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United World Karate Association President Daikaku Chodoin *LINK*

The video to which this is a reply includes Daikaku Chodoin.  This information on him emerged today, and it sheds more light on this fascinating person!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

United World Karate Association President Daikaku Chodoin


Daikaku Chodoin, 68, is the founder and president of the United World Karate Association, which combines all five iemoto (the traditional branches of the martial art) with an estimated 50 million practitioners around the world. A kyuudan (9th degree black belt) of Goju-ryu, one of Okinawa's "hard-soft" karate styles, Chodoin is a fearless fighter who thrives on going to battle both on and off the dojo floor. His winning streak began in his 20s: He first struck gold with shipbuilding and later made a killing with real estate and stocks. He has used his vast fortune to fight racial discrimination and supported revolutionary movements in Africa, South America and the Middle East. In 1985 Chodoin established the World Black Congress in order to unite Africans and that same year he created the Society of International Outer Space Law to draw up a legal framework that would give all nations equal right to space. Chodoin's desire to heal and save the world struck a chord with Michael Jackson: Since their first meeting in 1997, The King of Pop and the King of karate got along royally. In 1998, Chodoin presented Michael with the Honorary Chairmanship of the United World Karate Association and a godan (fifth degree) black belt.


Daikaku Chodoin

Once you learn how to keep secrets, you will hear many. I arranged everything for Michael's visit. When his plane landed, we had a car drive up to it on the tarmac and rode straight into Tokyo. He stayed in a hotel but was usually at my office. We talked and did karate for three days. Nobody knew he was here, and he loved this fact.

A phone call should not be longer than 10 seconds. That is enough time to say hi, thinking of you, me too, great, bye, bye. Michael has been calling me for 13 years, a couple of times a year. I'm sorry he's gone. We won't be talking anymore, but we're still connected.

If you work for world peace, you will make powerful enemies. My goal has always been to end the oppression of colored people. I backed the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua and supported Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua's current president. I was friends with Jose Francisco Pena Gomez, a great political leader in the Dominican Republic, and helped Castro in Cuba. I sponsored the South-West Africa People's Organization and the independence movements in Namibia and South Africa. I supported the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and the third Egyptian president, Anwar El Sadat. I was sabotaged from left and right, but I kept on going.

It is rich people's duty to support artists. Michael was a genius in art and business. When he said he was in a jam, I felt like when you stand by a Shinto shrine, happy to throw money into the altar. For me, he was a messenger of the universe. I gave him about 20 million dollars in seven installments, and it never occurred to me that I would ever see that money again. My contribution was a fraction of what others gave him.

If you want to have children, you'd better pick a woman who watches the sun rise because she's just woken up, not because she's crawling into bed after a night of drunken partying. A man should never look for a woman at night in some club. What kind of mom is she going to be? What kind of kids will she raise?

Do the right thing, even if everyone thinks you are wrong or weird. I don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke. I don't go to hostess bars. When I was young, I decided to live a life that I could be proud of. I followed the principle of shitsujitsu gouken (simple and sturdy), which means living with fortitude and vigor and staying away from temptations that could alter the course of your life.

I will die fighting, not lying down sick, connected to tubes. I know I can manage hara-kiri because I trained in iaido, the martial art of the sword, and have done special mental and physical training. Several times I have held my katana (sword) in my right hand and pushed it through my left arm. Cutting through the muscle is hard. Our reflex is to stop at the skin, but I cut myself all the way. My staff tied my arm up to stop the loss of blood and poured hot candle wax on the cut. That's the best antiseptic — it heals fast and beautifully.

My biggest nightmare is becoming an old guy who plays gateball in a sweat suit! I am saying that because last year I went to my high school reunion and some of my old friends talked about lame hobbies like gateball. A few even joked that they had met some "girlfriend" on the court. I can't imagine anything worst than me in a high school jersey, playing gateball and falling for a lady my age.

All nations have the same rights to space. Sure, the United Nations enacted a few space laws, but they just create penalties if one country's satellites fall on another's cities. It's pretty spaced-out stuff. Mine is serious: I created the Society of International Outer Space Law in 1985 with two main goals: to prevent all military use of space and to give equal rights to all nations for peaceful purposes.

Karate, like other sports, eliminates discrimination. Regardless of color, race or gender, all people who do karate respect each other's strength and ability. Michael asked me to show him some karate moves. He could do them immediately, totally perfectly. He could have been a brilliant athlete. I asked Michael to help me put karate into the Olympics Games. He talked to International Olympic Committee chairman, Juan Antonio Samaranch and we were told that if we could unite all the sects of the martial art, karate had a chance to be an Olympic sport. Hopefully 2016 will be our year.

I can die anytime. Forty, 60 or 98 years old, who cares. It's not a big difference when you think of the age of the universe.

Judit Kawaguchi loves to listen. She is a volunteer counselor and a TV reporter on NHK's "Weekend Japanology." Learn more at: http://juditfan.blog58.fc2.com/


This blog post elaborates on the many different points of view about Ben Fulford and his work:

I’ve received this Op-Ed from SaS in response to all our recent comments on Ben’s video – and my post, as well. It is an important article, so I ask that you please read it and feel free to comment. ~J

General post:

WOW!  Little family!  Whatever it was about that Ben Fulford video that offended many of you, I must say that I was genuinely surprised at the level of frustration and anger expressed in your posts!  Jean’s comments describe observations that are valid.  Remember, all of us alive today were borne into a world where the fabulous, the chimerical, delusive, and artificial ideals of our landed aristocracy are, somehow, associated with our collective reality.  We all know that our common experience is an unfortunate distortion of the Truth.  That’s why we’ve all sought each other out.  It’s the reason that all of us gather here at this dear lady’s blog as though we were lining up to receive a communion host from our vicar.

I saw some of this erupting in the posts of previous submissions and, with Jean’s permission; I made an effort to comment on it.  The idea behind my assertion was to stimulate discussion.  Our focus was becoming somewhat deluded by the rapid succession of events on a granular level of awareness.  Perhaps, I thought, if I shared an observation with my dear brothers and sisters, they might see it too!  Here, in this post, I’m attempting to communicate the obvious, perhaps.  My Op-Ed is merely my personal opinion, which I understand disqualifies it as anything more than a pretext for my own perspective conceived in isolation.  Nonetheless, I offered it if for no other reason than as an attempt to stimulate discussion and encourage a more compelling analysis of the information buried between the poles of this evolving flow of events.  To date, I’ve only seen one response and it was a good one!

I believe that none of us is focusing on the real problem that has bared its teeth so threateningly—that of being challenged, from the seat of dark power, to resist control and prevail.  Instead, we’re continually distracted by feckless “NEWS” which then buries our consciousness in aspects of our common experience that seems to always leave us tense and irritable.  We are left tense and irritable because, for the most part, the members of this little family have awakened.  Your eyes are WIDE OPEN!  Think of the countless millions who have not.  How would one communicate the Truth to a mind so categorically spoiled—a life so consummately squandered on the altar of self-indulgence?

In the previous post, I chose the topic of the President’s Birth Certificate as a contentious-enough issue to demonstrate what a great many of us already know.  This entire episode of human pathos, as it is reported in the media (both “Lame Stream” and Alternative) has all of the hallmarks of the Cabal—the subtleties, innuendo, unfathomable objectives, and overwhelming appearance of complete incredulity.  Many of you make valid assertions against the claims of the people whom I will refer to as “Soothsayers” (Whether local or national in origin, they’ve made their mark in a medium that is still connected to the same source).

I suppose that I COULD dilate my perspective by quoting a few of you so that my observations are made all the more relevant to my opinion.  After all, in the press of time, who of us are able to use anything more than anecdotal information to make our assertions in the first place?  It isn’t that our opinions aren’t valid; it’s that their validity must be understood to be rooted in a distinctly subjective point of view.  That doesn’t really disqualify them.  That makes them valuable if you understand all of the issues in the discussion as shared ideals and communal ideas.  Are we not ONE with each other?  Are we not “Light Workers?”

I hope all of you understand me.  I’ve never met any of you except through this present process of communication whose boundaries and limitations prevent me from seeing any of you smile or wink, or gasp in exasperation.  But that hasn’t seemed to stop me from gradually connecting with all of you to the extent that I empathize with your frustration.  I love you all so very much.  I so wish that we could talk about the things that are dear to our hearts over a copious Sunday dinner but, alas, we cannot.  We can’t have the kinds of discussion—the sharing, laughter, or otherwise genuine caring response that marks the dialogs of “family.”  It’s amazing how isolated we can feel when we realize that’s the treasure that is denied us; that’s the “fortune” they’ve damaged by through default.

I want you all to stop now.  I’ll explain myself from this context and couch the opinion that immediate concerns are irrelevant to anything that our collective should be evaluating in the context of our present spiritual condition.  As an event, the annihilation of the cabal has value in that it can be seen as an operational element of the present paradigm of existence—sort of like a traffic control device up ahead.

We’re gathering in ever-increasing numbers, sharing information, opinions, facts and figures, and distilled knowledge as a part of the process of AWAKENING.  The “Truth”—God’s “Truth” as I always characterize as having a capital “T”—is something that prepares us all for transformation.  This “Certainty” is not relevant to the paradigm in which we’ve all been living (asleep behind the wheel for most of our lives).  This “Truth” that we seek is only applicable to that process of TRANSFORMATION which process, we’re told, will prepare us for “Ascension.”  All of us stand, as the ONE, on the threshold of a new age, to assume a new and different “being” in a new and different place.

This is the place in which I am standing whenever I communicate with all of you; it is my “point of view.”  Having explained my point of view, the reason, I think that this “dispute” (or any dispute) will continue to dominate the back stage of our Kabuki Play is that it represents a struggle for control within the Cabal itself.  Let’s look at the some of the players.

Who is Chodoin Daikaku?  Go here:


[Let me stress that it is important that you take a look at this article. ~J] 

The Japan Times is not a backwater news rag.  It is a “mainstream” newspaper.  Read through the article.  Do you notice anything familiar to this present discussion?  I do.  Chodoin Daikaku (there he is in the photo), is a REAL human being and since at least 2009, he’s been committed to world peace.  There are two statements made that indirectly vindicate the behavior of people like Ben Fulford and David Wilcock, Graham Handcock, and Gregg Braden.

“Once you learn how to keep secrets, you will hear many.”


“If you work for world peace, you will make powerful enemies.”

Taking the risk of earning brother Alex’s indignation (I hope that I do not unintentionally offend him), he made a very forceful assertion in one of his posts.  He declared that Ron Paul may be our only hope of securing decent, dedicated, honest leadership for the future of our people.  While his comment seemed to focus on AMERICAN politics, it is my opinion that his assertion is applicable to the entire human condition.  Why?  Because there is a concentration of evil within our body politic that has corrupted and perverted our entire human experience.

Under the current paradigm, we have no right to exist.  Our actuality is “granted,” through dispensation, by these petulant, meddlesome, incontinent, and arrogant ruling elite.  For example: why did Barack Obama garner the popular vote?  No.  Just a minute!  Why did he garner the popular vote?  We all know WHY he was elected to office: Hillary Clinton was SUPPOSED to be our President (Remember her seemingly undefeatable progress toward the Democratic Nomination?), however, an opposing group destroyed her candidacy and promoted Barack Obama.

We understand this now because we can look back in hindsight and determine: (1) the Cabal is a house divided into many subordinate functions and power centers (which is, I have said in the past, another reason why they will ultimately fall but that is a subject for yet another debate). (2) Zbigniew Brzezinski who is an associate of the Council on Foreign Relations (a Bilderberg constituency) sponsored Barack Obama.  (3) Barack Obama’s academic qualifications were that of a Constitutional Scholar (or so they were reported to the masses); and (4) his candidacy gave hope to the DISENFRANCHISED—the minorities out in the margins of our society who had previously suffered oppression, harassment, and humiliation at the hands of the majority.  With a “marginal” mentality still considered apropos in the minds of many and the attitude of the majority being one of complete frustration having endured eight long years of former President George W. Bush and his abject mismanagement of our National assets, Barack Obama was viewed by most to be the ideal choice.

But we KNOW this, don’t we?  It really doesn’t matter that Barack Obama MIGHT be the quintessential “Manchurian Candidate.”   He won by a landslide!  Now let’s look at the issue from the perspective of a “Light Worker;” doing this will reveal to us a central theme that all of us have often discussed: thinking makes it so.

So, the Cabal conspired to promote the President’s candidacy and may have rigged the election but, in the same context of that election, he won the popular vote.  Therefore, as a Light Worker, we can say that both the minds of the minority of service-to-self beings wanted him to become the President (granted, they had their own unique reasons) and the minds of the majority of service-to-others beings wanted him to become President as well.  His ascent to the Presidency was a function of the Law of Free Will.  He could have had grey skin and large opaque eyes and whined like a cat.  But, given the same set of circumstances, we would have still created the conditions that gave rise to his preeminent position as our leader of choice.  THINKING MAKES IT SO and, dearest brothers and sisters, all of you KNOW this.

Thinking creates the ideals that create the ideas that give rise to solutions requiring our human action—a participation that is sometimes conducted on a very granular level.  There are times when our behavior is the consequence of events set in motion by our own thoughts and this was the case with President Barack Obama.  So, you see, it doesn’t really matter that he MIGHT be a citizen by jus soli (by right of the soil upon which he was born) or by jus sanguine (by right of the blood of his mother).  The greater majority (both of service-to-self and service-to-others) WANTED him to become the President and, as it is thought so it is manifested as an article of our reality.  He is “the people’s” choice.

This is not a legal point.  This is not a contention borne out of National tradition.  This is not a fact with which we must now struggle to accept as the beleaguered and manipulated masses of those subjugated to “The Powers that Be” (or, “Were” if you think as David does).  It is an acknowledged “Truth” that we can understand, has manifested itself through the operational paradigm associated with the Law of Free Will.  “They” (the “other” humans) and “We,” with tremendous confidence and fanfare chose this fellow and the dysfunctional and corrupted laws of man are completely irrelevant to this argument.  Why?  Because a piece of paper can’t “THINK;” that is an activity confined to a sentient mind.  Remember my contention is coming from the view of a Light Worker and not a political hack.

In his book, “The Wandering Who?” author Gilad Atzmon makes clear the premise of the phenomenon that I just posed to you using the Hegelian Dialectic. I’m not going to quote him but I can summarize his contention this way: We like to consider ourselves as individuals with individual rights and privileges that are inalienable.  Just as well, we also like to identify with other people of like mind and, through this process of preferential assignment, we establish “the clan.”  The clan is a subset of the race.  It is a group that finds social communion through a recognizable similarity in attitude, understanding, ideal, and imagery.  The clan exists outside of the “Whole” as a marginal phenomenon.  It plays upon its relationships with the Whole by suggesting its own aberration through behavior, communications, and environmental response.  It establishes its legitimacy through a claim that its participation within the Whole has been somehow denied by that nebulous and indiscernible majority.  Its demands usually include assimilation and acceptance.

This phenomenon goes on at many different levels of social interaction but, in every case, the minority usually defines their experience as being oppressed, harassed, or humiliated and they can retain this characterization only for as long as the majority (the Center; the Whole) continues to subject them to these unpleasant experiences.”  Once the minority succeeds in becoming recognized as that “marginal group” by the majority, then a new dialectic begins: the argument for inclusion is couched; the response is tendered—first in the form of an outright rejection then it becomes defined by seemingly irrelevant concessions and, finally, acceptance (the argument is accepted—not the people) and a new process of determination ensues to give rise to a sequence of events that might embrace inclusion, support, respect, freedom of action and thought, etc. This process plays itself out until the once marginal group is completely assimilated into the Whole as a completely indistinguishable part of that mainstream human condition.  The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America was one such “event.”

It is interesting to note that most of our experience—even as beings who are aware of the elemental causes for all of this uncertainty—is firmly secured by the paradigm conceived, constructed, and enforced by the “Cabal.”  We KNOW this.  We KNOW that they are a distinct minority (a 1%); their deportment almost mindlessly governed by the bigotries and prejudices that dominate their awareness and submerge their consciousness in myopia. They arose from those who were once “oppressed, harassed, and humiliated” by the Center—the Whole.  Think of their history.  Their intentions go far beyond the quest for power, accumulation of wealth, the satiation of lust, and the perpetuation of total domination.  Their quest has become one of establishing themselves as the “New Center” (The New World Order) and oppressing, harassing, and humiliating all of US in an effort to “marginalize” us, which they seem to have done quite successfully.  Why is this?

Because, once “marginalized,” we inevitably engage their god damned dialectic arguing for inclusion.  Petulantly asserting our “inalienable” rights as creatures, born of women—natural citizens of the human condition; residents of the planet Earth.  What has been their response?  Their response is to “synthesize our argument for inclusion by first acknowledging our marginality and rejecting our claim to universal suffrage.  That’s what is pissing everyone off!  To continue, the argument then becomes mysteriously defined by seemingly diminutive concessions (READ THE NEWS!  We’re offered concessions on “Internet Privacy” in exchange for acceptance of completely unconstitutional laws that abrogate our individual rights as citizens) and, finally, acceptance (REMEMBER: the argument is accepted—not the people) and a new process of determination ensues to give rise to a sequence of events that embrace inclusion, support, respect, freedom of action and thought, etc.  Yes, I know: I may have repeated myself but it’s all for good reason!

All of this “magnanimity” is permitted at the express consent of these ruling elite and on THEIR terms.  We—the once marginal group (the teaming masses of animated meat)—are then completely assimilated into the Whole as a completely indistinguishable part of that mainstream human condition. The conundrum—the mystery if you prefer—is that we (the marginalized “service-to-others” group of a generally positive potential) are now exercising our inalienable right to adopt “service-to-others” in the form an experiential construct of being slaves who must provide for our masters—the “service-to-self” crowd.  Therefore, the human condition has been redefined by a body politic whose composition is something other than what we might consider the “True” majority.  “Truth” has been subverted.

Quite a trick, wouldn’t you agree?  We are therefore “serving others” in slavery and satisfying the arrogance and cruelty of our self-indulgent fellows at the same time!  So, before the ONE Creator/God, THEY are able to assert the claim that their “way” is just as valid as ours is.  Wouldn’t you find this an amazing revelation?  Maybe not; but I do!

And, with a panoply pointless and contentious issues being staged in the press each and every day, are all of you beginning to understand how the threads of our reality are manipulated to produce a collective agreement?  The service-to-self crowd have made a decision.  They’ve told everyone opposing them to F@%& off (Oh, PLEASE, remember the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl!) and have dropped the gauntlet.  But now, how to implement their decision?  They’re rich, powerful, and influential yes but they’re STILL the 1%–yes, still the minority.  How can they modify our shared reality to create an Armageddon—a living hell, so-to-speak—so central to their theme of conquest and domination?  How can they manipulate a reality controlled by the Laws of the ONE Creator such that they might implement self-fulfilling prophesies extrapolated from an isolated history of a people conquered by other-worldly influences some 13, 000 years ago?

Well, beloved family, they all know that they have to get the rest of us to accept THEIR paradigm as common ground and thinking makes it so.  Laws don’t make it so—that should be obvious to all of you.  Treaties don’t make it so.  Compacts have no value in a 3rd Density reality controlled by the fluid and unpredictable vacillation of human thought.  The three men in that video aren’t saying that THEY are going to bring down the Cabal single-handedly.  They’re appealing to the rest of us to “have hope.”  And what is hope?  Hope is the core of human ambition.  It is the product of our faith which is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

How many “banksters” have gone to jail since this depression started?  The whole damned thing was engineered by the likes of these dark and careless people; it’s all public knowledge that they committed Grand Fraud and Grand Theft!  But, where are they?  Are they in jail?  No, I guess they’re not.  At least, not yet!  So, the laws of man, written on paper don’t seem to “make it so” do they?  No, brothers and sisters, thinking makes it so.  We all want CHANGE and they DO NOT and, little family, they’re at it again.

View the video as evidence of gradually evolving developments from the perspective of a Light Worker. I don’t want to show any disrespect to those who believe in the presence of the Galactics—that space family of an order of higher intelligence that the “channelers” keep telling us we’re going to meet face-to-face someday.  I believe in their existence too!  I’ve seen their other-worldly presences in my own lifetime.  But this is a statement on my own behalf and it is irrelevant to the dilemma we must now confront as a COLLECTIVE.  Even the notion of alien beings (whether positive or negative in nature) are irrelevant to this discussion.  In the press of time, as we are swept up in the overwhelming flow of events within our own space/time continuum, we have to ask ourselves: Do we really want what “they” want?  Whatever people may think the cabal has coming to them, do any of us want to become the tools of the ruling elite yet AGAIN?

This, I submit to your scrutiny, is the issue central to our survival as a species and to the reclamation of our Great Mother.  Look at these issues as events orchestrated to manipulate all of you into amplifying the Cabal’s agenda with your powerful, matter-creating THOUGHT.  If you don’t want the Cabal to succeed, don’t fall prey to thinking in terms of their present paradigm.  You are all thought to be ascending.  We can argue that point until this hell we live in suffers yet another ice age.  We are APPROACHING unity; everyone KNOWS we have not yet achieved it.  And, the cabalistas will do everything in their power to disrupt and distort our progress for as long as our thoughts continue to entertain their vision.  WE MUST NOT USE THEIR PARADIGM AS A FOUNDATION FROM WHICH TO CONSTRUCT AN ALTERNATE REALITY!

Stop thinking the way they think.  We don’t have to pick fights with authorities.  We don’t have to disenfranchise ourselves from our national, ethnic, or racial origins.  Bishop Joseph Butler is attributed to have said in 1767, “It is what it is and it is not another thing.”  We’re the “thinkers;” they’re the “users.”  We’re the believers; they’re the backsliders.  Should we fall victim to the machinations of the apostate at every turn—over and over, ad nausea, until their senseless, reckless, stupid, unfathomably ridiculous vision of the future be made real by our own acceptance and capitulation?

THESE are the “kinds” of issues that must be given value only as indicators—sign posts, if you will—that our progress is on the right continuum.  After all, if the Cabal has to go through all of this trouble to get us on task “manifesting” their agenda, wouldn’t you think that our attention is definitely focused on something else?  That leaves the question: “What’s OUR preferred paradigm anyway?

For all of the thoughtful, genuinely sincere and constructive comments posted on this blog, THAT question is one that I would like to submit to my little family for serious and comprehensive discussion.  Would it be too much for me to ask the rest of you to consider the business of the ages?  Thinking will make it so.  Reconcile the deficiencies of people like Ben Fulford and David Wilcock by “seeing” them as symbols of our own divine faith that we will emerge from this repugnant and offensive condition, humans made whole by the experience of it.

That experience appeals to the notion that we are all being taught to UNDERSTAND each other, to tolerate each other’s shortcomings, to adapt to the dynamics of the human condition, and to consecrate our accords with unconditional love.  For centuries afterwards, we’ll gather around our communal tables in the light of a warming hearth and tell our descendants our stories of conquest!  We’ll laugh and enjoy the jubilance of peace, prosperity, and harmony in those days that are yet to come, you can be sure.  But, for now, in the press of all of this savagery, we can only find salvation if we turn to each other for support and acknowledge the supremacy of each and every soul that reaches out to us.  That person calling to you is your brother, your sister.  They are alive.  Beloved, we have all come through OCEANS of time to be here, in this place, at this time in our human history.  Why would we want anything other than what we know is OUR birthright?  Think on it!


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