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March 20, 2009...Eceti News

A very strange event is unfolding. Many Astrologists and seers are saying March 20th is a pivotal point and great changes will come soon after. Everything from UFOs appearing all over the world to economic meltdown. The same date keeps reappearing and to top it off a friend keeps getting text messages from the future giving the March 20th date along with XU which is an ancient name for God. Just a heads up to be alert and observe. Strange occurrences and synchronicities are unfolding so there very well may be something afoot. Don't miss the As You Wish Talk Radio Saturday where we will have an update. Saturday 8pm pst
James Gilliland

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March 20, 2009...Eceti News
This Mahala Update Report sounds alot like what is mentioned in the Eceti Update Report above also the Wingmaker Update too...
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