the people
on Earth. My name is well known and in that it should gain
access to the world consciousness.

A Great Spiritual Advancement Underway

CE: Would it be fair to say that stopping nuclear proliferation
is the main reason for this contact?

SF: Perhaps it might be said that this is the main reason but that
is not exactly true. While it is a focus of the work of the Galactic
Federation, there are also other reasons for this contact. When
I was on Earth, I was not aware of what lay before humanity.
There is a great spiritual advancement underway at the present
time. There has been an awareness of this to some extent as
many are aware of the codes and keys of the Mayan Calendar.
This calendar states that soon the position of your planet will
be in alignment with Cosmic Center.

CE: I am aware of this interest of some people and the connection
that this time has to the Mayan Calendar. How do you see this
event which some say is to come to pass in 2012?

SF: Some of the facts are understood, but what is not understood
is the effect of this time to the physical body. I am told that the
possibility for all of humanity to come to the place where I am
presently in not only possible but desirable.

CE: Why is it desirable for us humans to gain access to the place
where you are?

SF: Because war and the nature of aggression and control will
not survive here. What I mean is that this is a land of peace,
harmony, cooperation and great happiness. This was intended
for Earth originally until what is called evil entered the planet.

CE: You mentioned that there are some humans in your realm
presently. Does this mean that some people on Earth have
progressed to your place, or does it mean that these people are
from other planets or planes?

SF: Some people are here from Earth as they have already
passed through the dimensional checkpoint as it is called and
some are here from other planets.

CE: Did these people die to get there, or did they get there
with their bodies intact through some other means?

SF: Some are here because they died and they are here in what
is called spirit or soul. Some came here fully in the physical
along with the soul. Some are people who lived on Earth in
what I would call my time, and some are here because they
came here with their bodies over a long period of time.

How Steve Disappeared

CE: I would like to go back for a moment and discuss how you
became lost. Where were you when you saw this light that you
spoke about?

SF: I had seen this light before. I was flying near the Mojave
Desert Region when I had first seen this light. This was on an
earlier flight. I was curious about it, but didn't have the time to
explore earlier. This time I was ferreting out an area for one of
my races and I was seeking an area to do some test driving. I
became curious about the previous time when I had seen a light.
The area that I was in reminded me of that earlier flight. I took
a slight detour and flew to the area that I had remembered from
the past.

So I changed coordinates and flew to an area near Nevada
Proving Ground. Old timers call this the White Sands Proving
Ground. I saw the light again and flew in this direction. At that
moment I saw the light moving towards an upward arc and I
followed. One moment it had seemed very close to the ground
and the next, it seemed to be moving upward. That itself caused
me to be more curious about it as the actions did not seem normal.

I watched the ground for a moment to see if I could see any
connection to the sand beneath the place where the light was
moving upward and I couldn't see anything, so I pursued upward.
The light was moving faster and I was determined to reach it but
realized that I was going too high and was ready to bank the
aircraft and turn around when I felt myself losing consciousness.
The next thing I remember was when I woke up on the table that
I described earlier.

Where is Steve's Airplane?

CE: To your knowledge, where is your airplane?

SF: I had asked about that myself and I was shown the remains
of it. The fuselage was compressed as if a giant hammer had hit
it in the middle right behind where I was sitting. I am surprised
that my physical body wasn't destroyed in the immersion into
this dimension. I suppose that my quick rescue was the reason
that my physical body survived. I also owe these inhabitants my
survival in flesh because of their healing processes.

Steve's Message to Humanity

CE: What is the main reason for coming back and giving us this

SF: I had been very successful in my lifetime. I had a wife that
I loved and was happy in that marriage. Even though I had no
children my personal life was very comfortable. I had had the
opportunities that I believe few have experienced. I had all the
money that I could use and I had friends that were influential.
I made all the money I could possibly want and I was able to
indulge my favorite pastimes.

As a human being of the world, I felt I was honest and served
my clients with integrity, but I had never really become involved
in spiritual things. I thought I was what would be called a God-
fearing individual. I wasn't exactly religious or spiritual, but I felt
I was a good man and lived by the Golden Rule of not doing to
another what I didn't want them to do to me.

When I found myself in this new experience, I then realized that
there was so much more than what I had ever considered where
life was concerned. I didn't become embroiled in such things as
flying saucers. I thought about life beyond death sometimes, but
I didn't dwell upon those thoughts. I felt compelled to push the
envelope so to say.

I was interested in sporting contests, and I was comfortable
enough to pursue these interests of mine. I was what would be
considered advantaged, but I had worked for my money, and
considered myself a self made man. You might say that this is
my contribution to the future of Earth and humanity.

I know that sounds like some lofty thoughts, but that is how
I feel. So with that in mind, consider these thoughts really
humble thoughts as I realize now that there is so much more
to life and the existence of those on what we call the other
side and I want to participate in what I can offer.

Therefore, what I saw overwhelmed me for a while. I was
face to face with beings who looked like humans somewhat.
They were much taller, kinder and gentler and full of concern
for me. They told me that they were not from this planet and
that made me feel somewhat ill at ease. I had formed opinions
of extraterrestrials that were not friendly to humanity. I now
know that there are several groups of extraterrestrials. One
is the grays, and these folks who are from many planets that
have formed a peaceful coexistence with one another. They
call themselves members of the Galactic Confederation as I
said earlier.

Planet Earth Quarantined

They have quarantined planet Earth because people here are
primitive in their eyes and would not know how to coexist
with advanced information but in their opinion would exploit
any new technology that was given to them. That is why they
do not make themselves known to us. They saw what others
of the extraterrestrial community had suffered at humanity's
hands. They told me how the grays came earlier in this century
and tried to contact the heads of governments who might be
able to work with them and they felt that that venture failed

The military establishment tried to accept advantages and tried
to control them. There is on-going experimentation between the
two groups but humanity is not trusted and will not be accepted
as a co-equal partner as Earthians have proven themselves to be
only interested in military exploitation and control. At least that
is how these people feel about us. That is their opinion until
there are changes on Earth that would raise people's thinking.

New Energy Coming

They do realize that it is the military complex that is of this
ilk, and not for the most part the individual citizen. That is
Earth's only hope that the citizen will somehow see through
the schemes and underground subversive ness to control the
entire world. However, there is new energy coming to this
planet that will change the status quo, but it will be a painful
transition for many.

Along with this judgment of governments, these people have
shown me their equipment and what is happening to the Earth.
This is the result of energy coming to your planet from outer
space namely the center of this galaxy. This energy is being
fed to the center of our galaxy from the center of the Cosmos.
This was explained to me as coming from the Creator God of
everything in the cosmos.

Even though it was an accident, or so it seemed to me, they
told me that this was really a planned event for this time in
Earth history. The part of me that is called Steve Fossett didn't
understand this but the soul part of me had agreed to do this.
I must tell you that I was befuddled at this information.

I mentioned earlier that I believed I was a spiritual person,
but not really a religious person where dogma was concerned.
I had always followed what I perceived as the Golden Rule and
I felt I was a good and moral person, but I hadn't wondered
about what could be called the big questions in life. I really
didn't question the "God" debate. I felt that no one understood
what truth was and what was fabricated. Even though good
intentioned, I believe that church doctrine had a tendency to
separate people rather than join them together.

Communicate with Thoughts and Colors

These people do not speak in a manner such as we do. They
can communicate with words, but they seem stiff and slow
communicating in this manner. Rather, they communicate very
quickly with thoughts and colors and they send images to the
other person's mind. One can tell the sincerity and truth and
emotion of these thoughts through colors. So that there are
colors that surround the thought as it comes into my mind.
One cannot tell an untruth in this dimension as the other would
understand that right away as the colors would give them away.

I am told that the colors are a frequency that includes vibration.
I understand vibration as I certainly had experienced it with
regard to machinery. But they tell me that the vibration behind
these colors is different from the vibrations that I am familiar

Both types of vibration are movement, but their colors are
something that consists of a form of God and it is a portion of
God's love. They tell me that this love is sent forth from God
and all life participates in it. This love force if you wish to call
it is found in inspiration, music, mathematics and a spirit which
moves throughout all life both on planets such as Earth and in
the atmosphere around planets and in the cosmos in general.

Help to Awaken People

Therefore, I am on a mission of sorts. There is nothing that I
can do to come back and since I am here, I am willing to do
what I can to help awaken people to not only the pursuits of
the military to control the world, but to tell people what lay
before them by way of earth changes and weather changes.
These are uncontrollable to a certain extent but are also
allowed to be ameliorated if changes in the human perspective
and thoughts are brought in line with their spiritual selves.

This is not information that people can obtain from their
religious affiliations because dogma comes from a different
perspective. Humanity is stating to see the reality of their
spiritual lives through the scientific doorway. What I mean
is that humanity is starting to see into the doorway of quantum
mechanics. There is a world of small particles which is
controllable through human thought. It is this ability to
maneuver through this doorway through emotions of
cooperation and simplicity.

This might seem like unusual wording to describe what is happening
in the quantum field, but getting around through these corridors
cannot be accomplished through negative emotions and the designs
of control. The thoughts of wonder, realizing the beauty of creation
and peaceful introspection is what is needed to have these doorways
opened. This is a checkpoint of which spiritual beings speak about.
These elements will not be controlled and used against brothers and
sisters who in reality are souls encased in a physical body.

Master Kuthumi Teaching Him about the Electron

I have learned much since I have been here. I have attended
discussions by advanced beings and I have been shown the
secrets of the atom and the secrets of the electron. Science is
on the threshold of these microscopic particles, but they do
not yet understand the abilities of the electron.

Master Kuthumi was Pythagoras in a past lifetime and he has
instructed me in these matters and I will relate to you what he
has taught me. The electron is composed of particles that are
much smaller than originally thought. These particles are subject
to thought, human or creative. What I mean by creative is that
those who understand how to create such as the Elohim and
advanced masters can control the path of electrons and with
their thoughts even create original compositions. I do not mean
bring forth new elements, but rather new compositions such
as combining basic elements in new arrangements. This is not
happening on Earth at the present moment, but it will happen
when souls move up to the higher dimensions of vibration.

There has to be a safeguard placed upon this new creation as
it was abused in the past during the time of Atlantis and the
Advanced Masters have decided that this will not be allowed
to happen again. Therefore, these Masters will be very selective
as to who may use these abilities. They will be souls who they
know can be trusted to respect universal law. In other words
those who will use these abilities will be those souls who have
respected the universal laws in the past and have proven them-
selves to be good stewards of creation and the creative process.

A Pattern of Renewal Arriving

Earth history has arrived in a pattern whereby there is a change
coming upon humanity and it will be here soon. This pattern is a
pattern of renewal. The renewal is the operating word here as it
will involve everything in your dimension and that means from
humanity to every strata of society and every part of the Earth
itself. The Earth's renewal covers such basic things as weather
patterns, food evolution at the very beginning where it starts at
the seed, to the plate system itself.

Seeds have been changed by industry corporate giants and their
changes have not always been beneficial to the human body.
The strains of seeds must go back to those elements that will
support the new physical human and that means that it must
support the hormonal system and not change it.

Animals have not been respected as they are used for food and
these conditions must be changed. Animals are willing to be
sacrificed for the survival of the human race as it is a message
that they hold in their elemental energy body, but the manner
in which they are raised and slaughtered is very detrimental to
their emotional body and therefore the human emotional body
as they are consumed. This energy of fear is infused in their
body as the inhumane method of slaughter does not allow them
to connect to their innate cooperation between their species
and yours.

This in turn sets up stuck energy of terror which resides in their
energy bank as they were slaughtered and it fills up an adrenalin
reservoir which is then ingested by the human being. This does
not address the hormones that they are fed during their lifetimes
and which enters the physical body and plays havoc with the
human body's hormonal system.

As we said, the operational word is change on so many levels.
The manner in which humans treat other humans must change
as well as how humans treat the planet itself.

Since humanity in general has not been working consciously on
these issues, which I have been told are part of the Universal
Laws regarding stewardship, there are repercussions that have
come about not because anyone or anything is punishing
humanity, but rather it is a cause and effect for what are
considered abused against the planet and against your brothers
and sisters.

Time for Spiritual Change

The reason why I have come back to give this information is
hopefully thinking minded individuals might read these words
and work more effectively in bringing about change. It is the
time for spiritual changes upon this planet and in that there is
much groundwork that needs to be begun in earnest.

I write these thoughts to the one who takes these messages
because she is working on the spiritual alignment to the Source-
of-All and it is the reason why she and her work attracted me.

When I came here, I realized that this was a sudden change.
I hadn't been sick and I am a robust individual who loved life.
The sudden detachment from all I knew was ridicule for me
to accept at first. However, after I sought to understand my
predicament, I made use of the state where I find myself.

I learned that I could get answers to any question that I might
have. I studied with advanced masters and also with members
from what they call the Galactic Federation. I saw this act that
I am completing as a small attempt to help my planet, my family
that I love, and humanity itself.

Therefore, we are coming to an end in this my first message
to Earth. I will come back when there is more information to
give. I am presently gathering information on how Earth will
graduate to a higher understanding. I am intrigued with this
thought about advancement and brotherhood on the planet. I
am honored to be a part of this and I will be back when I learn
more about the planning of the future of humankind as it is
interrelated to the Galactic Federation and to the Ascended Masters.

Only for a little time. I take my leave
Steve Fossett.

Note from Carolyn Evers:
My son transitioned in an automobile accident and acts as my
spiritual guide with regard to connecting with entities from the
other side. No one is allowed to pass information to me from
there unless it is through him.

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