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MK ULTRA Survivor John Stormm...(Video) Whistle blowing on the MASS KILLINGS going on & lot's of other info,This is a real wow! eye opener)

Published on Sep 16, 2012

A remake of my first MK testimony, with a few more substantiative clips mixed in.
Here are the links to the full length, YouTube clips that YouTube *refuses* to let me add to my testimony, as it makes what I'm saying look a great deal LESS like lunatic fringe, conspiracy theory, when the corroborating evidence is included, side-by-side. The main reason I had originally put them in, was to SHOW you that I was not just spouting off, but am intensely familiar with these documentations of the same. So, I'll include them here:

Here's an example of some malfunctioning, MK Ultra swedish twins to give you an idea of the strength and powerful bone structure (not massive girls here): What kind of strength and punishment we have and can withstand. Note: The gal in the red, got hit TWICE by speeding traffic and it took 5 or 6 police to even hold onto her.


This mainline video was not in my testimony, but it documents a lot of facts about these programs. It mentions doctors, CIA and others. Many of whom NEVER ever answered anything for their crimes against us, and many of these names and institutions are STILL in business TODAY!


This is one I used: At about 2:20 minutes into this video, you will see the *exact* clinics, CIA building and medical center where *I* had been worked over since early childhood:


This is the clip on bone strengthening...


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