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The GATES are Back and wait till you drink this shit!

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Bill Gates, presumably holding a cup of something other than "recycled" water. AFP Photo / Frederic J. Brown 06.04, 20:31 20 comments

Eau de toilette: Bill Gates pays to turn sewage into drinking water

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has won worldwide respect for battling disease and starvation in the developing world. But their latest venture – cheaply recycling sewage into drinking water and fuel – may prove more controversial.


Right after viewing this little smack across the face of the planet's populace


Melinda Gates: Worrying About Population Control “Has Led To Much Suffering And Death”

Jurriaan Maessen | Gates’ assertion that there is no such effort as population control is ludicrous.
April 7, 2012

In a twisted exercise in deceiving semantics Co-chair and trustee of the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation Melinda Gates attempted to counter the growing criticism in regards to the Foundation’s efforts in the Third World. During a speech she gave at the TEDx Change in Berlin yesterday, the wife of Microsoft founder and “philanthropist” Bill Gates characterised all criticism of the Foundation’s adventures in the third world as dangerous, especially the charge that the foundation is actively but covertly involved in population control. Gates described the charge as so dangerous in fact, that the criticismhas led to much suffering and death.”

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