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this was canada however... I just searched it and found out what it was

the connection was my grandfathers uncle or something maybe his fathers brother that passed away in a fighter flight accident hitting his wing mans wing during a thunder storm

moma and I were discussing the vision and insight I was feeling so we both would know where to focus prayer

the text messages ended up being about aircraft


and family in which we are trying to see if her german father was any relation to theodor nordmann which was given the highest metal of honor a maple leaf iron cross


it went there with out meaning to

but if you think about it

the maple leaf is canada's flag 

and it relates to the connection highly

just searched this

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feeling very intensely uneasy, picking up toranto ca. and seeing at same time sadona arazona, send light and prayers to toranto ca. *NM*
my mother asking what I see and feel , I taste oil or smell gas
Maybe there is a Toranto CA too...I just thought of Torrance when you I think of all the oil industry I used to drive by when going to Torrance or Long Beach for Trade shows *NM*
oh no...thank you for providing....Torrance, CA is very near LongBeach where all the ships come in and there are alot of oil manufacturing right there near Torrance *NM*
very interesting Friend of flock *NM*
this was canada however... I just searched it and found out what it was
search underground drilling 3-24-12 toranto canada, though it is mis spelt. *LINK*
gotcha!! i see....the OTHER CA besides california.....CANADA
you did a great pick up on your end to there Friend. thank you, for your sharing your intuitive feel as well. *NM*
Thank you! and Your welcome! *NM*
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