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Shasta the Movie Trailer - Jay and Sharron Weidner! *LINK* *PIC*


Coming this fall from Sacred Mysteries Productions, a new edgy feature film, by writer/director, Jay Weidner and producer, Sharron Rose. This new film, "Shasta" brings together all of the intriguing and enlightening subject matter you have enjoyed in our magic, mystery, prophesy, conspiracy, psychics, underground cities, the Illuminati, light bodies and much more.

Shasta tells the story of the emergence of Kalki Avatar who comes to destroy illusion, awaken us to our full consciousness and transform the enemies of truth. "Shasta" is a truly entertaining and uplifting film! Featuring Alexander Polinsky, Adey, Doug Warner, Monique Trinity Rose, Bob Jackson Miner, Roy Rains, Jr., Sharron Rose and Neale Donald Walsch as the Count St. Germaine.

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Shasta the Movie Trailer - Jay and Sharron Weidner! *LINK* *PIC*
The video has been removed *NM*
Yeah and I did a search and it does not seem to be anywhere *NM*
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