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I'm adopted!  But yes, I have a few hundred relatives (relatively) in Occupied Palestine. And they hate me.  When I had a facebook page (for 6 months, years ago) I guess I caused quite a stir when I was 'pro' Palestinian...they got my data for the family tree then freaked out and ranted about blown up donkeys. I refused to have a Bar Mitzvah (the stealing of my foreskin happened when I had no say in the matter) but my father PAID the Rabbi to have me put on a 'list' in case I ever chose to go to Is-Ra-Hell. I only had a few close relatives on that side of my family and lost them due to my having read Zundel and wondering why in gods snot he spent so long in a Canuck jail (you may say 'tortured' in a Canuck jail just as easily).  I've had a weird life, Jack.  I can't count how many times I got beat up for having a Jewish last name....then I learned to fight back.

I have no dog in any fight except for that of liberty. Freedom for all!

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Thanks. I'll think about it!
Re: Thanks. I'll think about it!
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