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good point. i forget i am not in california terrain any longer

mosquito fish will reproduce very quickly and eat frog eggs too....

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Fish Die-Off .. Salton Sea...(Video)
i thought the salton sea has always been a stinking horrible body of water for years....i did not think any fish would even survive in it
All fish in my garden pond were frozen by the sharp Siberian cold snap. I fed them to the hazel mice in the compost. What a feast! The mice enjoyed it. One of them with a wrinkled ear recognized me. *PIC*
Sorry for your loss of fish Jack...but happy to see your little mouse friend made it through the cold. *NM*
Part of the water supply was also frozen at the northern wall and in other houses. So I will continue and reinforce the insulation I began last June. We were lucky though.
Great Motto :) I too have the same motto...:) & those that call me paranoid & crazy when preparing...evenyually see why I do what I do. Jack Dncer...have I tolkd you lately "YOU ARE ONE SMART MAN! :) *NM*
pssst, juli yanna! let's keep it a secret, between you and i ;) this world is full of envious fellows :O *NM*
First years ago you post my picture on TNT without my permission & my name & a whole bunch of info on me...then once again you expose & invade my privacy...What's up
so sorry to hear of your fish die off, too......i miss my goldfish *NM*
will replace them with smaller fish that love to devour nasty water insects
mosquito fish maybe....
Thanks for the hint, problem is, mosquito fish are even less hardy than gold fish, but've heard of something like Rosy Bitterling and will give it a try. *NM*
good point. i forget i am not in california terrain any longer
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