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Judge Napolitano Endorses Ron Paul *LINK*

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Bill Maher: I always KNEW You had it in you! Well Done!!! *LINK*
Stephen Colbert Breaks Character And Endorses Ron Paul *LINK*
David Letterman Endorses Ron Paul For President *LINK*
Ann Coulter endorses Ron Paul in 2012 *LINK*
Michele Bachmann Endorses Ron Paul 2012 *LINK*
Judge Napolitano Endorses Ron Paul *LINK*
Michael Scheuer, CIA Chief Endorses Ron Paul *LINK*
Joe Rogan endorses Ron Paul for president. *LINK*
Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul for President *LINK*
Mitt Romney: I'd Vote For Ron Paul *LINK*
Jim Rogers supports Ron Paul *LINK*
Vince Vaughn: I Called Ron Paul to Talk about the Fed *LINK*
Chris Rock supports Ron Paul 2012?? *LINK*
Bunny Ranch Brothel Supports Ron Paul - CNBC *LINK*
Arian Foster supports Ron Paul - YouTube *LINK*
When Chuck Norris backs a politician, its Ron Paul ... *LINK*
Glenn Beck: I'll Support Ron Paul Over Newt ... *LINK*
► 5:08► 5:08 Dylan Ratigan MSNBC Supports Ron Paul 2012 *LINK*
Joe Scarborough supports Ron Paul over ....... *LINK*
Celebrities Endorse RON PAUL, Clint Eastwood and many others.............. *LINK*
nice overall gestalt of the text wrap of all of you ron paul posts
Danke, Shane! *NM*
My Goodness you have been a busy little "Pauler"
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