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... ;)

Maybe you should go to my profile and send me an e-mail ... maybe we do know each other, would be cool to find out, don't you think?

Sorry, as far as I can see there's no email-address in your BBS profile by now.

Life has strange ways of bringing people together in each other's lifes ... if not in this life's journey, then maybe before we met each other ... want to take a chance and communicate off board?

I'm undecided. May be. May be later.
It depends on who you are. The few offboard communications I have had till now were often confusing and somewhat unreal. Also, you need some discipline to separate offboard from onboard exchange. You never know where your private offboard infos get copied or sent to. So better try to behave as if, methinks.
You never know who's only a data-collector for special communities and who's just a communicative fellow citizen from gaia who has nothing to sell.

I'm willing to dance ... I'm curious to know who you are and I do love your post you do here on TNT, they always bring me peace and make me smile.

Probably you know me already without properly knowing from where. And if so, please don't refer to it publicly.
I can do acid postings also, balsamico style, but also very sour in essence! I like sour and bitter tastes. Sweeties, sugar, honey and candy all the time can make you sick.
Sour and bitter is like a needed medicine sometimes.

I love to dance as well! Is that why your post name is dancer or are you a professional dancer?

No, not a professional dancer. More sorts of a bohemian life dancer with a gipsy spirit of freedom. Would say a spiritual dancer. A thinker and writer. Apart from this, physical dancing was one of my favorite hobbies in my youth.

You asked..."What woman would name herself Tinker Bell ... Well... Tinker Bell is small and very gentle and always spreading the positive with her fairy dust of love, you know doing good things for others just like we all should do for each other to bring joy, and so do I... or at least I try :) :)... So... the name fits. She is one of my favorite animated characters :) :).

Sounds like true Christian or Buddhist spirit,
almost too good to be true (?) after all what I have learnt till now in the open internet spectrum, myspace, facebook and other common grounds included.
I love fairy tales. And parabels. Stories from the heart with meaning and wisdom.

Do you have a link for that music video? I'd love to have it if you do. Tink

No problem. Here's the link for Tink. Do you know how to download video-clips? I might have a few suggestions for you.

Alphaville - Dance with me

Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody

Finally: I have a small cottage in this community
When you go there and when you think you have found out who I am then you might enlist as a new member and write a few things free style on your free editor's page. I will see and know you as a new member. This is fairyland, my dear!
How about that?

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always asking why 8)
The Dream of the Dolphin ~ Enigma *PIC*
Re: The Dream of the Dolphin ~ Enigma
got the gut feeling to know you from ... somewhere ;) *PIC*
Re: got the gut feeling to know you from ... somewhere ;)
... ;)
Re: ... ;) *PIC*
... been there ... ;)
Re: ... been there ... ;) *PIC*
it was me who had you brought here many months ago :D
Re: it was me who had you brought here many months ago :D
Where are you flying to, Angel? ;) *PIC*
Re: Where are you flying to, Angel? ;)
Talking of the Eighties ... thIS IS kISs 4 U :)
Re: Talking of the Eighties ... thIS IS kISs 4 U :) *PIC*
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