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Quantum Leap 2-29-2012 into 3-1-2012 amazing thank you Master Butterfly, Paperclip and Word Man...! Blessings *PIC*

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Authentic New Alignment with discussions of... Numbers Speaking, Symbols. Words, Dreams, Totems I am Chewing on the Word, as You Listen in for a major shift in meanings that will continue to be broadcast in its entirity dating back to 2006 of communications with the Light and the Dark. Between 2-29-2012 and 3-1-2012 The Quandum Leap Year, I had a visions dream. A Dream in which should not go un recorded. It is recorded and uploaded here at blogtalkradio where the Energy is what is making the world change, not only in climate but Mother natures sheding its Skin by my Human Natures Expressions and Interpatations, Her electrons are now in order to evolve and have its meaning back. circle and flick, 1+1-1=1

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