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Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase Threatens Life of Jon Corzine of MF Global *LINK*

Jon Corzine Threatened With Death By Jamie Dimon – Thanks to DD.

December 15, 2011

Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase Threatens Life of Jon Corzine of MF Global

In a somewhat strange twist to the MF Global bankruptcy New World Order news story, today Max Keiser said that Jamie Dimon threatened to kill Jon Corzine. When I first heard Max Keiser say that Jamie Dimon had threated the life of Jon Corzine, I was shocked. I thought maybe he was using the death threat in a dramatic kind of way and did not really mean it. Max Keiser was being interviewed by Alex Jones and ended up repeating the Jamie Dimon death threat concerning Jon Corzine numerous times during the interview, enough to realize that Max Keiser really believes it happened.

On October 31, 2011 MF Global an investment firm filed for bankruptcy. Jon Corzine was the CEO at the time of the bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy Jon Corzine abruptly resigned and went into seclusion. Jamie Dimon the other character in our little story is the CEO of JP Morgan.

The Tale of Jamie Dimon Threatening To Blow the Brains Right Out Of Jon Corzine’s Head

Our story begins with former Goldman Sachs CEO, former Senator, former Governor, the CEO of MF Global Jon Corzine. Jon Corzine being a rather simple fellow and not used to running an investment firm like MF Global, (disregard that he used to be the CEO of Goldman Sachs), was speculating with MF Globals money. Low and behold, after only running MF Global for about a year and a half, poor Jon Corzine had accumulated over $1 Billion in losses. Realizing that he had made this big boo boo and was not going to be able to make good on loans that MF Global had outstanding, poor Jon Corzine called up Jamie Dimon, the powerful leader of the five families, er, I mean the CEO of JP Morgan Chase. Jon Corzine carefully explained to Jamie Dimon that although he was very very sorry, he would not be able to pay back the paltry billion or so dollars that MF Global owed JP Morgan Chase. Much to Jon Corzine’s complete shock, Jamie Dimon then informed him, “You will raid the deposits that are in the accounts of your customers and pay me back.” He then said in a very deadly voice, a voice that stung Jon Corzine to the very bone, (can’t say soul, he probably doesn’t have one), “If you do not do as I say, you will swim with the fishes” and then Jamie Dimon hung up. Jon Corzine, a visibly shaken man, then authorized the theft of over $1 Billion dollars from MF Globals customer accounts and the money transferred to the Godfather, er I mean, Jamie Dimon the most powerful banker in the world.

The preceding story is as told by Max Keiser to Alex Jones, with a few embellishments thrown in by me. The embellishments in this short tale may make it seem rather humerus, but in truth, these people are deadly and that is how they are operating. Kind of a truth is stranger than fiction. Many an ordinary person doing their banking on a daily basis at JP Morgan Chase or investing with Goldman Sachs, will realize that they are dealing with mafia like organizations that are just as ruthless, just as deadly and 100 times smarter than Michael Corleone in the Godfather.





The above video’s are the full interview of Max Keiser in which he claims that Jamie Dimon threatened the life of Jon Corzine. Folks, these people are nothing more than corporate psychopaths. The will do anything to make themselves richer and more powerful with no empathy for your or I and the destruction they are doing to our economy.

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