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Tonight on A Fireside Chat: JAMES MARTINEZ *LINK* *PIC*

Hi all,

Many of you listened to the interview by Regina Meredith on Conscious Media Network, during which James Martinez made what has been described as a "paradigm shifting" announcement.   His information may relate to what David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford have recently been sharing.  Ultimately, everything is intertwined at quantum levels (at least, at this moment!) and James' announcement has to do with a private "consortium" has been working for decades to "counter" the timeline that leads to further enslavement of humanity.  The timeline which leads to the "NWO global takeover" is now defunct.  We will be hearing more "revelations" in our own synchronous timelines, that are both personal and collective.  This announcement includes revelations about the release of the "New (technologies) for "free" Energetics" that Clif High has been writing about through the web bots for years.  James is talking about Cold Fusion and its impending release.  Tonight, we will explore what has transpired since January 1st, and delve into more depth.


Enjoy the show!


Here's the link to a summation of that show:


Link to show:


Lightballs are flying left and right today after a ‘controversial’ interview of James Martinez was carefully released on CMN yesterday. Many feel the New Global Economic Restructuring Program he announced Jan 1st seems to contradict the Monaco Accords and even may be a dark doorway to The New World Order’s global fiat currency. I have decided to break down the current issues and add my own two-cents to all the buzz.

I’d like to state that James Martinez has been a tireless advocate and activist for free energy (especially cold fusion) and alternative banking strategies for many years. He was asked by his contacts to be the spokesperson for the new global financial restructuring that this ‘consortium’ (a collage of progressive economic thinkers and powerful financial people) has been developing.



Find out more about James, here:





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Tonight on A Fireside Chat: JAMES MARTINEZ *LINK* *PIC*
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