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Really? But GM didn't succeed to take over VW at first.

my retrospective third eye clairvoyance :D reveals to me, undoubtedly

the exploded view shows a

Volkswagen Golf II

Made in Germany from 1983-91


Volkswagen and Porsche merged a few years ago to prevent a possible takeover from sucked dry companies like GM. The days of cheap refreshment via hostile takeovers of efficient companies from abroad apparently are over.
(Takeovers accorded by 'behind the scene manipulations' and brotherly help between club members at the expense of the public).

VW-Porsche are at the brink to surpass Nissan-Toyota thus becoming the biggest automakers in the global village.

Ain't it strange that the losers of WWII leave the allegedly 'last remaining superpower' behind in many ways?

Military Might May Make Mellow Minds!

A society based on the 'The Arrogance of Power' (William Fulbright) will go down the sewerage of history.

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The 'Israel Lobby' didn't like him as a matter of fact.

Fulbright retired from the Senate in 1974, after being defeated in the Democratic primary by then-Governor Dale Bumpers. Previously the same year Anti-Defamation League, the leading Jewish defense organization, claimed that Fulbright was "consistently unkind to Israel and our supporters in this country". In response to this Bumpers received considerable financial support from the pro-Israel community, but it is unclear to what extent this affected the outcome of the election.

Here's a quote from Senator Fulbright back in 1973.

"Israel controls the United States Senate. Around 80 percent are completely in support of Israel; anything Israel wants it gets. Jewish influence in the House of Representatives is even greater.” in CBS Face the Nation on April 15, 1973

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Really? But GM didn't succeed to take over VW at first.
It was supposed to be a joke. You know - buy something from Ikea and then spend a week reading their assembly instructions.
I got the joke but then I went on to our reality of 'perpetual crisis' ;)
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