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[ECETI News] UFO Disclosure or Disinformation?...By James Gillilan

We have to ask ourselves when almost all of the promises made by our "acting" president have been thrown to the wayside is disclosure going to happen in this administration? Will it be true disclosure or disclosure with a twist? Will the twist be to create a threat from Off World Visitors to bolster the war industry? 98% of the people according to polls were against the bankster bail out yet regardless of the will of the people it was railroaded through. The spying on the American people a criminal offense and holding those accountable was shelved, the patriot act which was supposed to be shelved was renewed and the snatching of innocent people without a trial along with shuffling them off to prisons in other countries continues despite the press conference that it ended.

Ending the war turned into sending more troops to Afghanistan and continuing in Iraq. Almost every key appointment has been lobbyists and members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission all of which were to be cleaned out of the White House. The very same people that drove us to economic doom are still at the helm. So why do we think things are going to change? America is insane by all definitions of the word one definition of which is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Why like scared sheep does America continue to believe in Federal Liars and Banksters who have redundantly lied and screwed the people again and again?

Can we expect anything different with the UFO disclosure? There is a conspiracy within the conspiracy and many in the ufo community who demand the government end the secrecy are in fact steering the information in a way that is beneficial to certain alphabet agencies and war industry agendas who are running out of threats to keep the people in fear and enslaved. If you think this is another conspiracy nut do the research. You will find many of the people in the ufo community are straight out of alphabet agencies or military intelligence. The ones who decide who speaks at the conferences, those at the top of disclosing information through TV and radio almost all have ties to or a past with alphabet agencies or military intelligence. It is a game of smoke and mirrors. ECETI is one of the last vestiges and voice of the benevolent ETs that are here to serve humanity. Have you ever wondered why ECETI having the best evidence, ongoing contact, famous people like Robbie Williams, the entire cast of Paranormal State where the ships came right on que when and where we said they would has gone totally ignored by major UFO conferences, top TV and radio shows? This is news and any person of integrity who truly wants the truth to come forward would jump all over these opportunities yet where is the ufo community?

When you invite top researchers, national ufo reporting centers, top TV and Radio show hosts to come and see for themselves and years go by without them showing with constant reminders the only conclusion one can come to is they are not really interested in the truth. If not the truth which fabricated lie are they behind and who is behind the lie? What other agenda may they have? We have undertaken several experiments where we had mass mailings to various UFO conferences and major TV and radio shows and not only were the requests almost totally ignored a few responded with outright lies for excuses such as they never contacted us? Not all in the UFO community have turned their backs and both the Exopolitics groups such as Dr, Michael Salla and Alfred Webre have come and saw an amazing display of what can only be called UFO activity. Other top researchers in science and consciousness have also come along with several thousand witnesses who will gladly testify to the fact that UFOs have appeared and interacted with them energetically and in consciousness. Some of the lucky ones had an even more personal interaction. Paranormal State put out adds to ask if any people in the area have seen UFOs and they were overwhelmed with response. With Air Force Base commanders, tribal police, forest rangers, police, triple PHD Boeing engineers all coming on record saying the ships are here and they are not ours one has to ask the question why has ECETI been censored and ignored by the very people who profess to be working for the people to bring out the truth? When a Times/CNN poll states that over 80% of the people believe ufos exist and there is a government cover-up one would think a government by and for the people would bring disclosure. One would think the press and the ufo community would also demand disclosure and not ignore one of the most incredible events unfolding in human history, CONTACT. Has the ufo community been so totally infiltrated that the truth has no where to be told? Have the TV and radio hosts who profe ss to be seeking the truth taken a holiday down the disinformation highway? Is there a solution? Yes, the solution is to do your own research, do not depend on anyone else to form your opinion and watch what people do not what they say. Applying a little common sense is also in order. Why wait for more lies and deceptions when it is all that has been served on the menu. If you go to a restaurant and the food is terrible and rotten why go to the same restaurant? Why not try a restaurant that cares and serves the people? This is why ECETI was formed, www.eceti.org and the radio show As You Wish, www.bbsradio.com came into being. One of the last vestiges of truth. Might be the place to dine in the future. The last question one might ask is why the benevolent off world visitors have chosen ECETI and not any of these other venues for contact? I believe it is a matter of rising to the occasion, and impecable integrity.
James Gilliland www.eceti.org

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[ECETI News] UFO Disclosure or Disinformation?...By James Gillilan
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