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Has anyone seen this new money?

Has Anyone Seen the NEW $10.00 Bill - Reports say it is a U.S. NOTE!!

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Thursday, 19 March 2009, 2:57 p.m. I just received this note from Harvey Wharfield... the Gold Bill man!!!


Know anything about this ? I got a call last night from a contact...I posted this on GLP.

No credible responses yet !


Breaking: New $10 Bill - Be On The Look Out !

I just got a call from someone I trust.

Spotted in Ohio...a $10 Bill with the designation of a
U.S. Note ! Lot of red ink on it as were the $5 Bills back in JFK's day !

We need someone to vet this immediately ! I'm doing searches myself, but haven't found anything yet. I'll be talking with my contact tomorrow and will get more details...


They all say Federal Reserve Note on them. The new ones have a liberty torch in red on the left of Hamilton a smaller one in red on the right and "We The People" in red. The holographic of the # 10 on the bottom right is also in red & green.

Quoting: Anonymous Coward 412938


You're describing the one that's been out for a while...a year or two maybe !

Damn, I'm gonna wake this guy up now and report back...


Talked with my contact again and he said his friend in Ohio knows the whole money thing. And knows what to look for and it sure sounds as if what he had was a U.S. Note as opposed to a Federal Reserve Note. The round logo on the right that says The Department Of The Treasury 1789 that's normally in green ink is in Red Ink ! Which signifies a U.S. Note !

I've got the guy's phone number and will check with him today (Thurs) and I'm also going over to BOA to cash a check and see what's up there.

There is definitely something going on behind the curtain!

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Has anyone seen this new money?
Yeah I am using it for wall paper! :D *NM*
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