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Arnie (ArnOld Schwartzanegga) had a walk on the beach and finally took a deep dive ... naked! :D

The dolphins were scared to death when they saw Arnie coming!

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Thousands of Dolphins flee California Coast: But why? 2/22/2012
lol!! they are not fleeing. this is a very typical occurence when out on a whale watching trip off dana point. they sometimes have fun and stampede is the term....i have seen exactly the same thing
I question that video too...I've seen dolphins do the same thing down here in the Gulf area. *NM*
Arnie (ArnOld Schwartzanegga) had a walk on the beach and finally took a deep dive ... naked! :D
experiencing all this "wild life" must be why i miss being in orange county *NM*
Did you meet David Hasselhoff and his beach girls over there? :D *NM*
nope....i am not sure who they are...sorry!! *NM*
It was a famous TV series 'bout 30 years ago.
oh, that does sound familiar but i never really watched tv while living in is a new sport i have aquired though since moving to the tornado alley of the midwest *NM*
You've mentioned the aLIEn FASCcinating FOXy entouRAGE, I recall that. So you get your daily anti-dote, will strengthen your mental health, taken in small daily doZes. :D My heartfelt empathy!
thank you jack!!! *NM*
Hey Jack...good to see you's the cold weather in your area is it still freezing? Thanks for the laugh...but looking at old Arnie really meade me stomach sick...:)
The Killer Cold lasted for three weeks then a steep warm up but next week will be down again. A lot of damaged river ships due to ice breaking into big squeezing lumps.
WOW! What a mess...glad it's gone for you all far as WW111 I don't feel that will happen...remember prohphises can be changed...same as time lines. I think there are many good people out
I think the air streams are manipulated to cause extreme weather changes in temperatures and rain- resp. snowfalls. Monsters playing haarp. Artificial climate changes to damage agricultures. *NM*
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