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I got the joke but then I went on to our reality of 'perpetual crisis' ;)

Sorry, Drumspirit, didn't intend to beat your spirit of joking.
Btw part of our 'new' kitchen (6 years already, time passes by) is from IKEA, flexible design as demanded, built by a duo of skilled craftsmen who agreed to make reasonable changes on location. They left a lot of spare parts.
It's okay, only the dishwasher assembled by Hoover has an electronic module that smells of cheap chinese plastics and could not be replaced by a better one back then.

I know what you meant, on the other hand, if people want the lowest price available and accept to assemble the parts on their own,
why complain? My tip: Take the package of parts (not only from IKEA) as a puzzle and try to solve it on your own, sufficient time reserved, of course. If you habe difficulties to understand the displayed concept then the 'how-to' paper won't help very much either. Writing a good consumer friendly manual has it's price as well. In general I say to myself, for example as with software applications: If I can't install and run it without instructions then I better leave it to others or postpone the task to one far away day in the future when I don't know what to do with my spare time, knowing that this day will probably never come.
Life is too interesting and exciting, there's so many other issues to deal with.

Please, Drumspirit, keep on joking!

Replacing the front breaks with a Golf Mk2 e.g. can be done in about half an hour. This car may be repaired and improved within reasonable time. If you open the front hood you have comparatively easy access to all main components and you can save some money with service fees and invest the money in parts with better quality.
Just my two cents.

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Really? But GM didn't succeed to take over VW at first.
It was supposed to be a joke. You know - buy something from Ikea and then spend a week reading their assembly instructions.
I got the joke but then I went on to our reality of 'perpetual crisis' ;)
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