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Who Is Daikaku Chodoin? In 4 Days, The Whole World Might Know *LINK*

Who is Daikaku Chodoin? When shown the picture of him above with the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson, many people might guess he's a film director or video producer, possibly even a martial arts instructor. Actually, guessing those would be close; for Daikaku Chodoin is each of those and more. Of the few people who might be familiar with the name, most recently for appearing alongside Benjamin Fulford in several 'conspiracy theory' videos that have gone viral on YouTube, the name Daikaku Chodoin brings up an image of someone not to be completely believed or trusted. Just like Benjamin Fulford. Just like their videos. A more thorough investigation gives you a much different picture.


Click on LINK BELOW for further details on this story, with VIDEOS:

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YIKES! Not sure at all what THIS might be about...! Benjamin Fulford National Emergency Committee 28/3/2012 Alexander Romanov, Chodoin Daikaku *LINK*
United World Karate Association President Daikaku Chodoin *LINK*
Who Is Daikaku Chodoin? In 4 Days, The Whole World Might Know *LINK*
Thanks for providing this additional info! Fascinating! *NM*
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