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The Power Hour, Versailles, Missouri Complaints & Reviews - Hanoi Joyce Riley


Joyce Riley, Joyce Ann Riley, Joyce Thompson Riley, Joyce Barfield, Joyce Barfield, and many other alias has a "show" called "the power hour." Joyce Riley is commonly known as "Hanoi Joyce Riley" (see and it will become apparent as to why after you read this and the sites given. Joyce Riley claims to have been a whistleblower in a case long ago involving a single mother of two, Genene Jones. Genene Jones went to jail in the early 80's and, if alive, is still there today in spite of the truth. It turns out that Hanoi Joyce Riley failed to mention that the "witness" and "whistleblower" in that case was actually a co-defendant who turned states evidence to save her own skin. Attorney Linda Kennedy does a great job of explaining how Genene Jones was framed by Hanoi Joyce Riley and her handlers. Hanoi Joyce Riley has been used repeatedly by New World Order minions that she claims to oppose, with even the Department of Justice coming to her aid when she loses lawsuits. Hanoi Joyce Riley allegedly fights the Department of Defense, (DoD), but read below about her husband Dave vonKleist and you will see what a ruse that really is. Hanoi Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist have been using several false identities to file suits, especially class action suits under phony pretenses, and splits large sums of money with her attorney and others. The FBI knows all about this, but fails to even "investigate" against Hanoi Joyce Riley & hubby (allegedly their main nemesis). Hanoi Joyce Riley was sent to silence real whistleblowers like Linda Kennedy and Peter Kawaja. You can see a real interesting story about Peter Kawaja and what Hanoi Joyce Riley did to him at . It is an incredible story, but supported by a whole lot of evidence. You had better hurry because Kennedy's site is always being attacked and taken off the net. Hanoi Joyce Riley used a fake military record to infiltrate Gulf War whislteblower Peter Kawaja (giving her self phony credibility). Her real military record can be seen at . As liars do, Hanoi Joyce used phony evidence to "prove" the lie was allegedly true. This time Hanoi Joyce Riley use pictures of her in military garb from the 70's as she had a two year stint as a weekend warrior, to allegedly "prove" that she was in the Gulf War in the 90's. She claims she aged 10 years when she allegedly returned to the states in 91, due to being sick. Trouble is, there are pictures of her in the 80's that show she had already aged a whole lot from those pics in the 70's. AND MEAN A LOT! So somehow, she got much older in the 80's and then got really young again before allegedly goinG to the Gulf (which she was later caught in that lie . . . NEVER WENT TO THE GULF either). This story is absolutely amazing. And once you read about her husband, the real life Nazi Dave vonKleist, wow! You will see that journalism and radio are truly great ways for spies to control the masses as they play good cop bad cop with the mainstream media and government employers as we all go down their rabbit hole. Spend time on these sites. It will be well worth it.

Here is more on Hanoi Joyce Riley's husband:
Dave vonKleist hid his real identity, using the name Dave Riddell for many years. He pretended to be a poor hippy freak from the 70's who suddenly became aware of some problems in America. Then in the 90's he allegedly decided to substitute and then start his own talk radio show with this alleged background. He was exposed as using this fake name but claimed he used it as a stage name. But why would Dave vonKleist need a stage name when his resume states that he has won numerous media awards under the name "Dave vonKleist?" I will get to that in a minute. Dave vonKleist often talked about the New World Order and how it was taking over our world as we know it and he was bad mouthing the NWO leadership. Interestingly, it turns out that he is actually from one of the oldest, richest New World Order families himself, which he failed to mention. Instead of being this poor hippy freak with a revelation in life, he was exposed as Dave vonKleist (actually spelled von Kleist). Dave (Robert David von Kleist) is from an Aristocratic Prussian family having at least 35 generals in his family, including several Nazis, and even a Fieldmarshall who was promoted and was frequently pictured with Hitler himself. Many of these were tried and convicted war criminals in Nuremburg and subsequent proceedings. Dave vonKleist puts out "b.s." on one of his radio shows, "the power hour" and in numerous videos claiming things that are far fetched, that actually discredit any real information that may otherwise be exposed. In one of these films, he claims that pods hit the Pentagon and/or World Trade Center on 911. As he leads people around the world down this rabbit hole, he fails to mention that his own relatives were part of the first ever terrorist attacks on American soil as well as terrorism around the world today. The "Dark Invader, " a von Kleist spy was not only involved in bringing biological warfare into the U.S. before WW1, but also was involved in trying to get Mexico to start a war with the U.S. (see the Zimmerman Document), he infiltrated the unions in order to create discord in the U.S., and blew up factories and ships on the east coast and at sea (along with relative Charles von Kleist). One such site was in Manhattan itself. They were tried and convicted in the United States. Why has Dave vonKleist failed to tell us of his true identity, or give an accurate description as to why he became involved in the "grass roots" movements? As Dave vonKleist allegedly was "exposing" a Nazi shaped building in Washington (something known for years), he failed again to mention his own Nazi ties, he failed to mention that he has been a part of these Nazis and as he continues to try to save his own cover story. As Dave vonKleists claims to oppose Rumsfeld, he failed to tell us about his German born father, Robert Vincent vonKleist, and family friends German born Kissinger, and Rumsfeld himself. They all used to hunt together on some of their land in Alaska. You can see a picture of all these people on none other than the Department of Defenses own website. I thought these people were all on opposite sides??? Opps, again, Dave vonKleist forgot to tell us that didn't he. And as part of his cover, Dave vonKleist seems to always have Prussians come to his aid. . . Ron Paul (a Prussian), Von Bulow (a German who was supporting the stupid pod claim, but opps, he is the head of German Intelligence), and what the heck, even Glen Beck from CNN comes to interview Dave vonKleist when necessary. . . wasn't there a General Beck who was a Nazi who supported Hitler also?). Dave vonKleist's family is old world, New World Order. Dave vonKleist is from a long line of German spies. One of the vonKleist's favorite covers over the years has been in journalism. Dave vonKleist has repeatedly been caught in lies and has purposely side tracked truth. For a story that will really blow your mind, go to "" Also go to and for more on his wife, "Hanoi Joyce Riley, " go to These fools are incredibly connected and even when the disinformation they spew is clear, they still get the support of their handlers. I would think sooner or later these handlers have to cut bait and find someone new to spread the lies, because these two are becoming a comedy act.

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