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well lance, seems that I had you all wrong, *NM*

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I'd Take a Bullet
like Bruno Mars? "catch a grenade" and throw your "head on a blade" ... for Ron Paul? :D Would HE do for you the same? :O Or would "he toss it in the trash?" :(
Me and TNT Maddog Sent Him What?
how would you like to go wash your mouth out with soap/ ppl like you will be left behind in the union of oneness, separating with such foul nonsense name throwing, you should be ashamed of your self *NM*
I Didn't Get the Name Lancifer Here on This Stie for No Reason!
Flip Shot
I am not Drinking at Present
Re: I am not Drinking at Present
you say "Chemtrails were heavy today, burning eyes, itchy skin and muscle spasms and pain" = main symptoms, clear hint of poisoned air. Same here. I suggest to call it KILLTRAILS or TOXTRAILS
well lance, seems that I had you all wrong, *NM*
Re: I Didn't Get the Name Lancifer Here on This Stie for No Reason!
Fires and Words and Wyrding
what time is it? I do not use a clock but on the computer or when necessary a cell phone...
jump in... :) *LINK*
besides, in the rapper scene, proud blacks (they are actually all shades of brown not black) call themselves 'nigga' with pride, they're not offended - LOL :D we say: the undertone makes the music :) *NM*
do you know I just read this, wow, just now... thank God I had already forgiven or that could of left a mark. SHEWWW, bites knuckle *NM*
the name "CAT thing" thats wild thang to you mister, and yes I do Fk myself without touching cause its a flick of the energy when I wish the shift, amazing how "THE KNOWING" works I see now the tizzy *NM*
Eph 6:11-17 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. *LINK*
You're A-Number1 in my book!
controlled opposition yep magick yep, (thanks for your sober reply), quote u "they MUST offer up a viable opposition then the people decide" or let's say: "then people clutch at straws again"?
center center and center again, when backed in a corner kiss your way out with positive energy, remember you get what you give... HONEY as they say, I know I am alone, and I am a powerful hard ball *PIC*
only one can call one one, doesn't matter what you are. *LINK*
Re: I'd Take a Bullet
Learnt it, thanks! So one must NOT inevitably 'take a bullet THRU the brain' if you can catch it with your front teeth :D (hear us, Lan-cipher?) Nobody be offended in any way, I beg ya.
I learnt it from living the yoke of the struggles in bussing, pulling whites out of their class and blacks out of their class in order to have segregation
I Learned it Growing Up with a Family from Trinidad
I chewed a bit of redband a time or two at a young age, damn stuff bout burnt my throat out when I would forget and swalla *NM*
hey lancifer could you pop a spit? or did you just slllllisssss it between your teeth, me I was a humdinger hock tuuah. we use to hit the shuvle as one of my siblings would hold it and wave it up and
man I am honored to have my standing title of the furtherest spitter of a hock of chew.come on lancifer, I love ha man! whatcha want me to do? play chicken with a pocket knife and believe you me I can
ding, am I dense? or what, wow, sling it if its what makes you feel good, cause what you think of me is none of my business *NM*
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