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Benjamin Fulford Blog March 20, 2009

How to neutralize illuminati disinformation agents on the internet

There are plenty of government and illuminati agents whose job is to manipulate information on the internet. They are fairly easy to spot because they have only a few tools at their disposal: insults, lies and lies mixed with truth.

Insults are their favorite trick. For example if someone writes “911 was an inside job” they will not argue the evidence based on facts but will say “that person is an conspiracy nut.” You can reply to them “that is an ad hominen attack (an insult)” and not a debate based on evidence. Disinformation agents hate to debate on facts because they know they will lose.

The best technique they have for lies is to attack straw men. For example when I asked NSA Admiral Bobby Inman about the privately owned Federal Reserve he said “are you one of those UFO nuts?” He was both insulting me and attributing a belief to me I did not state so he used both ad hominen and straw man techniques but avoided facts.

The mixing of disinformation with real information is the hardest technique to beat but it is still easily beatable. What you need to do is see how much you can confirm from other sources. For example if someone says “911 was an inside job that was carried out by reptilians,” well you can find mountains of evidence about 911 but the reptilian thing can all be traced to a couple of sources who have not provided any evidence other than testimony. Extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary proof and that has not been provided in this case. In fact, I have personally met several of the people who are called reptilian and one of them even admitted to me it was just a metaphor.

So let us root out all the insulting liars from the internet by ignoring any posters who insult, tell lies and mix truth with lies. Also if we write something that turns out to be false, we must issue corrections so that we cannot be accused of being liars ourselves.

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