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Mike Philbin. U.K. Yesterday.

Toulouse asset siege under way?


Something will happen this afternoon, once this guy gives himself up. Reinforcements arrive to spirit him away? Distraction to allow for safe escape of accomplice? Who really knows? Logically, nobody would PUBLICITY MASS-MURDER like this in the same locality over the course of a few days unless they a) really wanted to be caught or b) were under strict political operational orders.

Something happened today 3/22 (if you think about it). Patsy shot dead (how convenient for his programmers). Sarkozy sorry but not so sorry?


At first local newspaper wrote only the Rabbi severley injured. Later on they said the killer (manchurian patsy) shot 1 adult (Rabbi) and 3 children (two of rabbi and another one, all jewish). 1 adult and 3 children?
1 and 3. Looks like 13. On 3/22.

Coincidence? members JewPI activity

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Toulouse: Another mind-controlled just-in-time manchurian candidate set loose on purpose and finally kicked into the bucket?
Mike Philbin. U.K. Yesterday.
The Germans INvented the Monkey
Thanks. I'll think about it!
Re: Thanks. I'll think about it!
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