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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
About 1 month ago, I began taking
35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
with apple juice.

It's what I would call a supplement
for your health even if you are
in good health.  Many believe it's
more than that - that Hydrogen
Peroxide can cure everything from
Cancer to many other ailments.

Walter Grotz is 87 years old and will
be our guest April 17 along with
Jim Rogusky who runs the Hydrogen
Peroxide site:

The peroxide is sold online and
possibly at your local health food
stores.  It comes in a glass
bottle with an eyedropper.  You
gradually work your way up from
3 drops in 8 ounces of water to
25 drops, twice a day and then
drop back to maybe 10 drops twice
a day.

Upon first taking it, I noticed
a rush of warmth and an incredible
clarity of perception - breathing,
sight seemed to be enhanced.

I usually jog/run 12-15 miles a
week, I do 24-30 now.  I seem
to sleep better and my allergy
is not as noticeable.

Rogusky told me that the Peroxide
brings your body back into
balance enhancing the immune system
so it can do what it is supposed
to do.  Lowering cholesterol,
high blood sugar, etc.

Grotz has worked with scientists
who used the peroxide to cure
cancer in rats, he's helped people
with fatal illnesses recover

You might want to check out the
site if you want to give it a
shot.  It's very cheap for a
4 ounce or even quart of peroxide
which should last you a couple
of years or more.  It's available
on or from other sources
at the website.

Email from ~Mike

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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Works! Got 4 gallons in my basement
oral peroxide is different than the anesthetic cleansing a wound the brown bottle type is *PIC*
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