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Posted By: Gnostic
Date: Wednesday, 18 March 2009, 11:56 p.m. How many times have you asked yourself, WHO AM I?

Have you ever wondered if you are fulfilling your life's quest?

Have you ever pondered over the possibility that you may have left your path because you felt helpless to follow your desire?

Some believe that whatever we are doing, it must be what we was designed for us. Yet has it ever occurred to you that you are the designer of your life's journey, no one else.

We were not sent here to play out a role created via someone else. We were not sent here to become what other's want from us. In fact, we were not even sent here...

We came here because we chose to in hopes to develop our internal being. We came to learn forgiveness! We entered to find compassion. We sojourned to create a way to help others. Yet in all of this, a journey was proposed within your soul's mind that would best build the avenue to fulfill this mission.

However, one thing is missing, one thing was never known prior to coming here. That one elusive thing is the difference between whether you are following your life's path or you are stuck on someone else's. That one thing is, choices need to be made after you get here and not before.

I want you to think about that for a second... Our pilgrimage in the program Earth was never laid out on a silver platter. What was laid out is those unique areas of learning that you personally realized that you needed for greater growth. Yet how you come about that knowledge all depends on the various choices you make.

You came here equipped with the areas of your being that needed growth. So phase one, just showing up already leads you towards your path, because your soul is already equipped with characteristics that you will reveal from within yourself, and by these tell tale signs, you will then orchestrate your life around these hidden mysterious qualities that came with you, which will develop your new personality.

Often as a child we have all sorts of desires and hopes for what we would like when we get older. This is because we know what is exciting to us based on those hidden qualities that came with us. There are certain patterns that follow with us, and as we take hold of these patterns, and follow that specific path, we are going to be fulfilled. However, life is not so easy. This Earth Program was not built to be a simple run in the sun test. It came with all sorts of quirky traps and loads of quicksand along the way which often steers us away from the very journey we came here to fulfill.

Of course this may seem like failure if you do not understand the process. The fact is nothing is a failure, everything is just a redirection. Many times a soul's pathway changes not once but dozens of times throughout a life time. And often people never get back on track, yet they can accomplish the goal through various other methods. It is rare when a soul does not fulfill anything. So even if one is hijacked offtrack so to speak and you end up spending your lifetime in the forest never being able to see the path again. You are going to learn from that trek, and sometimes even more than you had planned. And yes at times even less, it all depends on you!

However this article is not to make you feel alright no matter what you do, this article is about change for miracles... I am speaking of that event when you were younger, and you desired to be something that you never became. I want you to go back in time and relive some of those stories that caused you to abandon the direction for some other reason. I want you to investigate that reason and ask why did it occur. So many of our fears, misdirections, life mishaps are based on the fact that we got off track and these are little signs reminding us along the way that this is not the projected goal. However if we keep ignoring them, we will still learn but usually the harder way.

I used to believe when I was younger that God was the central force in my direction, meaning I did not have much choice in the matter, it was God that made everything happen. And thus we have terms today that make one feel that no matter what happens it must have been God's will. Well that is nice, and it is often fun to sugar coat circumstances with the ideology that it was God's doing. Yet I ask is this thinking really fair to God.

How many times did we make the wrong choice that led to circumstances that led us to various degrees of hardship and pain? And how often have we turned around and said, well I learned my lesson the hard way, and thus God must have willed it this way?

The truth is God did not will our pain and suffering, he left the choice up to us and we learned from the experience. Once people begin to understand that we are not puppets on either the devil's string or God's string, that we are unique and unbelievable powerful beings that create our own worlds, then we will forever see greater things to come.

This is why the ancients saw prayer as something totally different. We today often use prayer as more of a request for something we desire and not for the intended purpose of prayer. Prayer is not really to be used as a request mechanism to ask for God to give you want you want. It is for tapping into the power of God to bring forth the power into your life.

I wonder how many people can see the difference because there is a gigantic difference. You see when asking for anything there is a always room for doubt. First of all, if you are having to ask then you are saying I am leaving this up to someone else to provide the answer either yes, no or maybe. And since someone else has now been given the power to assist, you really do not know what that reply is going to be. Even if you think you do you are only deceiving yourself, because if you already knew the answer, why make the request?

So prayer is not to request for something but to tap into the power using prayer and use it for your help. I have written often about angels and the experiences I have had, but I do not want you to think that this can happen as a direct result of just asking. Many may find it extremely difficult to manifest anything when it is only a request. And this brings on sadness and a feeling one is not good enough. It does not mean you truly are not good enough, but it means that the way your attempting to access the power is somewhat invalid.

The real access is way more powerful than that. We are the principle factors in everything we do. There is a reason why we are here learning in this polarity game which often comes with heartache and misery. The reason we are the core principle in the action is because it is us that is here to learn. And real growth comes via personal choice and then the acceptance of the result of that choice.

I had written about how when I spoke often about miracles that they would occur around me and often times instantly. When I was around people when these miracles occurred it bothered other people because they thought why is God so close to me, who the hell am I, that he would do this for me and not for them. It had nothing to do with my state of being that somehow drew God to me..

I tried to tell them it is not about how close you are to God, and like magic he all of a sudden starts to like you better than everyone else, this is nonsense. This is why I laugh when I see athletes after winning a game speak on how God helped them win. Well if we took that to the limit that would mean God has favorites, and he was against the other team. This is the type of intellect that this concept produces. Well God loves me better than you and that is why my team won. Or in some case even when a tragedy occurs, you will hear people say that somehow were fortunate enough not to be part of that event, that God was sure good to me and spared me. In truth there is a heck of a lot more to this than meets the eye.

So this attitude that creates the feeling that I have now become someone special to God whereas everyone else is a loser because God does not do things for them that he does for me is absolutely ludicrous. My friends it does not have anything at all to do with that. And this is the main reason, or culprit why so many people do not avail themselves to this power. because they think they are unworthy.

If you were a parent to eight children, do you love anyone of your children more than another? Each one of them is unique and special and all of them have your love. There is no difference with God. You are his child and you are completely and totally unique. And the power that creates universes loves everyone equally the same.

So what was it that I was dealing with when miracles followed me around? It is because of my enthusiasm, my depth of emotion, by constant trust, which builds momentum. It is because I was creating the miracle, and the angels and God are there as assistants to this creation as is their desire. There desire is not to judge whether you are worthy to receive great things, there desire is to assist when we place the power in motion. Remember, they want us to use the power via choice, and then receive the results of that choice. Sure they could send unlimited power unto you, but how is this going to help you grow? How is it if a teacher gives you the math equation while taking the test going to help you understand how to decipher mathematical problems? As with any thing in this life, our personal experience is directly proportionate of our training.

So in prayer, we are to use prayer as our tapping into the power, not for the request of our desire. If you are making a request, then you must sit back and wait for the answer much of which will rely on your faith to believe that the request will be answered. God will answer prayers, don't get me wrong, because of his mercy and the realization that we may not understand the real use of the power. However this is not the ultimate state. We must grow and the only real growth comes from personal action, and then the results.

You see the power of the miracle is not limited to who or what you are. Or where you go to church or if you do not go to church. or what religion you are in or not in. It all has to do with knowing of the power and tapping into it.

Like in my last article, I wrote of the miracle of going back to college under the most impossible circumstances, and yet a miracle was provided to create this avenue. I did not go to God or the angels in prayer and ask if I could go back to college, I did not plead with them to understand my circumstances, in hopes they would shed a tear on my behalf. If I had I could not have been so absolutely confident that the prayer would have been answered in the affirmative. As I said, when you ask for something it leaves room for doubt. Not that asking is wrong, but it is not perfect faith. Perfect faith is using the power to create the answer for you.

When I made my prayer, I simply tapped into the power by letting the divine know what my desires were and simply said, make it so. I did not ask, I actually told... I was tapping into the power, which is neutral, it does not have its own awareness, it does not think on your behalf, it only reacts to what you say and the energy you produce. If that energy is based on the energy of your request, it will attract itself to you and then become your bondsmen, your slave.

Now I bet you never heard of it that way before... The spirit that we tap into does not act on its own, it only reacts to that which is similar. When you send a request via the spirit, it will respond with little to nothing because it has not determined what you need. The spirit is not a magic eight ball. You do not go to the spirit and ask it questions like you would shake a magic eight ball. However you can tap into the spirit where all knowledge is, and it will link to you as a medium and reveal the answer within you.

Let me tell you how I began to know this... During these earlier times in my life, miracles would follow me everywhere, and it was incredible. But in my 20's it all stopped like a truck slamming into a brick wall. My only conclusion was that I must be displeasing to God now and that is why this stopped. I assure you that the pain was incredible. I never understood even when I received the power back why it was taken away during a long period of my life. I really thought I was cut off from God and there was nothing I could do about it.

It took years and years until I began to realize that what I was doing was I was creating the power to assist me, and when I created that power, or developed that energy surge, then the angels and whoever else desired came unto me and established themselves as assistants to this power. The reason I had lost this gift was that I did not realize due to my religious upbringing, that God was not causing all of this to happen, nor were angels, it was ME. Now this may sound like I am bragging, but it is far from bragging. It is establishing the fact, that my trust, faith, and belief, made me WHOLE. No one else can do that for you.

When I spoke about God and miracles all the time, I was generating power around me. And as I continued to do this where my mind completely became transfixed in trust, these events would then occur faster and faster and it had nothing to do with how good I was or whether I was special. The action of results is directly proportional to the energy you produce. If your energy is filled with excitement so is the spirit around you. And that is where the real power comes from. it is not coming from you it is coming from the spirit via the charge you are creating.

Have you ever had one of these wind up radios where you had to turn the wheel as fast as you can for about a minute and as you do that you are building up a charge for the battery. Once the charge has returned, the radio will play fofr as long as that charge remains. You are not the radio, you were the one that used your energy to create the charge for the radio.

You are not the power of the spirit, you are the one that is creating the charge for the spirit to bring that power into your life.

Just like when you plug in that television and it turns on. You could do that thousands of times and never think twice about it. In fact it would be odd if you plugged it in and it did not turn on. That would be a shock. So when you turn on that TV, and it blinks on and begins to transmit sound and pictures, all you did was follow a simple procedure of tapping into the power.

Yet if you stared at the socket where you were supposed to plug the cord into the wall and began asking if you could have TV today. Chances of your television turning on is bleak. Even though there is great power where that plug joins the wall and electricity flows, it only supplies your needs if you tap into it and you have the correct attachment so that you can accomplish your goals.

The problem is that power can and will do anything but you must be compliant with your energy to complete your need. You cannot plug in a radio and hope to start watching TV.

So as we bring this into prayer, let's say one is seeking healing. The power is there all the time with you to heal any known or unknown disease. But you cannot come to the power and start discussing your sicknesses, the power is neutral, it is not making decisions for you. The power is only compliant to its like need. You must not tap into the power as if you are at deaths doorway and this is filling your mind, sadly this is when way too many people attempt to connect to the power. The power won't understand sickness because there is no such thing. It is only an illusion of this world. You must tap into the power as if you are already perfectly healed. The power will see that and send its energy of perfection of health back to you. How do you do this, by charging your feelings and mind with the belief that you are perfectly healthy. You are in absolute fantastic health. As you create this energy of excitement, the spirit will send back the charge you created.

So your prayer should not be, please heal me lord, but thank-you for my perfect health. Thank-you for the glory of wonderful health. When it has your connection, by law it will send back that energy to you, and the angels can assist. Now there are extreme circumstances that need helpers to fill in what you are unable to give. And more than often this occurs. But this is not what we should seek for. Our helpers want nothing more for us than to learn how to fish rather than they coming often to give you fish for a day.

And this is where I began this article on how important it is that we understand that we create our own journey in this life. But seldom do we ever really follow the intended plan because we throw away our power of tapping into the source and in truth take power from other people and follow their path. And thus we end up traveling down a road that is not the intended goal.

To simplify, our connection to anyone beyond this realm is done via the spirit. Remember when you are a child and we used to play games making a telephone out of two cups and a string. When you pulled the string tight and talked into the cups you could hear each other's voices. The sound due to the tightness of the string reverberated along the string and as it went into the cup, it became a speaker. Try to understand that spirit is the string that connects us to everything and everyone. The string of itself is neutral, it does not think for you, it does not speak on your behalf, it does nothing except what it is intended for.

Yet without the string there is no connection... Now once we magnify that string and call it electricity we see the same characteristics except the electricity is very powerful. When you can draw on that energy you can use it for millions of different things. Now the spirit is all power but it is neutral. The power of God is via the spirit, the power of angels is via the spirit. Nothing could be accomplished without the use of the spirit. So in the truest sense, God or what I prefer to call the Creator Source sends this energy out to everything everywhere. And it is used and tapped into for innumerable reasons and effects.

If there was no spirit connection there would be no power. So everything that exists is by reason of this connected power of spirit. It is the power of spirit in everything. So if you exist even in this temporary form, you are connected to this spirit. Now like electricity it does not matter what side of the fence you are on, you will get the same results using the electricity like everyone else.

Now here is the secret to all reality and illusion. The same power that flows from the creator source is the same exact power that is within you. It is tantamount of living in a trailer park where from the source everyone there is getting 50 AMPS of power. So everyone in the trailer park can use this same source and up to the same amount of power that is initially being generated.

So if God is sending out a zillion watts of power, that is the same amount of power you are able to use. However the amount of power you use will depend on what it is that you are connecting into it for. The only difference is the real power is unlimited because it is not defined by how many watts are used. It can mimic anything instantly using the same power, because it is unlimited power. If you tap into the energy and desire and want to create one dollar for your needs, that is all that will be created. On the other hand if you desired a trillion dollars, the exact amount of energy to create one dollar will now be used to create a trillion dollars.

So what we are learning here, is that we can produce anything we desire in our life once we begin to understand that there is a perfect spiritual science to it all. And that your part in this miracle is to generate the charge around you so that the spirit's power will return your desire back to you. So as you create the charge, with absolute trust, excitement and joy, you are manifesting the reality of your desire and there is no where else for it to go except back to you, because it is your charge that you are creating so it sends it back to the initiator.

This is what I finally learned all those many years ago. And the truth is it works the same no matter how old or young you are, or how wise or foolish you may be. If you have the simple trust of a child you can create the charge that brings miracles into you life.

So as you wind that radio up, you know that after awhile it is going to produce a charge into the battery to cause the radio to function correctly for your need. There is no other trick to this amazing and wonderful creation. It is not based on how much God loves you, because there is no limit to God's love for you. The only limit is what you place on the charge you are creating. And that is the direct cause of where we are at in our life's path!


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