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Anyone Have Any Insight as to Why Rivero is Going Back to RBN?

Oddly enough, just a day or two after I mentioned to Jack that John Stadtmiller is a truth speaker, whatreallyhappenedradio is moving back to RBN?  Anyone know why?  Gotta get my fix of 'patriot' gossip ya'know.

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Anyone Have Any Insight as to Why Rivero is Going Back to RBN?
And Now Rense Vs. Makow?
Fukushima 2011-03-11 is Banda Aceh 2004-12-26 reloaded! Tsunami Weapon! - But no insight from my side, can only guess, recall and try to connect some dots from the past and the outside :D
Dear Lancifer...Please read
J who? The eff man or the ackor the ew man? Rensing & Cleansing? I'll better change my name to 'tsack da mewsick man', ha? :D Tsack like Tsarion, would be very unique and unmistakable.
ABSOUTELY NOT! NO...NO...NO Music Man got it right I am referring to the eff man.....(Video)
Okay! Relieved! You brought Tsack back on track. Nice clip. It feels warmer now, right here, above freezing since yesterday. Siberia can stay away. But: Chemtrails! Hole arch above, cushions & stripes *NM*
Smile :)...sorry about the have the power to send them away...we all's just the tail end of the tricks of the tricksters...
No Worries!
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