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Well then Call Her
In Response To: I miss Cosmo!!! *NM* ()

She loves playing this game

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I miss Cosmo!!! *NM*
Well then Call Her
for Cosmo,
Spot On Time David Ikkie *NM*
Re: Spot On Time David Ikkie * the link did not catch so here it is.) *NM* *LINK*
Right On Commander! Same Mission.... BTW have you ever been a blade of grass? *NM*
I have not. would love to... thank you *NM*
Dr. Spirit, yes I have memory of age 8. laying in the field while Fairlady my Horse grazed beside of me I not only was on a blade of grass I was the blade of grass
Sometimes it is not enough to just be the observer, u must become in order to fully understand.
one has to refuse it until there is no more, then one becomes... ~_` nods, and agrees, dr. spirit *NM*
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