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Dutch TV Host a Witness as Robbert Takes Photos of Her Dead Colleague & Later Clears Her Home of a Distressed Spirit (If this is not fake, this is a absolute there is no DEATH! see photos at link)


Dutch TV Host a Witness as Robbert Takes Photos of Her Dead Colleague & Later Clears Her Home of a Distressed Spirit


Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.


Born in Java, Indonesia as Xandra Reemer, "Sandra" was a musically-gifted child who began singing in public and recording while not yet in her teens. After her family moved to the Netherlands she recorded her first record at age 11 and, later on, as a young adult, began to work in Dutch television, eventually becoming one of the hosts of a hugely popular TV variety show.

Sandra was raised in the Catholic faith but has not been involved in formal religious practice since her teens. She studied a wide range of religions as a young woman, but it was in recent years that she became increasingly interested in learning more about the possibility of a "larger spiritual reality."

Because of a variety of very dramatic events which resulted from several Dutch television appearances Robbert made many years ago (one of the shows in which he participated received some 60,000 letters and emails after his appearance), Sandra had heard his name and was aware that he had a connection to many of the crop circles in the Netherlands over the years (

In 2009 she spent some time in a few of the British circles and experienced first-hand the "tingling" sensation many crop circle visitors report as well as an overwhelming "loving" sensation so strong that, in one case, she states that she "didn't want to leave" that formation.

In early 2010 Robbert was interviewed on a Dutch radio show where the following week Sandra was also a guest. When the radio host mentioned that Robbert had been on the air the week before, Sandra expressed her opinion that Robbert was 100% truthful and also that she felt the sorrow he suffered because of the attacks on his character made by some Dutch debunkers. She asked the radio host if he would offer her phone number to Robbert, in the hope that Robbert would be willing to meet with her.

Robbert did call Sandra and they set up a meeting. Although Sandra did not know about many things going on around Robbert or the "apparition" photos ( she brought her camera on that first visit because Robbert asked that she do so.

Although Sandra's first visit to see Robbert was not related to a desire on her part to "contact" her friend and long-time TV co-host Jos Brink (who died in 2007), the images of him that appeared on Sandra's camera (a Samsung Techwin, Model #VLUU L830) during that first visit left her "flabbergasted."

Shortly after Sandra's arrival at Robbert's office on that first visit Robbert felt a "very strong presence" and asked if he could use her camera. With Sandra's camera set in "auto" and with her standing close to Robbert and watching him carefully, he began to take multiple shots. As they looked back through this first set of images together the photos were all -- as Sandra had expected -- totally normal.

Robbert then began taking a second series (18 total) of photos, again with Sandra standing right next to him, 14 of which contained images of Sandra's deceased co-host Jos Brink. The first shot in this second series was normal (showing only the door to Robbert's office), but shots #2 through #7 show Jos's image, sometimes in front of Robbert's face (when Robbert aims the camera at his own face) and in other photos In which Robbert had aimed the lens toward other areas in his office. In shot #8 (right in the middle of this sequence) the lens was aimed at Sandra and that shot is entirely normal (see photo at beginning of this report) -- but Mr. Brink's image then appears again in shots #9 through #16. The final two photos at the end of the session are also entirely normal.

Only some of the photos from this session are presented here and in most of them we've shown both the original and an enhanced copy. When these images are compared to the photos of Jos (above) you can clearly see that the face which appeared on Sandra's camera is that of her TV co-host.

This second series of photos was taken over a little more than 8 minutes and, although the camera's flash fired normally in every photo which did not contain Jos Brink's image, when his image does appear the flash never fired. [This in spite of the fact that the camera remained in "auto" during the entire time and the lighting in Robbert's office did not change during the photo session.] Finally, keep in mind the fact that Robbert was using Sandra's camera and she was present and watching him closely the entire time; also that Sandra saw all of the photos, including all of those which contain Mr. Brink's image, immediately after Robbert finished taking them.

Another observation which I strongly suspect is relevant is the fact that the automatic numbering (by the camera) of the images often skips one or several numbers in the expected sequence. This unexplained interruption of any camera's normal numbering behavior has occurred in every single instance I have witnessed during which anomalous images have appeared. Robbert has used multiple different cameras belonging to dozens of different people in hundreds of different photo sessions, and this "skipping" in the numbering of the images regularly occurs -- but only when the images which appear are anomalous.

The only known possible explanation for this number-skipping to occur is if/when the photographer deliberately deletes a photo -- but Robbert never deletes any photos taken when he is using other people's cameras. This automatic number-skipping also never occurs when Robbert has no intuition that any unusual "energy" is present (during which times the photos he takes are always totally normal).

The following year on June 20th (one day after Jos Brink's birth-date) Sandra had a small party at her home, to which Robbert was invited. Robbert was unaware that Jos had been born on June 19th but, during a walk through Sandra's garden with Sandra and several of her friends (including Dutch crop circle researcher Bert Janssen), Robbert became aware of the presence of a "very positive energy" and using Sandra's camera again -- and with her and other witnesses present and watching -- he took these two photos, below.

As is the case with the hundreds of other people who have witnessed first-hand Robbert obtaining images of people known to have died or other varied and remarkable photo anomalies, neither Sandra nor any of her guests (who were present when the "angel" photos were taken) observed any indication that Robbert "faked" anything.

As Sandra said to me, she was totally "flabbergasted."

In May of 2011, a month prior to her garden party, Sandra Reemer called Robbert because of her continuing experience of "strange things" going on in her house. Although most of the incidents were not actually threatening, they were sometimes quite annoying involving loud bangs and the sound of footsteps (heard by herself and by guests), and one incident in which a bucket of flowers was knocked over causing the water to spill all over her kitchen floor.

She became more and more convinced that an "entity" of some kind was in the house and, when an incident occurred in which she felt she had been pushed down her stairs, she decided to ask Robbert for help.

On May 5th Robbert arrived at Sandra's home and, almost immediately upon entering the house, Robbert became aware of an "aggressive" energy which was "trying to get Sandra's attention." As Robbert walked from room to room Sandra stayed right with him; as he headed upstairs he asked Sandra for her camera and she handed it to him, watching him closely as he began to take photos.

It was Robbert's intuition that the energetic "presence" was that of a man who had died but was unaware of this fact, his increasing aggrerssion and anger caused by his frustration at being unable to communicate with Sandra. Robbert felt this man was not "bad" but, instead, urgently needed help to both recognize his actual situation and to experience the "cosmic love" available to him from the universe -- a love once experienced fully would allow him to "move on."

As a "medium" Robbert has become increasingly able to act as a conduit for this powerful "cosmic love" (which he regularly experiences himself) so that it can flow through him with such intensity that deceased people who are lost or confused can experience it also and, once reassured, are comforted and then able to "turn to the light."

During the 7 minutes and 23 seconds Robbert was focussed on helping this man and taking photographs as he went along he experienced intense heat and was observed by Sandra to perspire profusely -- although she herself, standing right next to Robbert during this entire time -- felt no change in temperature at all.

Sandra told me she immediately felt a totally different and "normal" energy in the room at the conclusion of this session. It is interesting that both she and Robbert felt the total session lasted nearly an hour...but the camera's film information file indicates that only a little more than 7 minutes had elapsed from the time Robbert went up the stairs and began taking photos to this last image of the light-ball.

Robbert was totally soaked with perspiration when he stopped taking the photos, but he felt certain that this very angry "presence" was now at peace. Sandra reports that she has not felt the "unpleasant energy" since Robbert's visit.

This report presents just a few of literally hundreds of incidents in which Robbert has apparently been in contact with, and photographed, people who have died ( In most cases he has used cameras brought by his clients, people he had not previously met and about whom he knew nothing prior to their visit with him at his office. In other instances images of people have appeared when no "reading" was going on -- the images representing people we assume are deceased, some of whom we have subsequently been able to identify and therefore know they are no longer living.

Some of the many hundreds of human images Robbert has captured on various cameras are of famous figures from a wide range of time-periods, cultures, countries and occupations. And many of the images are, as yet, still unidentified.

Precisely what these photographs "mean" is a serious and thought-provoking question for many of us. Each reader must reach their own conclusion. But Robbert's experience tells him they represent the actual conscious presence of the personality and spiritual essence of each of these people -- an essence that survives our physical demise.

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