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Okay, “Everybody’s” Talking about it… “Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious force”… And a Significant Movement of Energies…

Okay, “Everybody’s” Talking about it… “Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious force”… And a Significant Movement of Energies…

by kauilapele've seen this posted all over the place. Here (RMN) and here (2012 Scenario), in particular. And I checked Here (RMN)the USGS Earthquake service, and there are no tremors reported in that area for today.

Who lives on Hawaii Island? I do. And many of our group do as well. Did I feel anything? No. Not like the boom they describe in the video (I live about 100 miles from the Puna region). However, the last several nights, I have sensed a "tremoring", like a sonic humming, or vibrational humming. I do not recall a start point or an end point. I'm in bed, and I feel it.

A friend received a message about this:

"...the boom was the mantle shifting. This information will not be relayed via news agencies. The boom is the manifestation of the New Earth. All is well."

Here's what I wrote back about it (I was "getting" this as I wrote):

"Many mahalos,... for this message. Right now I have been sensing a grand movement in energies, and for myself, personally. As the news came out about the "boom", I felt that [that] was indeed part of the [grand] movement. There is also a major movement in release of the old (banksters, old systems, internal emotions, etc.), and into the new.

"I've also been sensing some type of movement into a new location, in some way, even though I have felt still with this island. Santa Fe keeps coming up. Again and again and again. I'm bi-locating there almost every day."

So whatever the information, here is the article.

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Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious force

Civil Defense says a number of agencies have no explanation for “quake” before 9 a.m.

Video by Daryl Lee [KP note: could not embed the video; click the title above or click here to view]

PUNA, Hawaii: A noisy, unexplained shaking in the Puna area of Hawaii Island remains a mystery at this time, but it certainly has the area talking.

A number of people in a triangular area between Seaview Estates, Leilani Estates, and Black Sand Beach Subdivision report hearing a thunder-like sound, or an explosion, and feeling the ground shake around 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

Folks leaving comments on the popular Punaweb forum are saying it happened around 8:42 a.m.

John Drummond, the acting administrator of the Hawaii County Civil Defense, says that the incident cannot be explained at this point in time. Drummond says that he spoke to operators of Puna Geothermal Venture, the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, and personnel on the ground… no one has an explanation.

One theory being considered is some sort of sonic boom, although who or what could have produced such an effect is presently unknown.

News videographer Daryl Lee, who says he felt the shaking in Hawaiian Paradise Park, immediately hit the road in search of the source of the rumble. What he found were many folks around Puna makai who felt the same thing… but no answers.

Drummond says luckily, there are no reports of damage as of 2 p.m.

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