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Netanyahu visibly stressed, lost a lot of weight, appears to be sick, now also physically. Coming 7th March 2012: PURIM PERSIA! :O 8th March Internet Shutdown announced? :( - Madonna=Whore of Babylon?

Madonna. Esther. Whore Of Babylon. Bride Of Molech.

PURIM 2012



As the pathological bloodthirsty and vengeful neocons and Zionists would have us believe, Jews around the world today require protection from a persian ruler as they once faced a threat from another. And then there is that standby tear jerker, the Holocaust to remind us of the horrors poor little Israel had to deal with before being established in the heart of the Middle East.
Let us use some common sense here people!
The hatred that the Jews carry for Persians is ancient in origins and dates back 2500 years ago.
The annual Jewish festival of Purim is held annually on the 14th of the Hebrew month Adar, usually falls around February or March. During this time of Purim, Jews celebrate the slaughter of 75,000[0?] of their enemies, i.e. genocide.

Modern Jewish leaders, both religious and political, of this revenge oriented race insist that Iranian President Ahmadinjad is the modern day ruler of Persia calling for the slaughter of the Jews that led to the above genocide of so many non Jews. In their eyes this modern day Haman has on numerous occasions called for the total destruction of the Jewish people a replay of history.

Just ask the millions of Jews happily living in Iran about the truth of this war rhetoric. Iran is NO threat to anyone but Israel is desperate to continue the genocide begun so long ago by their patroness of blood, Queen Esther. Yes, the one for whom they celebrate Purim.

Baghdad [March 2003] Shock and Awe, Purim blood sacrifice? All war is blood and fire sacrifice but these on Purim seem to be especially ominous.

When I saw Netanyahu today on TV he looked very dark, dark as death.

What do you think?

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