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and I am quite content to know Ron Paul would of done the very same thing, softly warned to back off respect and play by the rules, there are so many deep meanings in which if one does not find them *LINK*

evidently not ment for them


do you truly feel that it was ok to use my life and play during my sons reseption wedding that when I was talking to my aunt sandy and uncle paul

had a few pauses as to what I wanted to say 


(or what the mind controlers wanted me to say)

such ignorance of a woman of my evolved masterhood

as to this


lets realize that huge laws were broken using me as the portal

it is each that perticipated to come to the conclusion it is you

that have broken the law not only mans law of morals

, spiritual

but government laws of material  of my life as well

I know the energy 

that focuses on me as if it has a face

remember that every time the play was made and the string yanked

it only made me know of the one doing such even more

yet I continued to stay totally consistant

and truthful

remember who you are

and remember this is about being together on the enlightment


is it so bad that one has lost their toy


which now makes them be looked at 

looking at me was your mistake

respecting me now is your ticket to a free world

and the use of all internet worlds to be established according to the good of your works


want me to post the hacking of the amazon through my purchase for paper clip the zen garden book

as he was on amazon with me at the time

do you want the movie?

do you wish me to share the debit then credit into my bank of america account showing up with others seeing it 

yet the credit shows up first then the debit

yet now is totally wiped out bank of america my account as if never exhisting

do you want the video of all this posted

do you want to continue to call the kettle black

do you want to bite the hand that feeds you

do you want the video of my bank of america button arrow spinng round and round

as I was used as someones write off for cherity

please realize

 I am asking for a calm surrender of actions

willing to totally forgive and get on with my calling which is pure and trugh

all I wanted was to make my enhansed photos

do my art work

write and make a web page

yet all was controled by "ELETE" who are they anyway

are you saying that they are the controlers of my life

or is it the illumaniti familys

or is it the zionist

cause for me I know not any of this crap

nor much on government

I do know that I continued to share proof

and continued to be loyal to all and turn my other cheek on a continued basis


warnings were not taken


yet now as I see it

I am a sheeple

and darn proud of it

cause the lord is my shepard

I shall not want.


DUe to the continued hackiings I would change names and try again

here is my profile for brightlightspathfinders on this tnt

Do you really wan to change the world? Do you really want to change, remember change changes not, we change the change, I am inviting each of you to be a part of bridging wisdom on and every Tuesday at 5:00 pm PST which is 8:00 -pm EST in order to change this world we must all come together and share wisdom by building a bridge of change. All wisdom-spokes matter. You Matter. I am but one bright light searching for the pathfinders way we are all brightlightsPathfinders out for the light in love. Please Make a note to call in and voice your teachings or lessons as well as share your experience strengths and hopes with the number one internet radio station on the planet for changing the world before it is to late. 
I believe in this as I believe in you. 
Here are the call in phone numbers to bbsradio station one EVERY TUESDAY at 5 pm PST as this is 8 pm EST SO listen up and tune in call in and be on the air. BBS STATION 1

Many, many more domains to be opened in order to expose the negative realm with TRUTH and LOVE of "THE KNOWING" I have to do this no matter what yaul! are you in with me? share please by all means lets BUILD THIS BRIDGE with our WISDOM! GBU all forever and a day more, 
Tassy aka Cathy

all are a bright light searching for the pathfinders way 
I am but one 
with all of us working together we are brightlights pathfinders 
It was never for me 
it was for all to share 
as bridging wisdom 
is for all to connect together 
I want to share 
about elightenment 
I want to share about what is shown to me through my listening with my heart and not my mind, my mind is made up of the people places and things along my way since birth. 
I want to share that all have the knowing inside 
we came to earth with it from the heavens 
its a strike of amnesia that put us in the deep coma 
and with each helping another we awakening 
just as I am a wounded healer 
shamanism which I bridge split souls 
we are split from creator which made us in one image of themselves and this was their soul 
due to the coming out of the forest the million mile journey, 
(which God was the keeper of the Forest) soft smiles. and hunted with the silver arrows,,, 
ok I center I let go of sexual and mates of relationships, I went celebate, to listen truly listen with my heart 
so I could help this universal place that is our mother. 
in the womb we are, and until we cross over. born again will we have a bit of heart ache. 
remember no one can cause you anything, hurt feelings, pain, suffering, 
decending into human emotions will cause one to give power to the one speaking or hurting physically toward you.

So with that said, 
being powerless over others makes for a self actualization of growth. 
listen to me on tuesdays at 5 pm pst I love each of you uniquely packaged spiritually.

*jealous feelings is not being content with self, feeling inadiquate, and feeling self confident 
I realized this being so so beautiful in my younger years, 
I was nieve to the meanacks that used me and spread rumors of me to make themselves feel better 
I kept my horse buggy blinders on so I would only see their good.

I was told many things in my later years my children were told about me 
that I was nieve and had no clue how others gawked at me. 
boy oh boy 
its time to realize yaul. 
that we do not choose our looks, they are our generational genes.

beauty is how one acts from the inside 
and exposes self outwardly meta 

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question? Do you feel what has been done to me especially being only 5 years free of the attack which gained the attacker 32 years in prison a justification, or do you feel that it is ok to of brutal
and I am quite content to know Ron Paul would of done the very same thing, softly warned to back off respect and play by the rules, there are so many deep meanings in which if one does not find them *LINK*
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