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My Goodness you have been a busy little "Pauler"

If you have to be involved in the illusion (politics included), yes go for the guy that might help you out of it. Good luck to you America! We are all so sick of the slick and the slugs under the rugs. Time to exterminate the vermin. Maybe the USA will get their popularity back in the world view.

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Bill Maher: I always KNEW You had it in you! Well Done!!! *LINK*
Stephen Colbert Breaks Character And Endorses Ron Paul *LINK*
David Letterman Endorses Ron Paul For President *LINK*
Ann Coulter endorses Ron Paul in 2012 *LINK*
Michele Bachmann Endorses Ron Paul 2012 *LINK*
Judge Napolitano Endorses Ron Paul *LINK*
Michael Scheuer, CIA Chief Endorses Ron Paul *LINK*
Joe Rogan endorses Ron Paul for president. *LINK*
Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul for President *LINK*
Mitt Romney: I'd Vote For Ron Paul *LINK*
Jim Rogers supports Ron Paul *LINK*
Vince Vaughn: I Called Ron Paul to Talk about the Fed *LINK*
Chris Rock supports Ron Paul 2012?? *LINK*
Bunny Ranch Brothel Supports Ron Paul - CNBC *LINK*
Arian Foster supports Ron Paul - YouTube *LINK*
When Chuck Norris backs a politician, its Ron Paul ... *LINK*
Glenn Beck: I'll Support Ron Paul Over Newt ... *LINK*
► 5:08► 5:08 Dylan Ratigan MSNBC Supports Ron Paul 2012 *LINK*
Joe Scarborough supports Ron Paul over ....... *LINK*
Celebrities Endorse RON PAUL, Clint Eastwood and many others.............. *LINK*
nice overall gestalt of the text wrap of all of you ron paul posts
Danke, Shane! *NM*
My Goodness you have been a busy little "Pauler"
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