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that's why the phallic symbols in VC and DC still stand naked? :D *PIC*

Saint Peter People by tradition are true experts on everything between tip and toe with focus on the 'lower' chakra indeed anally fixed retros

and of course, the Penis Erectus in New Rome WDC had to be built much higher than the VC weenie we see in Pope's front yard

obvious difference: the DC monster with the pyramidical top aka glans looks more technical, dangerous, cruel, sadistic than the pre-runner model on Peter's Square in Old Rome, nevertheless the addiction to torture and sacrifice seems to be a well ad-ministered common practice, holey honor of hell

whereas Peter's Dick is shaped more human, ah, in fact more ape-like, if you know the difference, if not, please look up youTUBE, they have it almost all, meanwhile

these are the hard facts of power
where are your signs and symbols placed?

some people argue present mankind was created by godesses ... but where's the proof?


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Vatican insiders declare the Pope a 'disaster' *LINK* *PIC*
I'm an outsider claiming the same ! *NM*
that's why the phallic symbols in VC and DC still stand naked? :D *PIC*
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