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Vanished: Alaska Energy Vortex Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vanished: Energy Vortex

On Friday's Brad Meltzer′s Decoded broadcast, the team investigated the so-called Alaskan Triangle, known as a Devil′s Graveyard of lost ships, airplanes and missing people. Since 1988, approximately 16,000 people have vanished in the Alaska Triangle. 4 out of every 1,000 Alaskans disappear annually without a trace. Alaska is a huge state with unpredictable weather, dangerous wildlife and about 100 active volcanoes that accounts for 50% of all earthquakes in the United States.

In October 1972, one of the more famous disappearances involved two members of the U.S. Congress, Speaker of the House Hale Boggs and Rep. Nick Begich. They, along with an aide, Russell Brown and the pilot, Don Jonz, were flying in a Cessna 310 from Anchorage to Juneau. Not long after take-off, all contact with the plane ceased. A massive air-sea search and rescue mission was launched including 400 aircraft, dozens of boats, including 12 Coast Guard ships, and even an Air Force SR-71 searched for the missing plane and men. After 39 days, the effort was called off. To this day, no evidence has ever been recovered.

The 'Decoded Team' talked with Nick Begich, Jr., son of the missing Congressman, who is not ruling out any possibilities, including energy vortexes. He describes his own research on the subject of electromagnetic disruptions that appear to be happening at certain key points across the globe.

The team learned that Alaska is inundated with magnetic anomalies which can vary compass readings as much as 30 degrees. The team also learns more about energy vortexes and the twelve 'Devil′s Graveyards' worldwide, triangular regions where ships and planes are frequently lost.

Dan Shaw is an expert on energy vortexes. He demonstrates to Buddy and Mac how a simple device known as a ′Golden Vortex′ with just three aligned magnets can alter perception. With the device placed between them, Buddy actually looks taller and thinner to Mac. Brad Meltzer steps in to describe how the camera crew experienced a variety of problems due to Shaw′s vortex simulator. Through the eye of the camera, Buddy appeared taller and Mac looked shorter due to the anomalous perception. Shaw says that people react differently when they encounter a vortex, either psychically or even physically.

The team later talked with Bill Romberg, an expert in Alaskan search and rescue. He described how he has heard a strange buzzing sound and felt lightheaded during certain rescues which he attributes to the energy vortexes. Spirit rescuers and lightworkers can attest to the 'bee buzzing' phenomena when encountering and identifying energy vortexes. Irene Allen-Block and I (Spirit Rescue International) have both experience this anomaly on location and while reviewing audio recordings during an investigation.

An energy vortex is an electromagnet subterranean current which may be either positively or negatively charged. These are most commonly known as 'ley lines'. It it been claimed to affect people with energy in physical, emotional, spiritual, or even psychic ways. Many have claimed healings, visions, and epiphanies of all kinds when caught within the esoteric confines of vortex activity.

In spirit rescue, energy vortexes are usually an indicator of a passageway or opening into a spiritual dimension. In the presence of a vortex one can experience heightened emotions though it is important to work through the emotional issues as well as any physical situations that may surface. Uncontrolled emotions can feed a vortex as well as any malicious entities in the vicinity.

There are strongly charged areas of the globe that have been the places where people have chosen to build churches, temples and other centers of spirit and learning. Places like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, and so on are well known as vortex spots. There are three main types of vortexes...all three are replenishing and supercharged with high quality energy:

Electric: stimulates and energizes, activates
Magnetic: attracts energy to the area
Electromagnetic: both activates and attracts energy

These vortexes are also said to serve as portals that humans can tap into their own higher dimensional selves. In 1973, three Russians (historians Nikolai Goncharov, construction engineer Vyacheslav Morozov and electronics specialist Valery Makarov) announced in the science journal for the Soviet Academy of Science, Chemistry and Life, their discovery of a geometric grid pattern which appears to interlink a wide number of natural phenomena into a single planetary system. Much of their work was based on the findings of American researcher and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson who identified what he called 'twelve vile vortexes' or electromagnetic energy disturbances located equidistant over the surface of the globe, the so-called Bermuda Triangle near the Caribbean and the Devil's Sea off Japan being two of these. Two great resources for looking up various vortexes - 10 Vile Vortex Locations and Earth Vortices, Ley Lines and Tectonic Plates.

With this information detailing the natural and New Age characteristics of energy vortexes, is it possible that these areas are responsible for the total disappearance of persons, planes and ships? In my opinion, this theory is entirely plausible. Unless ET or other entities have been plucking up these victims (which I am NOT discounting) its hard for me to believe so many people have totally vanished without a trace. What is your opinion?

Accidental deaths in Alaska: Charlie Paddock, Will Rogers, Ted Stevens, Christopher McCandless, Timothy Treadwell, Wiley Post, Hale Boggs

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