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The Rats are jumping Ship...(Good Riddence to Bad Rubbish...Happy to see you ASS***** GO!)
The rats are jumping ship!

Massive Resignations Have Started 2.0

Posted by eClinik on February 25, 2012 in Solutions

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The current financial war started when Asian Secret Societies ceased to cooperate with the Dark Cabal, who owns the Federal Reserve, which resulted to the Lehman’s Debacle in 2008, and continues to the decline of the economy in the Eurozone. This countermove is in retaliation to the attempted annihilation of the Asian population through the SARS virus, and the persistent extortion and plunder of sovereign wealth and natural resources via nuclear and HAARP threats, the most prominent of which was the Fukushima Disaster.
Among the underground groups that are now allied with the White Dragon Society is the Yakuza. And just recently, the US corporate government is taking measure to press a point…
Whatever that point is, I don’t think it matters at this time when people are beginning to wake up from their deepest slumber…
Reading the GAO Federal Reserve $16 Trillion Emergency Bailout Loans Audit Reportwould give us the names of the banks which participated in the grandest scheme to defraud depositors and taxpayers, and as such would also allow us to ascertain the reason why these bankers are resigning en masse. The banks which benefited directly from US$16 Trillion Bailout are outlined in the table below:
Remember, this concluding financial war heated up in 2008 and we could surmise that the effects on the banking sector can only be felt within the last two years as they kept on kicking the can for as long as possible thru treasonous bailouts. Therefore, it is only fitting that, while we prefer to know the latest heads that rolled off the cliff, we might as well look back at the news that the banking sector have already known a few months ago but we are not simply aware of.
The reports below include current and last year’s data:



Most of the resignations at BOA occurred in 2009, one of which is…
However, we have a few samplers that happened only last year…

BNP PARIBAS,7340,L-4148652,00.html


As to the fate of Mr. Ackerman…










Even as the president of the World Bank owned by the Committee of 300 is on the way out, an influential report is still being published showing its usual unsolicited interference on somebody else’s affair.

And yet this one shenanigan still has the nerve to fool us one more time…
This page will continue to expand as we have not included all the other banks as of yet as mentioned in the GAO report above. And if you’re wondering why we are using snapshots rather than quote and link the sources, we have experienced broken links when we were expanding the first post of this series, such that we suspect somebody is still trying to salvage the sinking ship.
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The Rats are jumping Ship...(Good Riddence to Bad Rubbish...Happy to see you ASS***** GO!)
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